Cooking CHARIZARD-CLASS Curry in Pokemon Sword and Shield


What the are you I spent so many hours destroying its ecosystem, getting berries from every tree, so I can make this goddamn meal. I probably wasted hundreds of berries and thousands of my dollars trying to make this and all I’ve got in this wall batted and mil. Sorry after trying and horribly failing, I’m being a Pokemon, Gordon runs a. I finally found a combination that worked. Here’S how I do believe you need about three gym badges to actually do list, but once you do have that use the air taxi and jump to Route. Six clear taxis to drop you right beside this bitch cam over here, so just go ahead and trespass into her camp hit why to take out boy and click.

The second button to start your cooking on this point on, I had no idea what the I was doing. So I just added a complete clusterfuck of absolutely everything I could think of until my cutting board is full here’s the full list of what I dumped in a pot, I decided to put the berry recipe in the exact order. I put everything inside in case for some dumb reason that actually matters. This is something to keep track of, because the girl in camp has added four Chesto berries and two possum berries into the pot time for my unholy concoction of ingredients: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], I’m still 100 % sure on called his heart Hardest done by trying to wait until the circle has almost reached in a green circle before throwing it in what the okay. You know what this is my first dish of Charizard, I’m gon na find a cheapest goddamn way to do this. I’M not gon na stop until all my pokemon has died from forced feeding into obesity. Alright, thanks again for watching your fat