(peppy music) – Hey Pokemon masters. Bird keeper Toby here. The new startup Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon should be announced any day now. It should literally be right around the corner. But you know what that means? It mean’s we’re not gonna get anymore starter Pokemon leaks. And by leaks I mean fakes because all over the internet people are posting what they think the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters are going to look like or trying to convince people that they’re pictures are the real ones. This happens with the announcement of every single generation. But we’ve had some really great one this year so I thought we’d look back at some of the best and some of the worst. The top five best and top five worst Pokemon starter fakes. Of course remember this is all my opinion. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube.com/BirdKeeperToby for future Pokemon Sun and Moon videos. With that said lets get on to number 10.

– [Voice Over] Number 10. – This one is one of the “Ehh that could have been better” ones. Number 10 is the first of the worst. It’s these two fire and water starters that were shown just a few months ago. These guys were almost immediately panned for being fake. Aside from the fact that there’s no grass starter with them, along with that the only connection they even had to Pokemon Sun and Moon was the logo’s. Other than that these could have been images of pretty much anything. As designs go they’re quite inventive but I’m not a fan and again that’s just my personal opinion.

You might really like them. What I find so ridiculous is the back story behind them. They were posted to 4Chan to being with, which is not the best place to get Pokemon starter leaks. And apparently they were photos taken by a journalist in the GameFreak offices. Yeah, cause that seems likely. – [Voiceover] Number nine. – Okay so number nine is one I like. It’s actually one that I love. I think this would be an awesome grass starter Pokemon. That is the grass lemma which I can’t find a source for, but it didn’t come alone. It came with some leaks for legendary Pokemon and a weird Aegislash meets the Unknown and a rainbow kind of Pokemon. I don’t know I actually thought all the designs were cool but the grass Pokemon in particular, this grass lemma wow it’s awesome. There actually hasn’t been a Pokemon based off a lemma yet so its a cool concept straight from the off but not only that it just looks adorable. If this was a real Pokemon, and I’m sad that it’s not, I would so love to have it on my team.

What a cute little guy. – [Voiceover] Number eight. – So back to the not so hot end of the list. We have this grass owl, and fire, and water thing. So for some reason these fakes have been blowing up recently and I don’t really understand why. The grass owl is kind of okay and it makes sense as well because of a recent leak to do so with the starter Pokemon name.

It suggests that the grass starter might be based off of an owl, if that leak is true. So I guess that’s why it’s been getting traction but the other two make no sense. I look at them and have no idea. What are they? What are these? Somebody tell me what they are. One of the big things about starter Pokemon is having them recognizable. Froakie is a frog, Totodile is a crocodile, Charmander is a lizard.

The general gist of them is that they have to be at least somewhat recognizable. These guys I got no clue and that’s why sadly they were probably never gonna be believed. – [Voiceover] Number seven. – See now personally I prefer this grass owl. In fact I like the art work of all of these three starters. Again they were posted on 4chan so nine out of 10 times it’s gonna be fake but the artwork is actually relatively convincing. I definitely like to know which of these three you’d pick on your team. I’m not even sure what the fire one is. A dog maybe? Of course this owl design is much better than the last one and the next one. – [Voiceover] Number six. – Sorry to say this is another stand alone one and it’s a grass owl. Yeah you’ve seen that concept three times this video. The reason this is on my not so great list is despite the fact its Ken Sugimori art style there’s something if I look close, oh yeah it’s a Maractus. They just shared too many design elements. It almost makes me feel like its a cactus owl which doesn’t make any sense.

Sadly this Pokemon doesn’t make it onto the believability scale because it looks like aspects of it have been stolen from other Pokemon like Maractus and Cacnea, Which is just a really odd concept for a bird. I mean I’m down with it if GameFreak does it, just not in this way. Sorry grass owl. – [Voiceover] Number five. – Okay another bird one but not an owl, and this is on my good list. See this one actually got a lot of traction on YouTube because it came out so soon after the announcement of the games themselves. This was sort of the first one. Everyone was excited about this blue bird, is it really, isn’t it? People were 50, 50 about it. Heck I’m still kind of 50, 50 about it. Maybe not 50, 50 maybe like 70, 30 that it’s not real. But I actually kind of really like it, and I would love it to be real. The leak was made more believable by the Hawaiian flower that came attached to it and the theory that the new region is based off Hawaii.

