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We?ve gotten plenty of time to play around with Pokemon Sword and Shield, and there are a lot of great Pokemon to choose from. The fact that not every Pokemon is in the new games makes it so that you have to choose some you don?t normally use, and some of the OP Pokemon aren?t available anymore. That?s why I wanted to break down each type of Pokemon and give you the best Pokemon of that type. I?m going to take into account stats, move pools, abilities, and just overall feel of the Pokemon. This is NOT a list of my favorite Pokemon, but the ones I think would serve you the best in a playthrough or battle. I?m also not doing a list of specific new Pokemon, this is a list of all the Pokemon available in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Now of course, if your favorite Pokemon isn?t what I think is the best, that doesn?t mean you can?t or shouldn?t use it. It?s all my opinion, and you are free to disagree in the comment section. Also, be sure to leave a like on this video and subscribe with notifications on so you never miss a video. With all that said, let?s get right into the list. Normal: With normal types, it was pretty easy to narrow this one down. It?s clear as day that Snorlax is the best normal type available in Sword and Shield. It?s got the second highest base stat total of any normal type, only outclassed by Silvally from a pure statistical standpoint.

BUT, spoiler alert: Snorlax is getting a Gigantamax form that?s going to take it above the rest. It?s got a massive move pool to take advantage of its physical attack stat, and it certainly has the ability to take on just about every Pokemon. At the time of filming this video, the official stats and ability of Gigantamax Snorlax haven?t been released, but I?m very certain it?s going to be far and above the best normal type. Fighting: For fighting types, I have to give it up to the Shield mascot Zamazenta. In its crowned shield form, it has a base stat total of 720, which is absolutely insane! Its ability, Dauntless Shield, also boosts its defensive stat when it enters the battle, kind of like the opposite of Intimidate. Its signature move Behemoth Blast also counteracts Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon by dealing double damage to the giant forms.

Seeing as how a lot of people will probably want to at least Dynamax a Pokemon, it?s really easy to see why Zamazenta would be so useful. But can it see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast crunch? Yeah, I don?t think it?s that good? Flying: There weren?t that many primary flying types to choose from in Generation 8, but the main two I narrowed it down to are Corviknight and Noivern. I decided to go with Corviknight because of its typing, as well as its gigantimax form. The flying steel typing gives it plenty of resistances, two immunities, and only two weaknesses. Its hidden ability, Mirror Armor, also gives it an edge over Noivern. This ability sends back stat changing moves used against it, which nullifies moves and abilities that would normally lower your stats. Corviknight may not have the greatest overall stats, but the access to moves like Substitute make for an easier time dealing with stronger Pokemon.

Poison: I think it?s pretty obvious that Eternatus is the best Poison type of the generation in terms of battling goes. 690 base stats, as well as Dynamax canon make it one of the strongest Pokemon in Sword and Shield. It?s pretty much the hard counter to just about any Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokemon. Not a whole lot else I need to really say about it. Ground: It was really hard to choose between Hippowdon and Sandaconda for the best ground type.

The choice essentially boils down to, gigantamaxing and abilities. Both Pokemon serve very similar purposes in battle, with similar stat distributions. The difference in abilities though, lies with how a sandstorm is activated. Both Pokemon have abilities that start a sandstorm, but for Sandaconda, you have to take damage before it starts. With Hippowdon, it just starts when you send out the Pokemon. BUT Sandaconda?s gigantamax form gives it a bit of an edge, and I?ve got to give it up for the new Gen 8 mon. I definitely think it deserves the best ground type spot. Rock: Despite the release of a brand new rock/fire type with a gigantamax form in Coalossal, I?ve got to give the best rock type to Tyranitar. The disparity in base stats is pretty glaring, with Tyranitar at 600 to Coalossal?s 510. The ability Sand Stream is also probably better than any of Coalossal?s abilities, so to me, it?s a no-brainer to go with the classic Tyranitar.

Bug: Finding a solid primary bug type can seem like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes, but in this generation, that?s not the case. Accelgor, Shuckle, Vikavolt, and Orbeetle were all candidates for the best bug type. Accelgor because of its insane speed stat, and unburden ability. Shuckle because of its polarizing defensive stats and stalling tactics. Vikavolt for its bulkiness and massive special attack stat. And Orbeetle because of its decent stats, and the fact that it has a gigantamax form. I?m actually going to give it to Accelgor, because it has pretty good special attack, and there?s almost no way you?re going to outspeed it.

Although it might not have great defensive stats, Accelgor is gonna deal tons of damage fast, and I feel like that?s what most people are looking for in a Pokemon. This was probably one of the closest calls though, so any of these bug types will serve you well. Ghost: I?m so happy about the best ghost type Pokemon, because it just so happens to also be one of my favorites. Gengar?s new Gigantamax form takes it above and beyond any other primary Ghost type this generation. Gengar has always been one of the best ghost types out there, with extremely solid special attack and speed stats, as well as a great move pool to take advantage of both ghost and poison type stab moves. But the fact that it can gigantamax gives it so much more to work with now. G-Max Terror is pretty great, and Gengar really outclasses any other primary ghost type if you ask me. Steel: The best steel type essentially comes to a choice between two new Pokemon: Duraludon and Copperajah.

