One of the newest species or types of pokemon that were recently discovered in Pokemon Sun and Moon were the Ultra Beasts. I’ve seen people say that the ultra beasts are just alien pokemon, and that their typings don;t have to make sense, but I’ve got a few other ideas in mind. So with that in mind, I decided to take on the challenge set out on my super epic journey to figure out and breakdown what makes the Ultra Beasts the typings they are. Quite a lot of research did go into this, so its not like im grabbing these explanations out of thin air.

That being said, lets get started Nihilego So UB 01 Symbiont, also know as Nihilego is the first of the ultra beasts, and has probably the most odd typing out of all of them. It gains it rock typing from having a body that is supposedly made from a glass like substance. That does make sense, seeing how a fighting type could shatter that glass and glass is made from sand which is eroded rock but also part of the ground so I’m guessing game freak just kinda flipped a coin between the two and rock won. Now the poison typing on this thing is the most interesting to me. This pokemon is actually a parasite, and it uses its toxins to manipulate the actions and thoughts of its host. The toxin stimulates feelings of intense excitement and boosts the hosts skills greatly. Buzzwole / Pheromosa So for Buzzwole and Pheromosa I decided to bundle them together since they share the typings and are basically counterparts to one another. The bug typing on Pheromosa comes from it being based on a cockroach, and Buzzwole is based on a mosquito as shown by its uhh *show a clip of googling what the mosquoto poker thing is* proboscis, yeah that thing.

Now heres the cool part, and one that I didnt really notice until I started researching this video. Buzzwole is more of the boxing version, with his movepool and level up moves consiting of moves like Power Up Punch, Vital Throw, Dynamic Punch, and Focus Punch. While Pheromosa is more of the Kickboxing form, learning moves like Low Kick, Double Kick, Triple Kick, and High Jump Kick. Also for everyone saying “wow pheromosa is so skinny how can it hit hard” it moves its limbs at 120mph.

Now imagine getting hit by a bird, a plane, and then a truck. And then a bus. And maybe a building. Yeah that sounds about right. Xurkitree I think I’ve used too many puns about shocking entries so we’re just gonna skip that for now. Up next is the christmas tree gimp Xurkitree. Xurkitree is a bundle of wires, held together by zipties with crazy copper wires poking from his arm. Hes got a tail too, so whenever he needs a quick fix he just rams it into the ground and gets his boost back up. There not much to say for Xurkitree to be honest, it’s said that he came from a wormhole and raided a powerplant. And his name sounds like circitry.. Celesteela Celesteelas typing has a pretty straightforward typing in all honesty. It’s based on a spaceship, which is why its both steel and flying, since spaceships are made of steel and it flies through the sky hence the flying type.

It’s also said to build up gas inside and shoot it out of its arms, which look pretty similar to rocket engines. Kartana UB04 Blade is tiny piece of paper that is one of the strongest physical attackers out there, and when I say tiny I mean tiny. This thing weighs in at a solid .2 lbs and a nice and tall 1 foot. Where can i get me a metabolism like that? Just by looking at it you wouldnt expect it to pack the power that it does. Kartana’s grass typing more than likely comes from it being made of paper, which comes from wood, and what is wood in pokemon? Grass. It probably gets its steel typing from the fact that its a blade and looks like the winner of last years American Ninja Warrior competition. And yes I know its based on a samuri, I just really wanted to make the ninja warrior joke ok. Some more evidence is its name being Kartana Like Katana which is the signature weapon of weaboos everywhere.

Oh and samurais too. Guzzlord Finally we have the coolest explanation in my opinion, but before we talk about Guzzlords typing I want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to my friend Speqtor for helping me figure this out! If you havent already go check him out, there will be an i card link in the top right and a link in the description! Guzzlord is the UB of Gluttony and Gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins with its own cricle in the 9 circles of hell laid out in Dante’s Inferno. Its based on the circles cerberus, known as il gran verme or The Great Worm, which guards this circle. Its a giant 3 headed worm which feasts upon the people who committed the sin of gluttony with its giant claws. This is the only logical explanation we could find for the dragon typing, and its dark typing comes from it basically being a black hole.

This is further supported by its name, specifically the japanese name being akujikingu, which can be broken down into aku, meaning evil and dark type in japanese is evil type. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, it was honestly really fun to sit down and research and if you enjoyed or learned anything new a like would bew greatly appreciated, if you enojyed make sure to subscribe for more content like this in the future, and once again huge thank you to my friend speqtor for helping me out with Guzzlord.

Ill see you guys in the next one.

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