Fire, Water, or Grass a question that has plagued pokemon fans for generations. Now when I am talking about this I am obviously referring to the the most difficult decision a trainer has to make, choosing your starter. And with Pokemon Sun and Moon recently being announced, we’re essentially in the dark in regards to what the starters even are! So today I am going to give you guys the Top 5 Possible Starters for Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, there is one thing I must mention, there are plenty of good ideas out there for starters. So much so that I can’t fit all three typings in one video. That is why I will be splitting this video into 3 parts to cover all the typings. What you’re watching now is Part 2 of this series which will cover the water starters.

If you haven’t seen Part 1 yet click here to go check it out and part 3 will be coming out next week. For this list I have rated these pokemon based on design, but I will also go into detail on possible stats and moves for the pokemon. Speaking of which I do not own any of these awesome fakemon designs, all the creators will be credited in the description as well as in the video. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. 5 Dolphin Something the pokemon fanbase has wanted for a long time now is a Dolphin Pokemon.

And not pokemon like lanturn and gorebyss who are very loosely based on one, but I’m talking about a full on dolphin pokemon. What I found really surprising though is that not many people actually made a dolphin starter pokemon design. Luckily I was able to find this design made by Hu-gon which looks amazing. And I know the final evolution looks a bit different from the rest, but that’s because the artist didn’t actually design it. I had my friend chespin jr 98 vector this amazing pokemon from this sketch I found from the internet. But either way the design still looks amazing. Stat wise I could see this pokemon being a fast physical attacker with little to no defenses.

In terms of moves I could definitely see it getting aqua jet, waterfall, aqua tail, and swords dance. All in all I think a dolphin pokemon would be an amazing addition to the games and I can’t wait to see what gamefreak is going to do with it. 4 Platypus Why don’t Judairon. (Gasps) oh no no no no I didn’t mean it like that. I was just talking about this awesome design for a platypus pokemon made by dragonith. Get it… (crickets boo you stink!). Another awesome idea for a pokemon would be a platypus pokemon. A platypus would feel right at home in the Pokemon world because it’s already an egg layer. And like I said this design made by dragonith would be an amazing choice for platypus pokemon. And since this pokemon has some clear ties to the fighting type i could definitely see it being a water fighting type. Stat wise I could see this pokemon being another fast physical attacker with some decent physical defense because of the fighting type.

Some moves to compliment these stats are close combat, aqua jet, bulk up, and waterfall. And can you imagine the fist bumps? Just amazing… but seriously ron needs to die though 3 hammerhead Something I always wanted to see gamefreak do is make a shark based starter. Now I know we already have some shark pokemon like sharpedo which is based on a sawshark and garchomp which is a land shark thing, but I would love to see some different species of shark like a great white, a mako shark, a frill shark, and most definitely a hammerhead.

This design made by deoxys daniel would be a perfect interpretation of a hammerhead. I could see this design gaining the steel typing to go along with water because of the obvious iron feature it has. Now I know Garchomp has some hammerhead qualities to it but I feel a pure hammerhead based pokemon would be amazing. Stat wise I could see this pokemon being very fast and physically offensive. Kinda like all the other pokemon on this list amirite guys haha, please kill me. In terms of moves this pokemon should get access to aqua jet, iron tail, iron head and of course some set up moves. I could definitely see this being used competitively and I would love to have a hammerhead shark on my team. So game freak please make this happen 2 Iguana When coming up with pokemon for this list I tried to search for ideas that have not been done before. What I found really interesting is that we have never had a iguana pokemon before. Being a lizard fanatic like myself I always thought iguanas were cool animals, especially since they can be kept as pets.

That is why I think this design that I found from a fan-made game called Pokemon Sage would an amazing choice for a starter. All of these designs for the evolutionary line look spectacular. And just look at the pre-evolution, just dawww. Stat wise I feel this pokemon should be a bulky physical attacker with a very high physical defense. Some moves to go along with these stats are aqua jet, belly drum, close combat, and Ice punch. I could see this water line working perfectly in the new Pokemon games, and could arguably be one of the more unique ideas gamefreak could utilize. 1 Coral worm Alright I don’t know about you guys but I would love to have a bobbit worm as a pokemon.

To be honest I never heard of this animal until I saw this amazing design made by smiley. Now obviously the color scheme of this pokemon doesn’t really make it look like a water type, so I had my friend chespin jr 98 re-color the design to give it more of a water type appeal. And just look at it dude, it looks amazing. With this design I could see this pokemon gaining the poison typing to go along with water. Stat wise I could see this pokemon having good Hp and defenses with the highlight being its Special attack. For a move pool this pokemon needs to have sludge bomb, sludge wave, focus blast and scald. This is one of the most unique ideas for a starter and it would be really cool to see it appear in pokemon sun and moon. Thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. Did I leave any new pokemon ideas out? If you think there is an amazing design I forgot to mention, let me know in the comment section below.

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