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DUSK FORM LYCANROC MOVESET GUIDE! How to use Lycanroc! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys You got pokeaim here with another pokemon sword and shield moveset video guide on how to use dust form Lycanroc This is actually my favorite form of Lycanroc, Not only do I think it is the best competitively but it also got some really nice buffs this generation. if you guys are If this is your first video of mine, feel free to subscribe, I upload a lot of Pokemon moveset video guides when the DLCs or new gens drop.

I also upload Wi-Fi battles featuring the Pokemon as well as showdown lives where I feature the Pokemon. So if you like any of that stuff, feel free to subscribe and I apologize about my voice, but I was doing a 12 hour stream and I kind of lost it a little bit but this is just my morning voice anyway. But let’s talk a little bit about Lycanroc because like I said, it did get a buff this generation. Not only does it have a great speed tier, But because it now has close combat, its able to absolutely nuke a lot of steel types. Close combat is amazing because it lets it 2HKO Ferrothorn with ease This is also just a great and spammable move because it’s boosted by its tough claws ability, which makes contact moves 1.3 times more powerful. It’s really nice as just an accurate move after you go for Something like Rotom is 2HKOd by close combat.

Whereas you don’t have to risk missing your STAB stone edge A few other things on this set, because this is a life orb four attacks set, Stone Edge and close combat of course are gonna be your main moves and then you can either run crunch or psychic fangs. Crunch is nice because it allows you to deal with aegislash as well as netting a 2HKO on Slowbro, which is pretty big, being tough claws boosted, being able to deal with physically defensive slowbro. and then psychic fangs is a nice one because it allows you to deal with defensive Kommo-o, It allows you to 2HKO toxapex. So you have your slashed moves right here. I mean drill run is also an option of course, though on the four attacks just set itself, without swords dance, I really like Close combat more than moves like drill run just because it’s it’s a lot more spammable in my opinion. And then as your last moves you either have the priority sucker punch or the priority Accelerock. Accelerock will help you Deal with pokémon like Volcarona. It’s also just strong and it’s a priority move so you don’t have to worry about your opponent going for an attack for where a sucker punch obviously you have to worry about them going for an attack versus you, but it’s great vs Pokemon like dragapult, which are faster then you.

You can knock them out with tough claws boosted Sucker Punch and it’s also good for picking off like, a weakened zeraora, or a weakened cinderace, although accelerock obviously has that super effective damage versus Cinderace. But the cool thing about Lycanroc is it’s so strong, So you definitely pair 4 attacks or any version of Lycanroc on either offensive teams that function with dual screens, Sticky web, maybe spikes. I think spikes are great When paired with Lycanroc, even though everything runs heavy duty boots and there’s so much defog around there. But it’s really cool for Lycanroc. The next set we have is a Swords Dance Lycanroc set and Swords Dance Lycanroc is nice because it allows Lycanroc to boost past a lot of physical walls that can’t otherwise be dealt With.You knock out toxapex with +2 drill run especially because a lot of them are running more Specially defensive sets right now because Dracovish is gone, and then we now have Volcarona, Alakazam, Magearna in the tier, so it’s really in the favor of Lycanroc but of course Even if they are fully physically defensive, +2 life orb drill run allows you to do 97% minimum to physically defense of toxapex, so just to keep that in mind.

Close combat is a slash though with drill run, close combat is still great for Ferrothorn like I mentioned before, It’s an accurate move that does not miss so unless they go to a ghost type, it’s guarenteed damage. So it really is up to preference for you when it comes to Lycanroc right here Close comment also allows you to hit Urshifu, the single strike one, for a super effective damage, and again, it’s still good because although obviously drill run hits Aegislash, Magearna, and Toxapex, close combat on offensive Magearna is a OHKO at +2 anyway, and If it’s max HP, you’re still doing massive damage with +2 close combats. So you have to pick your poison right there, and the last move is either crunch or psychic fangs. You can also slash Accelerock or Sucker Punch and we’ll go into that in a second, But crunch allows you to deal with again aegislash, Of course if you opted to go close combat, crunch is a little bit better In that case, because you want to be able to KO aegislash, and also dealing with physically defensive slowbro Which is a Pokemon that is running around right now, Especially because cinderace is still wild.

