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ALOLAN MAROWAK MOVESET GUIDE! How to use Marowak! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys you got Pokeaim here, and today we’re gonna be talking about one of my favorite Pokemon that has returned in In Pokemon and Sword and Shield, and that is Alolan-Marowak. Alolan-Marowak is awesome, not only is its typing amazing, fire and ghost, but the thick Club still works on it, its design looks great, and we’re going to talk about it. This is probably one of the most splashable mons right now in pokemon sword and shield. So, Alolan-Marowak has a few things going for it. As I mentioned before it’s typing is really nice because it allows it to check prominent pokémon, like Volcarona, Magnezone, and Rotom heat just to name a few that marowak can actually check. Because of the fire and ghost typing it resists a lot of their actual attacks, and it does threaten them back with very very strong attacks due to its signature item the thick Club. Which doubles its attack stat. It goes from base 80 attack to an attack stat over 500. Not actually 80 to 500 but the actual number goes from a max attack, 284, to over 500.

So it’s amazing for marowak, especially when it has some great abilities going for it. So we’re going to talk about the first one real quick. And this is one of the ones that’s probably the deadliest marowak set, and that is the trick room abusing marowak. This takes advantage of marowak’s base 45 speed. It’s very very slow however like I said It hits like a truck and Alolan-Marowak also got a nice little buff this generation in poltergeist, a new Ghost type physical attack and it’s stronger than its signature move shadow bone, though there are times where you are gonna want to run shadow bone and we’ll mention that in a little bit as we go further into this video. One of the cool things about Alolan-Marowak is that it has flare blitz as a move and it has the rock head ability, so you can use flare blitz on the set without taking any recoil from the move because of your rock head ability.

Poltergeist and bonemerang. So this is the type of set that it just takes advantage of trick room, right? So you’re going to want up trick room setters, like porygon2, which can trick room and teleport out, Magearna, which can trick room and volt switch out, and there are a lot of other trick room setters that you use for this Pokemon, hatterene is another one that comes to mind. Reuniclus, Slowbro is actually a really good trick room center with marowak because it resists the water type attacks coming out at Alolan-Marowak and Marowak basically can break through the grass types that slowbro doesn’t like too much such as ferrothorn and Rillaboom. So again, this is just a really offensive Marowak. you want a brave nature and zero speed IVs because you want to be as slow as possible in a trick room since the idea of Trick room is that the slower Pokemon move first. So that’s what you want for Marowak.

And then you have flare blitz and poltergeist. Poltergeist, be careful about using it, because again, it only works if your opponent has an item. So if your team has knock off spam, you might want to run shadow bone over poltergeist, just because if they don’t have an item You can’t hit them with your signature move. One example is if you knock off a Slowbro or the Slowbro is running no item ,there are Some slowbros out there that are running no item because a lot of marowak’s are running poltergeist, You won’t be able to hit it with your best move.

And then your third move is bonemerang. This can actually be swapped throughout the video, I mentioned bonemerang or earthquake a lot. But you can actually swap it and use either or. Bonemerang obviously is a two-hit move that isn’t weakened in power by grassy terrain, and grassy terrain is semi common at the moment because grassy surge rillaboom is definitely one of the new waves, But the trade-off is that it can miss, whereas earthquake is a consistent hundred base power, But of course it is weaker in grassy terrain. So you want to decide that. Your last move is either Swords Dance or substitute.

Now, Alolan Marowak is the type of pokemon that can just come in under trick room and get a kill no matter what. You’re either gonna knock out or you’re gonna 2HKO basically everything, even max defense Mandibuzz will be 2HKOd by flare blitz, Pokemon like seismitoad die to flare blitz into poltergeist depending, so honestly, the last move is kind of up to you, you can go for substitute if your opponent attempts to outplay you by like going let’s say from Ferrothorn into Slowbro and they have one turn of trick room left and they double back, you can go for substitute, which is relatively safe, and It allows you to get a free attack after but if you don’t want to do that, you can run swords dance, and honestly I don’t think the last move really matters too much because you are rarely clicking it.

For the most part you’re clicking flare blitz and poltergeist, unless they have something like toxapex, which bonemerang does hit for harder damage. The next set we have is more of a stealth rocking variant, now again, I did mention in the beginning of the video that Marowack has some very very good resistances It resists fairy and steel, fire and bug, so it resists some amazing pokemon, and it also is immune to electric if you use lightning rod, which is so good for marowak. I really wish that the thick Club doubled both its Attack and special attack, just because lightning rod gives you special attack boost and you’re able to block things like volt switch and discharge, so Magnezone, Magearna, Rotom, none of them can volt switch on you.

This would’ve been really cool, I know this is kind of like a tangent that doesn’t really have to do too much with the set, but you can see the set right there, right? So I’m just gonna talk. Marowak has such an amazing special movepool, it has ancient power, fire blast, blizzard, ice beam, shadow Ball and thunderbolt, it has so many good special attacks But unfortunately, you’re limited to physical. That’s not unfortunate though. Obviously marowak is fantastic at physical attacking. So again, this is more of a stealth rocking set and the idea behind it is that you have that lightning rod, so, you can check pokemon like rotom, Magearna, and Magnezone, and you naturally check pokémon like Volcarona, which is why you’re still running 248 HP.