The problem sadly comes is that we already have Piplup which kind of looks like it in a similar water bird kinda way. But generally speaking that’s the only factor really pointing to the possibility of it not being real. Still I think at this point it’s been generally accepted this is a fake but I love it. – [Voiceover] Number four. – Okay so at number four are a mixed bunch between best and worst but I’m making them one of my worst ones because two out of three of them are kind of ehh. A fire cat, a seal, and a grass peacock. Guess which one I like? Three, two, one.

It’s the grass peacock and I hope you picked the same because I’m sorry I’m not a fan of the other two. The seal just looks a little bit plain and generic but the fire cat is what sets it off for me. Starter Pokemon are supposed to be accessible to everyone, so cute and cool is the general rule of thumb. The cat doesn’t really have the cute factor. Kind of putting me off it. It kind of makes me think that it’s a ghost fire type, and it’s the kind of Pokemon you’d encounter later on in the game to optionally have on your team. So yes if given the option personally I’d choose the grass peacock, I actually think it looks really cool. There’s a lot of cool bird Pokemon coming around this time. But the other two sorry, definitely fake. – [Voiceover] Number three. – Okay so what you clicked the thumbnail for this awesome grass bird thing and it’s not alone it has a fire and water starter to accompany it and they have evolution’s. And they’re proper Ken Sugimori style art work. They look incredible, so who made these? Well it was a deviant artist.

A Pokemon fan known as PokeLuca and this guy is pretty awesome. His artwork is absolutely phenomenal but he wasn’t making Sun and Moon starters. He was making starters for his own region of FakeMon, which all look fantastic you should check him out. And I have all the links to everything in the description along with whole bunch of mega evolution’s you’ve likely seen in thumbnails here and there. But the reason it surfaced as Sun and Moon starters is that people were using his Pokemon, like me, in the thumbnails and people just assumed that “Oh they’re the Sun and Moon link starters.” In fact they’re just cool bits of fan artwork. Dude keep it up. – [Voiceover] Number two. – Okay so number two is on the bad side of the list but it’s not actually really that bad. It’s only bad because I like one out of the three Pokemon but really the artwork itself is fantastic. Oh and actually I just looked it up it turns out he also made number seven on this list.

A fantastic deviant artist, I just personally don’t like these starters. I love the snail but I’m just not sure what the fire and grass ones are kind of meant to be. That said they do look adorable so I would definitely have any of them on my team. I’m not just sure about as starters. Oh and also just like the last guy check this out, he also makes fake mega evolution’s like this MegaJynx which I’m sure you’ve seen in thumbnails.

Again a very respected guy. Seriously dude, good work. – [Voiceover] Number one. – But here we go, this years number one, best and worst at the same time, starter fake leaks. And that is the grass goat, the water crocodile, and the fire bear. Okay lets start off with the cool points like fire bear as number one. I want this to be a Pokemon, I want this to be a Pokemon, I want this to be a Pokemon so bad but also the genius behind this leak is that they announced it just before Corocoro was supposed to come out so people genuinely believed that this was the Corocoro scans. It was very well crafted. The whole scan they put a lot of time into it, so how do we know it’s fake? Well sadly there were a few issues. One is that the water crocodile looked too much like a combination of Treecko and Totodile and the grass goat we already have Gogoat.

There were a few issues with the text but the main problem for me is that it was also leaked with some box arts of some Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendary. So they look cool but they were silhouette’s and when you’re GameFreak marketing your new game you don’t market silhouette’s you market the creature that you’re trying to market. So sadly it didn’t fully convince people. Still though I think it was awesome and incredibly well done. And if I had to personally choose from this video my three favorite starter leaks overall are the fire bear, the water bird, and the grass raptor thing. I think the three of those would make for an awesome starter set. I wanna pick them all. Be sure to let me know your favorite fake ones in the comments and stay subscribed for future Pokemon Sun and Moon videos.

So hi. – [Voiceover] This is Ash Ketchum. You just watched a video by bird keeper Toby that makes you a Pokemon master. (dramatic music).

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