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60 NEW Facts for Pokemon Sword & Shield’s First 90 Minutes!


What’S going on boys and girls, what’s up world Austin John plays here and today on the 17th of October, about a month out before the release of Pokemon sword and shield, there was an embargo lifted for a whole bunch of people who have had a chance to Play pokemon sword and shield for about an hour and a half or so today is the day that they decided to release all that information, and I’m going to be going over all of the talking points from six different articles. Let’S get into it. There are three YouTube videos by Alex of VG 24/7, Alex from Nintendo life, janae and max from IGN The Verge Eurogamer and Game Informer. Quite a lot to go over. I’M going to be going through all this and I’m gon na just edit.

The good talking points that way you have a very concise list of details that you want to know about these games. Without all the fluff in between you can use the switch pro controller at the beginning of the game you get to choose. Your basic looks gender skin tone, etc. Instead of professor starting out the game and explaining things you see, chairman Rose in the middle of a stadium in the style of a TV broadcast. After a brief speech, the undefeated Galore champion Leon emerges to begin a battle with a character that cannot be yet discussed. William calls out his Charizard and it cuts away. Just as Charizard starts to Giganta max your mom is called mum cuz. The game is based in the UK, the first small town of the game is called wedge. Hurst, no matter which starter your choose. Your rival hop is going to get the one that is weak to yours.

The champion Leon then gets the starter. That’S strong against yours and then you start with a rival battle. That’S where I want to jump to something that Alex from Nintendo life said that this game does not do a lot of hand-holding at the beginning. Instead, you’re thrown into this rival battle and hop is going to have the starter who’s weak to yours, but in addition to that starter Pokemon, your rival is also gon na. Have a wool ooh, you’re gon na be able to take Wu down you’re gon na gain a level get an elemental type attack a vine whip, ember water gun, whatever have you and then because you have that super effective move, you’re gon na be able to take Out that starter Pokemon and gain healthy amount of experience that way, it seems like that’s a running theme that they don’t hold your instead, they actually lead you to doing a mechanic, and you get to explore and do that mechanic like doing this.

You learned about leveling up and you learned about type advantages, and then you don’t need someone explaining those things to you, because you just did them. After getting your starter, you have to go back home to wet charts to Professor magnolias lab and Lulu is broken through the fence by your house. So you have to wonder into the eerie slumbering Weald to find it. We see that whoa Lou appear in the countryside. Just hanging out and Butterfree up there in this slumbering Weald there’s a couple of different types of new Pokemon which cannot be spoken about, as they venture deeper into the woods. A mysterious creature appeared before them. Well, they can’t spoil what happens.

I eventually exit the slumbering Weald, we loop on my side and I’m back on track toward wedge Hurst. This may be our first opportunity to see the evil, legendary or a antagonist of the game. Maybe it’s space chicken, I’m gon na, go with space. Chicken, galore and pokey centers are a one-stop shop that allows you to heal your Pokemon change, their nicknames, rename them and delete moves. You can, of course, access your PC and buy supplies in the shop returning mechanic. Catching pokmon gives you experience nice and each encounter splits, the XP between your entire team automatically. As we learned before, you cannot use an experienced share because experience shares on by default and you cannot disable it.

The name of the big steampunk gear city that we’ve seen is called a mana Stoke. You receive your letter of endorsement and then a shiny object falls from the sky or space. This wishing star grants the player the access to the Dynomax ability, which causes your Pokemon to grow massive and powerful in battle returning mechanic, TMS and sword and shield are a multi-use. But before going to mana stoke, you have to go through the wild area. So we know that the wild area you’re gon na get access to that very early in the game within the first hour and the wild area. It feels very large from the beginning, you get to rotate the camera, a full 360 degrees. There are different biomes present in the wild area, with unique Pokemon flying and running around weather changes between different parts of the wild area dictating to an extent which Pokemon appear, for example, if it’s hailing we’ll see ice type Pokemon, if it’s raining, we may see an Influx of water-type pokemon in the much larger city, mana stoke, that’s the first time that we get access to the clothing.

Boutique, there’s also a good chance. We’Re gon na be able to change our hair and our eye color at this point, or if we didn’t get to choose our eye color at the beginning, the zero game or not have a dynamic website. What is this 2012? There are now three types of encounters: visible roaming, Pokemon that you walk into, which we’ve seen those just walking around in the wild area. Traditional random encounters in long grass, cool and exclamation mark encounters in long grass that you can either provoke for an encounter with a rarer pokemon or sneak to be avoided in the wild area. If you wander into the wrong part, you’ll discover that the Pokemon and the wild area can now be drastically over. Leveled like it should be like an RPG, should be like. If you’re playing Final Fantasy, you go someplace, you shouldn’t be a level 40. Dragon shows up.