We have 24 speed EV’s allowing us to out speed defensive hippodown, and the rest was just put in to attack. the special defense just helps out with some volcarona hits like flamethrower, but also taking hits better from Magearna. Watch out for life oorb Shadow Ball Magearna, That is something that is sometimes ran on trick room just for opposing marowak, so be careful about that. But fire punch is a preferred move over flare blitz here just because you have lightning rod. So you no longer have Rockhead to protect you from recoil. Then we have both Poltergeist and shadow bone and as I mentioned earlier part of the reason that we have shadow bone on this set is because my third move is bonemerang, but again, It could be earthquake. One of the good partners for marowak I think is Rillaboom, Obviously resisting the water type attacks coming at marowak whereas marowak is resisting the fire and ice type attacks coming at Rillaboom.

So they pair really well together. But of course the trade-off of having grassy terrain is that earthquake is weakened in power. So you have bonemerang there. That’s something to keep in mind, and also rillaboom is a Pokemon that does have knock off now if you knock off a Pokemon like corvinight, if you knock off a Ferrothorn, obviously those are Pokemon you could fire punch anyway, but if you knock off like a slowbro just because he wants to pivot in and Expects him to knock off because they have a drag of portal and they want to take the hit because they could take two it’s because Slowbro is just that defensive, that bulky, you have shadow bone as an option. So again, this really does depend on your team. One of the teams that I ran with marowak had like Krookodile, and it had tanggrowth and tangrowth is another great grass type partner because it’s pivots in on all the attacks it also pivots In on Urshifu’s wicked blows with rocky helmet so it could take it.

So it’s a really good partner with this Pokemon but that’s why I have shadow bone just because if if you use this and you have multiple knockoff users don’t use Poltergeist in my opinion, even though it is a lot stronger than shadow bone and there’s some crazy calcs out there with this Pokemon I don’t use it Then your last move your stealth rock or Swords Dance.

Marowak has that Mamoswine syndrome as in its the pokemon that would much rather be attacking then clicking stealth rock. So, much like on Mamoswine, I do not like running stealth rock on Marowak, but it just fits man. it’s such a good pokémon, that it will have multiple turns to attack freely and sometimes you wanna go for rocks. That’s it. Sometimes you do want to go for stealth rock and if your team desperately needs them feel free to put them on marowak, because again, This last move is rarely ever clicked, but if you don’t wanna use stealth rock, you can use Swords Dance and that’s the reason why we have 24 speed EV’s, because if you swords dance up, you definitely want to be Faster than at least a hippodown,.

The cool thing about having basically near max HP, We have 248 by the way for a stealth rock number so we can switch in multiple times, to switch in one more than we would normally without that. But the max hp helps with volcarona. Volcarona does not 2HKO you with psychic, so that’s pretty cool. A nuetral psychic does not 2HKO you. so that’s really really nice for marowak. And neither does it to 2HKO with like, fire blast into psychic. So that’s just something to keep in mind. Of course this is not considering boosted Volcarona but you can use swords dance if you want to attempt to use as a sweeper. But my favorite one if you’re actually using swords dance, is a faster marowak, Which we have is the last set and this one can be jolly or adamant The last one was adamant nature the one before that was brave nature. But this one could be jolly or adamant Now some of the pros of jolly nature are that you outspeed adamant azumarill and adamant conkeldur. Adamant azumarill, obviously if it’s choice band. does threaten you with aqua jet, but if it’s like a belly drum variant or it wants to knock off your thick Club, That’s something to keep in mind, right? Marowak is a pokemon that always wants to item, if it doesn’t have his thick Club it goes back to base 80 attack.

So it’s very weak after that. It’s a nuke right? Fast SD has the advantage of being faster than also min speed mandibuzz, But yeah being faster than Pokemon like adamant azumarill and adamant conkeldurll, Those are basically Pokemon that almost always run Adamant, so you can just make yourself at home with that jolly number, outspeed them at +2, you knock them out with either shadow bone or poltergeist, they are slashed. Again fire punch is there because you want to have that lightning rod, and of course, we have bonemerang or earthquake as the ground coverage as well.

But yeah fast SD aims more to sweep, You can run Adamant if you want to, the good thing about Marowak is I think honestly EV spreads are very customizable, except for I think trick room, trick room should always run like basically max HP and max attack, just because you want to have that biggest damage. It’s an offensive playstyle, it’s not meant to switch into things.

It’s meant for you to setup trick room and get that Pokemon in and you take KOs from your opponent So that’s the idea behind Marowak, but you can customize it. I have seen some people run heavy duty boots. I have seen some people run leftovers, Honestly when Pheromosa was around back in Sun and Moon, I also did something very similar to that, But I also had to deal with pheromosa and tapu koko right? So, I mean, that could be a better check to pokemon like magnezone, Rotom heat, Volcarona, Whatever, right? and if you want to do that, you can run something with like knock off and toxic. I don’t have a set for it because I don’t think it’s very good, you run leftovers on that but you can really knock off and toxic and use it as full-on support, but I kind of feel like at this point in the meta game It really does just waste Marowak’s potential.

But yeah guys, that’s all I have for you guys today, I had a video up earlier today where we used a really cool sticky web klefki. It was amazing, honestly Emvee as well. So you guys want to go and check it out. Feel free to subscribe if you aren’t already subscribed, I have a lot of stuff coming out, Wi-Fi battles as well. I got showdown lives and all that stuff. I featured these Pokemon, I’ve used marowak multiple times and yeah, I will see you guys next time. Goodbye, my friends.

Have a good one..

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