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Pokemon Sun and Moon Level to 100 in 2 Hours Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon Level to 100 in 2 Hours Guide?by kikoafu

Hello everyone I?m a 25 years old Physician and big videogame fan, as many people have noticed by now, in Su/Mo there is simply no efficient way to level up (mons) to level 100 for hyper training your legendaries, once you reach level 70 you might as well stop leveling, this left me and many other people baffled as to why implement HT if there is no reasonable way to lv up, so wanting to think the devs weren?t crazy I did some research and Turns out that YES there is a way to power level your mons to 100 in a decent amount of times.

The basics and FAQ (possibly)

What will this system allow you to do once it?s ready?

It will let you level up one Pok?mon per day to level 100 in a about 2 hours

Is this method more efficient than breeding for regular mons?

NO, for breedable mons it is WAY faster to just breed them normal way with a 6iv Ditto for favorable IV

Then what?s the point?

This method allows you to power level legendries (which only have 3 Perfect IVs) to level 100 so you can hyper train them in order to have excellent competitive legendaries, the same could be said if you get a shiny pokemon that got a bad roll on its stats.

What?s the in game cost of using this method once ready?

For each Mon you will need:

? 1 trip through the elite four (about 30 mins)

? 800FC (about 1h :15 mins if you do it during evening)

? 2 rare candies THAT?S IT

I read that I need to find 2 random visitors with Rare kitchen lv5 WTF??!

Yes but don?t panic, there is a subrredit dedicated to sharing faciilities, you can ask there and someone more than likely will help you, mine is full so I cannot do it at the moment.

So can PM you for the Rare Kitchen lv5?

No, as of right now my Buddy list got full also it is against the rules to exchange friend codes here so please dont do it.

I ve ran out of rare candies where do I get more?

The way to get unlimited rare candies is grind BP at the battle tree, each one costs 48 so for this method you need 96BP if you are out of rare candies

The Battle Tree is way too hard

Yes, It can be at times, right now I m working on a guide to plow through super singles with a special team I came up with. Maybe that ll help

Do I really need to grind 4500FC :(?

Kinda, you could attempt running 1 lv5 RK and 1 lv4 RK, this will reduce the investment to 2700 FC, but increase the rare candies needed from 2 to 7 per mon so its up to you.

Setting it up

To set this up you need the following:

? Be in the post-game

? 4500FC (that?s 2 rare kitchen lv5), technically you could get them free but chances are super slim.

? Have a festival plaza of AT LEAST level 30 (about 2200 lifetime FC so it?s redundant), this will unlock secret services in the rare kitchens which is what we use.

? About 4 HOURS of your life, the math: [ 3000 FC/40 FC per mission * 3mins]/60mins]

So the method is simple enough you need to grind 3000FC and ask 2 visitors to introduce you to their facilities which in this case the rare kitchen lv5 this cost 1500FC and 3000FC for the sencond one, you need 2 of them so 4500 total, once you get this done, Congratulations! You are ready to POWER LEVEL.

Actually executing the method:

Super simple:

  • Level you?re legendary or shiny to level 66 through the elite four (for reference a lead legendary lv 60 with a lucky egg and 2 affection WILL get to lv 66 by the end of 1 round of elites).
  • DO NOT BEGIN POWER LEVELING BEFORE LV66, Ignoring any of these this warnings will result in increasing the rare candies needed.
  • With you LV66 Mon go to the first rare kitchen and order a RARE DINNER this will power level you to lv 73

-Go to the second RK and order another RARE DINNER this will power level you to lv 80

-Now order a RARE BUFFET this will pump you to level 89

-Go to the other RK and order the remaining RARE BUFFET this will pump you to lv 98

-Use 2 rare candies ? GG!!

Closing thoughts

So the wall of text may make it sound harder than what it is but once you set everything up its beautiful to just see your legendaries plow through the levels, this is my first contributing to a great community and hope some find it useful.

Annex: Pictures of the time it took me to do this for my pheromosa yesterday

  1. Took me Exactly 30 mins to get her to Lv 66 with the E4, also I had the FC needed from grinding days before**


  1. The results:

Before: http://imgur.com/glaSzq5

After: http://imgur.com/qgQrgMR


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