25 Things to Do in Pokemon Sword and Shield BEFORE the CROWN TUNDRA DLC!


The Crown Tundra is just one week away. Are you ready for it? (introduction music) What is going on Youtube. It’s your boy Dan, aka “aDrive”. I brought you guys a brand new video today. Today, we are breaking down the 25 most important things that you can do to prepare for The Crown Tundra DLC. Yes, The Crown Tundra is just one week away, and I’ve got some amazing things planned for charity. It’s gonna be amazing. That announcement is coming very soon, but if you guys are not ready, I got this video for you to tell you what you need to do to be ready for The Crown Tundra. It’s amazing. Hit that Like button down below if you guys enjoy this type of videos, and make sure you guys subscribe to the channel if you are new. Youtube tells me that about 50% of you guys are not subscribed to the channel. You prolly don’t even realize it yet. Hit that Sub button so you don’t miss our amazing Crown Tundra content that we post every single day right here on twi- Youtube, youtube.com/aDrive Oh god.

I hope we could edit that, make that sounded better, because we were, we were rolling for a minute there. Let’s jump into it 25 things right now. Beat the game. No, seriously. Beat the game. Beat the game. Beat the postgame. In the Isle of Amor, you had to have beaten the postgame to actually advance all the way through the Isle of Armor. Make sure you have Sordward/Shielbert knocked out, bros. If you haven’t already purchased the DLC, you should grab it. You could play through the Isle of Armor, beat the Isle of Armor, do all that stuff, do all the dojos stuff, do Mustard’s things, all of it. Just finish the Isle of Armor. Get the DLCs. That way, you have The Crown Tundra when it comes out. There’s gonna be some special Mystery Gift codes. Make sure you guys are ready to get those Mystery Gift codes.

Get those Hat Pikachus! Pika pika. Gather Apricorns in the Isle of Armor. The Cram-o-matic is the Scam-o-matic. But, there’s a lot of reason to believe that there’s gonna be a better Cram-o-matic in The Crown Tundra. Get those Apricorns now, ’cause you might be able to actually get some Poke Balls in the future. Make sure guys grab the Catching Charm, so you have an easier chance to catch Pokemon in The Crown Tundra. It’s easy to do. Get the Catching Charm. Get the Shiny Charm. Seriously, you get all the Pokemon in the regular Dex, not the isle of Armor Dex, you get the Shiny Charm. While you’re at it, get the Mark Charm too. I’m gonna loop this into one, ’cause this is technically 26.

Get the Mark Charm, which is for the completing the Isle of Armor Dex. That way, you have a higher chance of finding a Marked Pokemon in the wild. If you’re really fancy, you can actually prepare all your Pokemon from previous games. That way, you could complete Isle of Armor Dex. The Dex is pretty much leaked, so you could check it out right here if you’re looking for which Pokemon you need.

But, get those Pokemon ready in Pokemon Home, so you can just transfer them in, just get the whole Dex done right away. Start preparing yourself for G-Max Melmetal. Yeah. G-Max Melmetal’s coming out. So, bust out Pokemon GO, do those stupid Meltan boxes, get a bunch of Meltans, get a Melmetal, and then transfer it into Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. and then transfer into Sword and Shield. Wham bam. Thank you Ma’am. I don’t think they’re going to be using The Crown Tundra, but get yourself some Armorite Ores. Armorite Ores are great for new moves.

There might be a new item in The Cown Tundra that’s like the Tundra Orbs or whatever, but just get some Armorite Orbs, it might not be a bad idea. I think I just called them Orbs, but they’re actually Ores, Armorite Ores. Ultra Beasts are coming back if you haven’t heard the news. It’s leaked. But, they’re coming back. Get some Beast Balls, baby! Beast Balls have a higher chance to catch Ultra Beasts. We already know that. Get some Beast Balls. If you don’t have Watts, what are you doing? You might need Watts for various things. Watts are used for all sorts of currency in the Pokemon Sword and Shield, Galar region. So, make sure you get a lot of Watts. You could use Armorite Ores to get more Watts, or you could just get Watts by getting Watts in doing raids. Get some Watts ’cause you might need ’em. You got to go out there and get some Mushrooms. You need to travel through The Crown Tundra- (coughs) You need to go out there and get some Mushrooms. You need to travel through the Isle of Armor, get a bunch of Mushrooms, because you never know if you’re gonna need some Max Soups. Max Soups are gonna get you those G-Max Pokemon. So, get those Mushrooms now, so that way you’re prepared for any potential new Gigantamax forms. We did get some new Gigantamax forms in the Isle of Armor, so it’s very possible to get some in The Crown Tundra.

Especially, I’ve been theorizing Regigigas getting one, so make sure you have enough Mushrooms. So that way, you could get those Gigantamax Pokemon when the Gigantamax Pokemon inevitably come out in The Crown Tundra. You should start saving up your money in the game. You could get money by doing all sorts of things. Beating a bunch of Trainers, you could use a pick up squad, sell things.