Both Pokemon can Gigantamax, and their stat totals are within about 25 of each other, so the only thing majorly separating the two is their abilities. I?m definitely gonna go with Duraludon because of the ability Stalwart. The ability ignores the effects of other Pokemon?s abilities. So if you?re going up against a Pokemon with Intimidate. Boom! Doesn?t have to deal with it! Duraludon also has the dragon secondary typing, which reduces its weaknesses, while also adding some strengths to other types with Stab. Although its design isn?t exactly my favorite, I have to admit, it?s a great battling Pokemon. Fire: I hate to admit it, but Charizard is the best fire type of Generation 8. Although it kinda gets wrecked by rock types, so does the second in line, Centiskorch. Both Pokemon have gigantimxas forms, but Charizard has higher base stats, a better move pool, and honestly a better ability if you can get one with Solar Power.

I?ve never been a huge Charizard person myself, but I do think it?s the best fire type of Sword and Shield. Water: When it came to picking the best water type, I had to choose between Lapras and Wishiwashi. Lapras has an insane gigantimax form that brings a whole new take to the already amazing tank. But Wishiwashi?s Schooling form just absolutely obliterates all other water types. With a 620 base stat total, it?s completely unmatched even compared to gigantimax forms. The only issue would be getting it to low health, when it becomes pretty much useless. But with massive defense and special defense stats, it?s going to be pretty hard to whittle Wishiwashi down. I?ve been a huge fan of this Pokemon since its release last generation, and I?m so happy to have it back.

Grass: For the best grass type, I?m going to go with Ferrothorn. With all the new grass types added this generation, none of them really stuck out with a great stat total, amazing new type combination or anything. Even though I love the Applin line, it?s not really the greatest when it comes to battles. It has tons of weaknesses, including a X4 weakness to ice. Ferrothorn on the other hand is only weak to fire, and even if it is a X4 weakness, it gets the job done. It?s a great stalling Pokemon with leech seed, spikes, and stealth rocks. And the ability Iron Barbs will chip away with any physical attackers.

Ferrothorn has always been a great grass type, and I see no reason not to use it in Gen 8. Electric: There weren?t a ton of electric types this generation, so it was really easy for me to pick Toxtricity as the best. It was really between this new Pokemon and Rotom, and what sold Toxtricity for me is its ability. To go along with its punk rock theme, its signature ability, Punk Rock gives it a boost to moves that are sound based, while also reducing the damage you take from sound based moves. Moves like Boomburst, and Overdrive deal tons more damage, and it kind of invalidates other Pokemon trying to use the same moves. The only downside to Toxtricity is its X4 weakness to ground, but giving it an air balloon will fix that right up for you.

Psychic: For Psychic types, I?ve got to give it up to Hatterene. Or however you pronounce it. It may not be the fastest Pokemon out there, but it?s got a great overall stat total, as well as a gigantimax form. The secondary fairy typing also helps, along with its hidden ability, Magic Bounce. I don?t have a whole lot to say about this Pokemon, since I haven?t really used it that much, but it definitely stands alone as the best psychic type.

Ice: If you?re looking for a fast, physical sweeper, look no further than Galarian Darmanitan. If you get one in Zen Mode, it will max out its attack and speed stats to 160 and 135 respectively. If that wasn?t enough, Darmanitan picks back up its fire typing in its Zen Mode. And even though it gives the Pokemon a X4 weakness to rock, being able to counter steel types is a huge plus. What more do I need to say about this Pokemon? I think it?s pretty clear it?s great. Dragon: I don?t think anyone will argue against Dragapult being the best Dragon type of Sword and Shield.

It?s a pseudo-legendary, which means its stats are going to be great. It?s got the ghost secondary typing to add to its uniqueness, and it has some great moves to go along with it. You can make Dragapult a mixed attacker because of its stat spread, meaning you can run moves like sucker punch and dragon pulse on the same Pokemon. You also have several great abilities to choose from like Infiltrator, Clear Body and Cursed Body. Honestly, it?s an all around great Pokemon, and I expect to see it on just about every team I go up against. Dark: Despite Sword and Shield introducing the amazing Pokemon Grimmsnarl, I think Hydreigon is still the best dark type. It?s still got 600 base stats, it?s still got an awesome move pool with choices from dark pulse to Draco Meteor. And to top it all off, it?s got levitate, so it?ll work great in double battles if you want to use earthquake. The only downside to having Hydreigon is the X4 weakness to Fairy, but that leads in perfectly to our final type of this video. Fairy: If you saw the best fighting type, you?ll probably have no shock to hear that Zacian is most definitely the best fairy type.

It has basically the same set up as Zamazenta. 720 base stats in its crowned sword form, a move that absolutely wrecks dynamax Pokemon, and Fairy type is honestly pretty OP in the latest generations. I don?t think I really have to explain more about why Zacian is the best fairy type, so? Roll the outro! That?s it for my list. Thank you so much for watching this video, and be sure to leave a like and subscribe with notifications on so you never miss a video.

Of course, your list of best Pokemon might be different than mine, so feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think are the best. If you haven?t already, be sure to follow me on twitter where I post a lot about my channel and my own Pokemon journeys. Thanks again for watching, and I?ll see you with another video..

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