Pokemon typings. How confusing can these things get? Pokemon like Solgaleo, literally translating to the sun lion is a steel psychic type? Where is the logic?! So as I did with my video explaining the ultra beast typings, we’re going to do it again. This time we will be tackling the legendaries. Speaking of us, Axellian go ahead and introduce yourself A: Hey hows it going everyone. My names Axellian and today im going to be helping woops out in explaining the legendary pokemons typings, since he could use the genius mind of a real pokemon master. W: Uhhh yeah, that I guess. Whatever gets me your help. Real quick before we start up the video I just want to preface this video by saying this. Since these are the Legendary Pokemon and some of them have not been released yet, there is a strong possibility that we could be wrong. We can only give it our best, but don’t worry. They do say 2 heads are better than 1, so I think we’re more than qualified to handle this. Right Axel? A: Yeah,lets knock it out of the park.

Lets go ahead and explain these legendaries typings to the people. Tapus W: So if we’re going in order of the dex (spoiler alert, we are) then the Island Guardians are up first. They all share the fairy typing, and as an explaination to that we have that most fairy type pokemon want to protect and heal whatever they can. The Fairy types are always looking out for others in whatever ways they can. This is perfect, considering each of the tapus guard an island and protects the people there, in most cases. A: As for their individual typings, for Tapu Koko we gathered that its electric typing comes from its speed. Lighting strikes fast, as does Tapu Koko. It is also said to be able to store electricity by closing itself inside the shells on its arms.

Tapu Lele is based on a butterfly, and in many cultures butterflies are symbolic of the dead communicating with the living. This may sound like its pointing to Tapu Lele being a ghost type, but its known for healing with its scales that it shoots out and about. W: Tapu Bulus dex entries all point to it using plants to its advantage. In its pokemon sun entry it is said that it causes vegitation to grow and then absorbs the energy from its growth, and then in pokemon moon it is said that it uses plants to immobilze its enemies and then horn them to death. And finally tapu fini, if its not enough for you that its a fish then it is said that it can literally control water. Solgaleo A: So for starters we want to address the one everyones been asking about, Solgaleo.

Why is this thing NOT a fire type, right? I mean its the sun lion so logically it wont only make sense i– W: Well you see, solgaleo is simply an emmissary of the sun. So its not actually of the sun. Its steel typing could be derived from the ancient greeks thinking the sun was a ball of molten metals in the sky, making it not a firey ball of gas but a floating liquid metal ball of death and destruction… A: Huh, thats cool. It could also possibly be symbolic of the fact that the lion eating the sun is in alchemy, and in doing so the lion is purifying metals. Metals equaling steel and yeah I think you get the point. W: As for its Psyhcic typing this pretty much goes for all 3 of the “main” legendaries. Those of course being Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma. The Psychic typing in japanese is the Espur type. That of course being broken down in ESP which stands for extrasensory perception, also known as a 6th sense.

Solgaleo and Lunala specifically have this 6th sense in their power to open up their 3rd eyes and hop between dimensions. Also the Psychic typing is given to most celestial beings, which solgaleo and lunala most certainly are. A perfect past example of this sort of thing being used in the past would be Espeon. This pokemon is strongly tied to the sun, and because of this cele stial familiarity Gamefreak gave it a gem stone in its head is meant to represent a 3rd eye. In the same way they did for Solgaleo. Lunala W: Lunala is like the physical embodiment of the night sky. It absorbs light, and when it spreads its wings it is said to show within them a night sky.

It is said that Lunala could be a nod to one of the Hawaiin species of bats, those being the Hoary bat or the ghost bat. It could also be based on the Itzpapalotl from Aztec Mythology, which is some skeletal goddess star demon thing. From Mayan mythology it is thought that it could represent the Camazotz, which is their bad god with its name translating to something close to death bat. This bat was associated with night, death, and sacrifice. Sounds pretty lunala-like dont you think? So with all of its origin relating to death and the night, its pretty clear why this thing is a ghost type. As we mentioned before with Solgaleo its Psychic typing likely comes from the game wanting to keep the legendary sharing a type, but also because Lunala is a very other worldly pokemon, and it also uses its 3rd eye to hop between dimensions giving it celestial powers.

Necrozma A: So for necrozma we gather that since it is from another world, it would fall into the psychic category. As far as the no secondary typing on it goes, we have a few ideas in mind. Necrozma is a pokemon that absorbs light, even its signature move prismatic laser is used by its use of gathering light and firing off a laser beam. Since pokemon ultimately lacks the Light type, the psychic type has often been compared to it. This could even be supported by its ability prismatic armor, which makes super effective moves do 25% less damage. Light is often seen as the counterpart to dark so this could make sense.

W: Right, and we know. People are complaining that it should be a dark type based on its dark coloration and well that just wouldnt make sense seeing as it literally is an embodiment of light. Its dark coloration is mostly due to the fact that the color black absorbs more light. Since Light is such a huge part of its kit, having its black coloration is essential to everything it stands for. Cosmog/Cosmoem A: Cosmog and Cosmoem dont really require much explanantion as they are said to be from space, and we already covered that space pokemon are essentialy psychic. Magearna W: Magearnas typing is also one of the easier ones. Magearna was created by a scientist about 500 years ago and was built with the soul heart in its chest. The steel typing comes from the fact that it was created to be the first pokeball, and I dont think they would use some cheap plastic when creating a holding cell for mystical and powerful beasts.

It is also said that magearna feels other pokemons pains, and thus has a need to protect them, which is what the fairy types are all about. But im not gonna lie magearna sends off a lot of mixed signals, since when a pokemon faints she absorbs its power into her soul heart. Some pretty creepy stuff right there. Marshadow A: And finally we have the obscure little guy known as marshadow. There isnt too much known about it, but what we do know is that it is a fighting ghost pokemon and will likely be distributed in the future, given that it is classified as a mythical pokemon similiar to magearna. It is thought to be based on shadow boxing, since various descriptions say that it likes to hide in the shadow and copy others movements. Its also thought to have similarities to the hawaiian night marchers, who are basically warrior fighting spirits in their culure. Outro W: Thats gonna wrap it up for this video, I hope you guys did enjoy and if you did make sure to drop a like as it is greatly appreciated.

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