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Bulbasaur, Squirtle, & Legendaries Found in Pokemon Sword and Shield


What’S going on boys and girls, what’s up we’re all the Austin John plays here and today we’re gon na be taking a look at some information that has unofficially come out about pokemon, sword and shield. You can be the absolute master at avoiding spoilers and leaks, but I guarantee you have heard the controversy that Bulbasaur and squirtle are not in the Gaillard X, which is confirmed pretty much at this point not officially confirmed, but, like many many many sources have all said, The exact same thing, however, with a new date of mine, there has been some information that has come out that has start made us start to question. That right here is a data mine that just happened as far as all the sprites and pokemon sword and shield you’re going to notice a lot of gaps here.

That’S because I painstakingly went through this and made sure to remove any images of any Pokemon that have not been officially announced by the Pokemon company. So you can watch this and you will learn no new information or a regard to new Pokemon. Then you have seen in official trailers moving forward. First, and most important thing to note is this is in pokedex order and we see Bulbasaur here, and you may be thinking yourself why the heck is Bulbasaur here in the Pokedex leaks, there is no Bulbasaur, we have Charmander, and then we also have squirtle in here. Now it gets a little bit more interesting than that we’re gon na come back to that inside of here. We can also find the swords of justice rush Ram zekrom.

What’S his name, I always forget his name: kirim and caroms fused forms and Keldeo. In addition to that, back in the first gen area, we can see em you who you’ve already had confirmed for the game, but we also have Mewtwo, and all of these Pokemon are not in the gallery Dex. In addition down here, we have Lunalla Solgalleo nebby nebby. Second form dawn wings and decimating the crows man edition original nuke Rosa marsh shadow, the punchy boy melton Mel metal. Obviously this is gon na raise some questions and concerns. Here’S one of my theories: the Gaillard X, we’ve seen the last Pokemon listed there being number 400. We haven’t seen anything after that.

That makes sense, because that’s how the Pokedex works. So before you see number 400. The last Pokemon in your pokedex is the last number that you’ve seen right say, for example, you’re playing Gen 1 you’ve only seen Charmander squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pikachu neared pokedex only goes to number 25 you’re, not gon na see number 150 being muted. So my theory is after the 400 there are more Pokemon. There are more Pokemon in the game. We have Bulbasaur squirtle, the dawn wings dust mane. We have the kiram, we have the forms we have, the swords of Justice, they’re programmed to be in the game, but they’re going to be behind an event. We’Ve already heard about the first event for Giganta max was it Butterfree, which makes a lot of sense. I for one I’m a huge fan of that. I actually made a video. I ended up, not releasing it.

The video was called why mythical Pokemon suck and it was basically going over how they can take Pokemon and make it into the model of a live game or a continuously updated game which, having these events, as opposed to just you, know what they did in Sunday. Move which is like Oh catch pokemon to earn special points, and then you get rare, candies and extra master balls. Instead, there’s specific Pokemon locked behind that and that’s fantastic. In addition, what that means is when Pokemon home comes out, you will be able to transfer your Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur squirtle Wartortle Blastoise into this game. Also from this we’ve learned that this game officially supports the Hat Pikachu’s the special promotion during officer, sun, ultra moon, sun and moon, and we could see a lull in forms of Diglett, Dugtrio, Meowth, Vulpix and nine-tails Raichu, which is great.

So this means that all of your lowland Pokemon from Sun, Moon or Sun, altra, moon and Pokemon go can be transferred into sword and shield after the Pokemon home update do keep until Pokemon home is officially released. If you see anyone within a lowland, Raichu, there’s probably a good chance attacked and if you see someone with a venusaur and a Blastoise and mu2, then yeah it’s probably hacked. We do have confirmation that this game is going to support the pokeball Plus and you will be able to transfer mule. So if you were like me and accidentally bought a second pokeball plus you’re gon na be able to redeem you fairly early in the game and have me with you throughout the entire adventure, which is the first time in a real mainline, RPG Pokemon game. You can start with Moo and he’ll, be with you the entire way. Isn’T that right, buddy?

Are you dead? He died, he’s dead, that’s fine! Normally it makes you sounds. I have a feeling that, after the game launches, they are going to be addressing these things at these Pokemon are going to be in the game or able to be transferred over things like that, and this is this – is such a relief also from all the people Who have had the game early and played the game early? I don’t think they have found Charmander, Charmeleon Charizard and all the leaks that I’ve seen and all the streamed gameplays. By the way. Yesterday Sunday, there were so many leaked stream gameplays that it was ridiculous and shoutouts you spoiler free fam, but yeah. That’S nuts, alright, guys! I’M wrapping this up for all the non spoilery people out there remain unspoiled. I’M gon na do my best to help you out there guys, if you haven’t done so, be sure to leave a like on the video if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications until next time, Austin John out

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