You can use the Watts that you’re farming to get items from the Digging Duo, and then sell those items to get more money. Why do we need more money? Because, you might need to buy stuff for competitive Pokemon or you might need to buy new clothing items. It’s going to be cold. You need that money to buy some cold protective clothing for The Crown Tundra. That way, you ain’t gonna be shivering when you get to the Tundra, baby! You need money! You really got to make some friends. If you don’t have any friends, you might want to make some because The Crown Tundra seems to be focused around Raid Den Exploration. And, you most certainly don’t want to get stuck with Marnie and a Solrock, yet again.

So, you can go to discord.gg/aDrive and join our Discord server, and make some friends there. If you don’t have any friends, you could, you could be friends with the people in my Discord server. There’s like 20,000 people in there. So, go join Discord at discord.gg/aDrive for all sorts of friendship making. Don’t spam my Discord, though. I’ll ban you.

Hey, if you didn’t hear, you don’t have to stress about Hidden Abilities. There’s gonna be a new item called the “Hidden Ability Patch” or the “Ability Patch”. We don’t know how we’re gonna get it, but I would just get some Hidden Abilities anyway, just so you do it. ‘Cause you need a Hidden Ability Pokemon, ’cause they’re usually a lot better, so maybe prepare some breejects or some Pokemon that you want to breed in The Crown Tundra. And, this kind of goes back to preparing your Pokedex, but like let’s say you want to get a Moxie Salamence, go back to another game.

Get like a Hidden Ability Bagon, just in case. But, you do have the Hidden Ability Patch, so there are options. I just want to let you guys know that Hidden Abilities, you know, just be ready for ’em. Just be ready. You might want to start gathering some Battle Points. It’s a little late to finish the season now, but you could try to get some Master Ball tier in both Single Battles, and Double Battles, to get yourself those big bonuses for Battle Points.

Otherwise, you kind of just gotta do Battle Tower, and grind it out to get some Battle Points. But, Battle Points are most inevitably gonna be useful for getting things like the Ability Patch, and even Beyond. Getting things like the Magmarizer and Electrilizer to evolve Pokemon like Magmar and Electivire. Electabuzz. I meant to say Electabuzz. Everyone’s favorite Pokemon, Galarian Slowpoke is even more relevant now than ever before. Get yourself a Galarian Slowpoke or even better, a Shiny Galarian Slowpoke.

So that way, you can evolve it immediately into Galarian Slowking. Don’t forget to do that. This guy’s pretty awesome. Get yourself a Galarian Slowking. Prepare it now. Breed that good bad boy up. I would recommend getting 0 Speed on it, though, for Trick Room, ’cause Trick Room Slowking is probably gonna be better than Trick Room Fastking. Start playing the lottery. Not in real life, in the game. See if you can get yourself some Master Balls.

There’s gonna be a ton of Legendary Pokemon that you’re gonna want to be able to capture, and having Master Balls is gonna be really clutch, in case you happen to run into a Shiny Mewtwo or something, bro. It’s green. Make sure you have a Master Ball to catch it in. Get yourself a Pokemon that’s good at catching other Pokemon. I personally use Gallade with False Swipe, Hypnosis, and Thunder Wave. You could use whatever you want. If you want to use a Decidueye with False Swipe, if you want to use a Blastoise without False Swipe, you do whatever you want. But, I recommend Gallade with Wide Lens, False Swipe, and Hypnosis. You could put things to sleep, you could knock ’em to 1 HP, and that way, you’ll be prepared. But, The Crown Tundra may have Hail, so you got to be a little bit mindful there, because the Hail could knock out Pokemon that are not immune to Hail damage. So, just be careful if you use False Swipe.

Someone’s gonna fail. I know. When I bring back the Top 5 Shiny Fails of the Week, someone’s gonna fail a Shiny ’cause the Hail’s gonna hit it. I just know it right now. I already know it. For those who don’t know, one of the new features is the Galarian Star Tournament. The Galarian Star Tournament features Double Battles with our favorite Gym Leaders, and Milo. And, if you go into those Double Battles at the Galarian Star Tournament, you’re gonna want to have Pokemon that are good in Double Battles. So, think about that. You’re not gonna be using crazy moves, bro. You need Protect.

You need Helping Hand. You need Follow Me. You got to be mindful of it. I got videos on how to build VGC teams in the channel. So, go watch some of my battles of me destroying people with Bug only Pokemon. But, it’s Double Battles, baby. We’re going to VGC! I need to take my own advice here. You gotta clean your boxes out. If you’re boxes are a mess like mine are, start to organize them. Expect it’s gonna take prolly an hour or 2 hours if you’re as disorganized as I am, ’cause you want to get those boxes ready.

