I feel like a lot of people don’t know what is the optimal way to level up at high levels, so I researched and tried a bit while farming levels for my Tapu Koko. Now, I am not 100% certain if this is the best method but please share if you have some inside knowledge!

The first thing you want do is some Festival Plaza. I recommend running the type quizzes, if you master it you can join one that has around 2 minutes of time left. Your personal rank depends on how many you get right, 2 minutes is about enough to get the max reward.

Points Result
16 5 stars
13 4 stars
10 3 stars

The total score of your group gives some stars too and if everything goes well, you’re gaining 50 FCs for about 3 minutes of work. I’d estimate that you can make about 600 FCs per hour since there are always times when you just cannot find a mission or it doesn’t give nice rewards.

Now, what you want to do is to get 1500 FCs for a Rare Kitchen *****. You might want to get another one that is at least 2 stars for the second best food. Now, you need at least Festival Plaza level 30, but you’re like halfway there once you have the coins anyway. The important foods are:

Cost Name Effect
300 FC Rare Buffet Gives a pokemon at level 89 or less 9 levels
100 FC Rare Dinner Gives a pokemon at level 79 or less 7 levels
40 FC Rare Appetizer Gives a pokemon at level 69 or less 1 level (optional)

Now, you can probably see where this is going. You need to pretty much aim at one lvl 100 a day, you can get more Kitchens if you want to be faster but it will take a lot of time to grind the coins you need.

level 0 -> 72 Any combination of Festival Plaza foods and Elite 4

level 72 -> 79 Rare Dinner

level 79 -> 86 Rare Dinner

level 86 -> 89 Elite 4 Grind

level 89 -> 98 Rare Buffet

level 98 -> 100 Elite 4 Grind

Important! Don’t EVER overlevel from 89! You can go into Festival Plaza inside of Elite 4 so remember to feed your pokemon Rare Buffet when they’re level 89 or you’re wasting TONS of time!

It’s important to notice that the food items are only 1 purchase per day. I hope this helped, if something is unclear I can answer and modify this guide.


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