But then psychic fangs will give you that coverage, If you opted for close combat, you can go psychic fangs giving you that nice strong move versus Kommo-o and Toxapex, while also breaking through dual screens if that’s something you are worried about. Another option like I mentioned is either acellerock or sucker punch as a last move on this thing. obviously, you know, If you’re plus +2, you don’t want them going into their cinderace and revenge killing you, or dragapult and knocking you out, because they are faster than you. So accelerock or Sucker Punch can be an option right now.

My favorite thing though about Lycanroc is that While it doesn’t get very many opportunities to set up Swords Dance because it is relatively frail with base 75 HP and base 65 defenses It’s just so good at just clicking buttons, and it has that pressure, which is what I really like about it. And the last set we have is a choice band Lycanroc set and this is just the strongest of all. Obviously doesn’t have to worry about boosting and has immediate strength on it. It’s stronger then Life Orb. So stone edge, close combat, and crunch I think are a given.

You need close combat on the choice band set because you definitely want to be able to 2HKO pokemon like magearna naturally without having to Predict or even set up. And it’s so great vs Ferrothorn. It’s a solid 2HKO on Defensive Rotom wash, and in general It’s super strong in the current metagame. It gives you a nice and neutral move vs pokemon like Conkeldur which might try and come in on a stone edge that you want to do and it’s so good for Pokemon like Hydreigon as well and it’s it’s really really really strong versus even defensive kommo-o takes a ton of damage from a choice band close combat, and then I think crunch is almost necessary on this set because since you’re locked into close combat, I think you definitely want something that can deal with those Aegislash and Slowbro running around, plus the plethora of ghost types in the tier especially because even alolan-marowak is running around right now, It’s very very common because it’s very very good.

So having that accurate move versus it as opposed to going for stone edge and missing and getting blown away by poltergeist Really does help out this Pokemon Another big thing about close combat is It’s a super effective move versus Pokemon like kyurems, So you can able to do that when you outspeed them or whatnot. Now your last move: Accelerock or Sucker Punch I think that being locked into choice band Sucker Punch kind of sucks when it comes to Lycanroc, But it is an option. It is the back slash of it just because being able to knock out dragapult and just in general being strong because of its ability and its high base attack. It really does out Lycanrock, but accelerock I think is a given because Volcarona is now allowed in the tier So just being able to click one move, it doesn’t matter if volcarona sets up to +6, having that priority accelerock being able to knock them out and it’s just really really strong cuz the tough claws really do help it out.

So in terms of partners, like I said, if you want to run this on offense, Aurora Veil is great. So you can run something like alolan ninetails if you want to run it on screens, You can run dual screens grimmsnarl, Excadril is really good at keeping away hazards because of rapid spin as well as getting hazards up for Lycanroc. I think hawlucha pairs really well with this Pokemon too, because specifically if you’re running the drill run set or psychic fangs, Lycanroc can deal with toxapex pretty easily to an extent, as in toxapex doesn’t want to switch in I mentioned before, because Volcarona is around, because magearna is around, because Alakazam is around and it has access to nastyplot now, Toxapex are leaning more towards I would say specially defensive sets, or at least running some special defense.

Its a mix of it, because you also have your Urshifus that are coming at you with wicked blows all the time, So you definitely want a little bit of physical defense on toxapex, But I definitely think you want a little bit of special defense to just to be able to take on the plethora of new pokemon that we do have, but there are other options for Lycanroc that I didn’t really think needed a set but I talked about them before, like endeavor, taunt is Okay with accelerock and stealth rock, but I feel like when the whole point of this pokemon or the main reason for using this pokemon is the fact that it has strong tough claws boosted attacks and in a metagame where we have right now, which is considered a limited meta game, it’s better to have a pokemon that has 110 base speed, which is faster than so many mons in this generation then to use something that functions as an anti lead, right. I guess you could mention the same for excadrill, but at least in excadrill’s case it has a place on offensive squads.

But that is the the moveset video guide for today guys. I’ll try to have showdown live, I think I have one previously uploaded today if you guys want to go in and check that out and Yeah, maybe I’ll try and do a Wi-Fi battle later. So I will see you guys next time, leave a like if you did enjoy. Feel free to subscribe and do your thing ,and I believe that is it. Check out my Wi-Fi battles too- goodbye my friends. Subscribe!.

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