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All Version Differences in Pokemon Sword & Shield


Sword and shield version differences. Whoo, let’s go hey Lucy. Aren’T you gon na wait for the third version? What about Pokemon crown and no? That’S, probably not gon na make it third version, then to it last time we’ll be fine? Oh also, I’ve got to change the outfit because we’re in gala now so I have my own gallery – inform yes, let’s go also obvious plot spoilers. Why would you be watching this? Otherwise, okay, we’re done quelle suprise. The title screens are different. It’S a different! It’S literally just a logo now, but hey version exclusive Pokemon and sold you get the Farfetch’d see dr. Marcus, craggy, Gothita, roof lit Dino, swirlix and Jiang moto lines, as well as more while soul, rock the semi intestine, a tostone, jonah, ization and, most importantly, red striped Bass Gillan, whereas in shield you’ve got the po neeta corsola lava, lotad, croaking closest bulla, be spritzee and goomy lines as well as Sableye lunatone. Our guru drum paw excuse Amazon, 2 and, of course, blue straight bus kuelen in DD is indeed a bit of a strange one.

Looking at it, I thought it was meow sticks, weird cousin at first. The similarities do not end there, though, like meowstic. It has a pretty drastic gender difference. Dare I say this is a sin? Oh wait. I got ta say that I appreciate that it’s the male one, the husky eyelashes. Yes, please, and just like meowstic, the genders are essentially different, Pokemon with different based dots and different move. Poles tail, the male is exclusive to sword and the female is exclusive to shield. I mean you wonder why, since you could just braid them anyway, but hey, then you’ve got Appling apple inner bulbs into flat ball. How do you this beautiful and sword, using the exclusive tart apple and into apple turn in shields, using the exclusive sweet apple? You can still just trade the items over though they also have Giganta max forms which look identical. So take your pick. I guess the puzzles aren’t actually version exclusive, but you get given the fossilized bird and the fossilized. I know fossils in sword, whereas in shield you get given the fossilized fish and fossilized Drake fossils.

I just said the word fossil and some format 7 times. You can still find the fossils that you don’t get given in each game, but they’re a lot less common than the original. A couple of the trades are different to the trader. Who wants some erectus and stole on side? Gives you a high tannin sword and an impotent in shield, then in Church s said, there’s a man who wants a vanillish for a thrown sword and the sword and shield DC Pokemon are actually version exclusive in the wild to the other game. So this is the only way you can get him. Then there’s max raid battles. Well, you can’t technically share raids by playing with others. You can only originally find Machamp colossal and flat ball and sword and then Ganga a Lapras and appleton in shield, using the online connectivity there’s actually a window running from now to early January 2020, where you’ll be more likely to find dreadnought max raids in sword and Korbinite raids in shield they’re, probably gon na release more, but I’m not waiting that long because YouTube just scary enough right now Gym Leaders, we already knew a couple of them prize of the game’s release being the fourth gym leader, which is the fighting type use of B in sword, and the ghost type user, Alistair and shield something I actually wasn’t spoiled on before playing – is that Jim number six is also different between games and soldiers, a rock-type user Gordy and annealed. It’S the ice type user melanie. Of course.

This means that the gym layouts are different in each version, and you also get different selection of league cards and a couple of different gym uniforms, as you’d expect. Pokedex entries also differ by version. As for the story, it’s basically the same in each version until you get to the climax, but even then it’s basically the same story that plays out with just the roles of the legendaries and hop and the player character it’s switching around except you only battle. Sword, wood and sword and shield Burt in shield go figure. Then you get to catch. The vision mask oh and one final battle against hope with the other legendary and we’re done now. Yay hello that sword and shield version differences. Alright, they don’t normally have a crazy amount, would be so releases. Let’S be real, I’m really trying to think of interesting sword and shield ideas. So if there’s something a little outside the books that you want to see me cover, then let me know I read the comments. I promise thanks for the amazing artwork. As always, my appreciation is immeasurable, see you it once you’re in this. Is he in like a week if you go in okay, bye,

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