Your team is level 12 and you all die. That’S why you could always dip your toe into the odd high level route on the other side of a city, but never get caught in a battle with a level 50 third stage: evolution Pokemon with your starter and a level six Pidgey Pidgey confirmed, we’ve seen something Kind of like this that in the wild area, with a kind of low-level team, there was a wild roaming Machoke and a Gavin chilla. So these evolved higher level, Pokemon just kind of exist in the overworld, and if you start to see them roaming about outside of the grass, you start to know that either it’s a rarer, higher level Pokemon or the Pokemon in that area are just generally higher level Than you should not be going there yet, but it makes me wonder that if you catch these higher level, Pokemon with a lucky pokeball or a quick ball, is it just smooth sailing from there there’s a kind of vendor in the wild area, which seems that they Could grind out for a dedicated currency, for if I really wanted to and buy super-strong TMS with it early on this ties in was something that i GN said. First of all, you get access to your pc from the start menu wall in the wild area. Let me say that again for the people in the back, while in the wild area, you hit the start button and you can swap the Pokemon on your team kind of like how it was done. Let’S go pay to an Eevee in more traditional roots and Pokemon centers were led to believe that it’s going to function normally and that you have to go to a pokemon center between roots or something like that, while in the wild area you earn a special currency, Called watts to buy camping gear and curry ingredients from merchants in the wild area.

The game also supports local and online multiplayer, in which you can battle and trade like normal. You can visit each other’s camp sites, which we’ve heard about you could team up for max raid battles, which we know about. However, you can only – and I quote, ping your friends in one location or right outside the wild area and with this game having no native voice chat, and I doubt that it’s coming to the Nintendo app. You are probably never going to speak to these people. You’Re doing raids with or set up a discord server or join my discord. Server discord, Emme, slash, Austin Jean plays in the wild area. There’S now an objective marker and a little sentence in the top-left, reminding you of what to do a pleasant quality of life update. That’S more about modernizing Pokemon as an RPG, then dumbing it down Eurogamer and VG 24/7.

Both spoke about being in based off of you know, Scotland and England that there’s a lot of British slang like people will call you mate. Call the television a telly. Your mother is no longer mom. Is mum and there’s a drink stand in a city that looks like a British pub from what I’ve gathered you’re going to be able to save right in front of encountering your starter, there’s a very quick scene, and then you get to nickname your starter, in which You get a full screen of that Pokemon on this screen. We’Re typically shown if it is shiny. So if you want a soft reset for a shiny, starter Pokemon, then you can do that and of course, on the switch there still is no soft reset. You need to close the application and restart it. The Pokemon arch RPGs have like behind in pure visual fidelity for some time, even by the Nintendo console standards and technically sword and shield are no different.

Everyone says that the frame rate is stable, there’s no hiccups or drawbacks. However, the game runs at 720p docked at 30fps once again, 720p 30fps and as Alex from Nintendo Life said, I should probably change that that’s slightly better Pokemon on the 3ds was a real visually stunning. This is what you want to aspire to and now on the switch, it’s kind of an average game visually speaking, that’s fine! You don’t play Pokemon for the visual quality we’ve been playing on something that’s 240 P for the last decade. One of the most interesting additions is a quote very strong. Looking quote Pokemon if you remember, let’s go with the smaller large Pokemon with the red or blue, or is it’s a similar idea? A Pokemon with a barely noticeable yellow glow will appear on very very rare occasions in the wild. They only saw two of them in their entire hour-and-a-half playing and you’ll get a bit of flavor text when the battle starts, noting that their apparent strength rather than size, though, these have much more unusual aspects.

Yellow glowing Mons have at least a couple of Max IVs and they have an egg move rather than the regular ones too. Nice I feel like this is going back to what we used back when Omega Ruby alpha sapphire. When you start the game and there’s the rush filling grass and then you go in there and get a Poochyena with the egg move on to the Verge’s article, where they did state that in the beginning of the game, you have a chance run-in with a powerful Pokemon of ancient legend space chicken setting up a fateful meeting far down in the line for the narrative most Pokemon games in the past, start off slow and predictable with the standard tutorials and a lot of time spent wandering around tall grass. So you can catch back up, Pokemon or trainer starter enough to take on the first gym leader. None of that really happened. I did catch some new adorable Pokemon and I did pick the weeping sobbing my starter, because who would dare choose another gooky gang merch available at Austin. John plays calm.

The game’s first gym leader is going to be in that big steam punk looking town massive environment filled with wild Pokemon trainers, fishing spots and underground dungeons that contain what Game Freak is calling max raid battles. What underground dungeons is that little beacon of light that we see actually an entrance to an underground dungeon and that’s where the max raid battle happens. I’M confused again for Giganta max and Dyna max max raid battles, you’re going to use AI team members, which game freak’s says, will be standard for all line play everyone pretty much says that the max rate battles aren’t a joke. They take a while. So only one last note and that’s from the VG 24/7 article, which confirms that there’s no voice acting in the game, but the characters lips move while their text boxes appear. That seems to be the end of all the real noteworthy things that I have come across between these six news sources, and I hope that this consolidation of all of it was super helpful to you and if you found something interesting, do me a favor hit the Like button down below, if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe, turn on notifications until next time, Austin John out

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