Fire, Water, or Grass a question that has plagued pokemon fans for generations. Now when I am talking about this I am obviously referring to the the most difficult decision a trainer has to make, choosing your starter. And with Pokemon Sun and Moon recently being announced, we’re essentially in the dark in regards to what the starters even are! So today I am going to give you guys the Top 5 Possible Starters for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

However, there is one thing I must mention, there are plenty of good ideas out there for starters. So much so that I can’t fit all three typings in one video. That is why I will be splitting this video into 3 parts. What you’re watching now is the final part of this series which covers the grass starters. If you haven’t seen the other 2 videos which covers the water and fire starters click here to check it out .

For this list I have rated these pokemon based on design, but I will also go into detail on possible stats and moves for the pokemon. Speaking of which I do not own any of these awesome fakemon designs, all the creators will be credited in the description as well as in the video. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started.

5 where?wolf Now I know this type of creature isn’t normally associated with grass but I would love to see a werewolf pokemon as a starter. People have wanted a werewolf to be incorporated into the games for sometime now. That is why I think this design made by pokekoks hehe poke would be an awesome choice for a starter. Personally i am not a fan of the pre evolution but i do love the mid and final forms. I could see this design gaining the dark typing because of well… obvious reasons. So, in regards to it’s stats, I could see this Pokemon being a fast physical attacker, but would be lacking in defense.

In terms of a move pool it should get access to crunch, wood hammer, swords dance, and knock off. A werewolf pokemon would be an interesting addition to the games and I would love to see it in sun and moon. 4 hummingbird One of the things I always thought gamefreak should do is make a grass flying starter. And since the idea of hummingbirds have never been explored in the pokemon world why not make the first grass flying starter a hummingbird pokemon. I mean it would kinda make sense doing that because hummingbirds do harvest nectar from flowers so yeah… grass starter… this design I found from the game pokemon sage would be a perfect choice this kind of pokemon. I personally love the idea of having a lilly as its tail because it adds more to the design. In terms of stats I could see this pokemon being a really fast special attacker. Some moves it could have are hurricane, quiver dance, giga drain, and focus blast for coverage. This pokemon would be a great addition to the new games, especially since pokemon sun and moon are shaping to be a tropical region.

Definitely Gotta watch out for ice types though 3 Koala This by far is one of the most requested ideas for a pokemon ever, a koala pokemon. Whether it may be a fire or grass starter, the fans really just want to see this animal in the pokemon universe and i think gen 7 is where it finally happens. Personally I think it would be better to see it as a grass type considering where they live and what they eat. I genuinely fell in love with this design made by pikapow. What draws me to this design is it’s mid evolution, it’s just so awesome.

Though i must say the final evolution kinda turns me off a bit. but honestly I feel the first two stages alone make this design worthy of being on this list. I could see this pokemon gaining the fighting type to go along with grass. Stat wise I could see this pokemon being another bulky physical attacker with some pretty good defenses. Some moves it could learn are drain punch, wood hammer, ice punch, and synthesis. Like I said a koala has been one of the most requested ideas for a pokemon ever, so gamefreak why not make the first koala pokemon a grass starter. 2 Lizard I know lizards have been used before in the pokemon franchise, but did you know there are actually lizards that can fly? The gliding lizard is a species of lizard that has skin flaps allowing them to glide in the air.

These little creatures would be an awesome choice for a grass starter. This design made by pokeluka is by far one of the best i’ve seen for these animals. I could see this pokemon gaining the dragon type to make this the first non mega dragon starter. This pokemon definetly looks like a bulky physical attacker with some decent defenses. With that being said moves like power whip, substitute, dragon claw, and dragon dance would be essential to this pokemon’s viability in battle. All in all this idea would be a very interesting choice to go with for a pokemon design and i could definitely see it happening in pokemon sun and moon. 1 armadillo Armadillos have always struck me as interesting creatures. Probably because they handle situations just like me. Curl into a ball and hope everything gets better… please don’t hurt me. what I found surprising though is that we don’t have a armadillo pokemon. Though sandshrew and sandslash do have some ties to an armadillo they are actually are based on the pangolin which kinda looks like an armadillo but not really.

So I think a 100% armadillo based pokemon would be cool to see. This design made by smiley would be a great choice to go with. I personally love that it gets the added poison type because of its shell and tail being based on a poisonous mushroom. I could see this pokemon being a defensive juggernaut with a good physical attack. Some moves to compliment these stats are shell smash, gunk shot, power whip, and stone edge. This pokemon would be a great idea for a grass starter and I’m hoping gamefreak will explore this. Thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. Did I leave any new pokemon ideas out? If you think there is an amazing design I forgot to mention, let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel and become an Eryibro today. If you haven’t seen the other two parts click the annotations on screen to go check it out and with that being said I will see you guys next time..

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