That way, you have box space available for all the new Pokemon, but also so you know where things are. Put all your Dittos in a box. Get yourself a 6 IV Ditto. Put all your breejects in a box or your competitive Pokemon in a box. Get yourself ready for The Crown Tundra. This is serious business. I told you guys to get your Shiny Charm in game. But, did you get your Shiny Charm Plushy yet? This thing is guaranteed. It’s not actually guaranteed. To increase your Shiny odds in the game. You could pick up a Shiny Charm right now or our super duper awesome Jumbo Shiny Charm. Head for scale. Available right now if you go to TeamShiny.com You could actually can get both of them and get free shipping. And, it help support your boy, ’cause I’m out here making great videos on what you need to for The Crown Tundra. So, pick up one of my Shiny Charm Plushy, please. They’re really awesome actually, like real talk, like jokes aside, this thing is incredible. These are really, these are really high quality, man. Like, seriously.

And, they’re only available for a limited time. So, if you haven’t picked one up yet, grab one now ’cause like for real, these are amazing. They are amazing. Two different sizes. Head for scale. And, I have a big noggin, dude. The Crown Tundra is gonna have you play in Pokemon a lot. You’re gonna practically be playing a whole lot, and I’m gonna be doing a massive marathon as well for charity as I indicated at the beginning of this video. So, you’re gonna need to stay energized throughout that process. So, it’s a great time to pick up some G Fuel. G Fuel is my favorite energy drink. It’s got 25 calories, and 0 sugar. You can actually pick some up right now in the link in the description, and use code “aDrive” to save 30% off for this weekend only. So, do not sleep on that opportunity. 30% off. Some of my favorite flavors are Hype Sauce, Peach Iced Tea, Nemesis Tea, Snow Cone, I love me some Watermelon, tastes like a Jolly Rancher.

Then, you could see actually if I move, I have my G Fuel fridge and all my G Fuel behind me, in this part of my room. I’m not even joking. Like, advertisement aside, I drink this stuff everyday if you watch my livestreams. It’s amazing. And, you should pick up some G Fuel right now if you’re an energy drink fan, or maybe you drink a lot of sodas. It has a lot of caffeine in it, so I do recommend 18 and up. But, pick up some G Fuel while my code is 30% off. Use code “aDrive”, shipping internationally. You can get anywhere on the world. Pick some up. I like the powders, but I’m also drinking the cans.

I was just drinking this Black on Blackberry myself. If you haven’t done so yet, and you’re really bored, you could collect all the TMs in the game. There’s a lot of TMs and TRs to grab, so do some raids, and just go around to make sure you get all the TMs, so that way you’re prepared for the Galarian Star Tournament and Beyond. And the last thing, number 25, the thing that absolutely no one cares about. If you’ve done everything else in this list, bought your Shiny Charm Plushy, and got some G Fuel, and you’re just like, “aDrive, what do I do now? I still have a week to go.” You could complete your Curry Dex, so that way you feel even worse about yourself, about how you spend all your time making curry in Pokemon Sword and Shield for absolutely no benefit. So, you could finish your Curry Dex or whatever.

Yeah. Do it. That’s 25 amazing things that you guys need to do before The Crown Tundra comes out. You have one week to do it, so I don’t want to hear any excuses when it comes out. And, you’re like “Oh my god. I forgot to do this. I’m an idiot.” Well, you’re not an idiot. You’re awesome and I appreciate you being here. I plug a few things in this video. One, you could join my Discord server at aDrive- You could join my Discord server at discord.gg/aDrive In addition, you could pick up my Team Shiny Charm Plushy available right now in two different sizes. Free shipping if you get both. You can get it all over the world. TeamShiny.com Pick up one of these before they’re gone.

And last but not the least, you could use code “aDrive” to get 30% off your G Fuel purchase, which is available right now for the next couple of days. Get that discount stacked up. That way, you’re energized for The Crown Tundra. It’s gonna be awesome. If you guys enjoy this video, be sure to hit that Like button down below. Make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel. Don’t be one of the 50% of people who are not subscribed. Don’t be a lazy bum, click that Subscribed button. Make it happen. Get these things done for The Crown Tundra. And, I will see you guys in a few days when I announce that charity Crown Tundra marathon, ’cause it’s gonna be wild, bro. We’re gonna raise so much money for these kids, let me tell you. I’ll give you guys more details on that soon, but hang in there, enjoy The Crown Tundra content. And, thank you guys for watching this video. I hope you had fun.

I had fun making it. It was actually funny, I kind of have fun just being, you know, just being me. It was good times. Thanks for watching guys. That’s it. The video is over. Go do those things, and I’ll see you guys next time. My precious! Oh, hey. Hey, you’re still here! Oh! Well, I got couple of good videos, if you guys want to check them out. Go buy my plushy!.

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