Dynamax Crystals, Version Exclusives, & Preorder Bonuses for Pokemon Sword & Shield


What’S going on boys and girls, what’s up we’re all the Austin John plays here and today we’re gon na be taking a look at pokemon sword and shield version exclusive pre-order bonuses and more part of that more is. We are giving away a copy of Pokemon sword and shield, and a Nintendo switch or $ 300 of eShop credit be sure to stay tuned in the end of the video for more info. When I covered Pokemon stuff, I should probably change the the thing back there from Zelda to Pokemon.

Today, the Pokemon company dropped a whole bunch of information on us as far as version exclusives pre-order bonuses and more for Pokemon sword and shield, and we’re gon na be talking about that now, because it’s kind of important should you buy sword or should you buy a Shield and in the past, it typically hasn’t mattered too much, especially when it comes to the more recent entries like Ultra Sun, altra moon, where the differences are very miniscule and thanks to the GTS version, exclusive Pokemon R is so easy to get one of the brand New differences that we’ve seen for version exclusives is version exclusive gems, which pokemon sword will be featuring.

A fighting gym and pokemon shield will be featuring a ghost type gem, which is super duper neat in pokemon, sun, moon outside ultra moon. We did have the totem pokemon that you can battle against and ultimately obtain them, and those were exclusive based on if you bought sun or moon. However, now the gym leaders are kind of following that same idea, except now it’s a whole, the Matic gym, which is pretty neat and kind of gives you an incentive to try out both games. In addition to that, we’ve received some information as far as the version exclusive pokemon already pokemon sword will have dno as well as changmo and their evolutionary lines. Pokemon shield will have larvae, tar and goomy.

I think it’s pretty neat they’re already telling us about the pseudo Legendary’s, not you goomy you’re, not as pseudo legendary, no you’re, not as we’ve seen before in pokemon sword. You’Re gon na be going against bae. The MMA fighter in pokemon shield, you’re gon na be going against the shy guy, who is the ghost type gym leader when we talk about the version exclusive type Pokemon things get weird here. As far as pre-ordering you can pre-order from the Pokemon Center and with Pokemon sword or shield, you can get a free key chain, plush of one of the three starters Buki Saba and the fire one. However, you can order the double pack which this is from Amazon Best Buy and Walmart, and if you get the double pack, it’s going to include a brand new item called a Dynomax crystal by using the Dynomax crystals received via the codes you’ll be able to face. Dynamaxx larvae, tar and Dynomax changmo in special max raid battles. These pokemon normally can’t be encountered until later in the game.

That’S pretty neat getting dragons pseudo legendaries early in the game, and you can raise them up throughout the game. Larva Tarr won’t appear in Pokemon sword and Jang. Moa won’t appear in Pokemon shield, their version exclusive, but you’ll be able to catch them in either version by using these Dynomax crystals. This is super neat in sword, yet we know and changmo in shield yell orbit arc and goomy. However, assuming you’re gon na get two of these crystals you’re gon na get a larva thar crystal and you get a Jango, Oh crystal. So if you buy both copies in the double pack, which I already pre-ordered on Amazon, because we’re probably not getting a steelbook, you can in Pokemon shield during your playthrough use the Jang mo crystal catch larva tar regularly, as well as goomy and in your pokemon sword.

Playthrough you’re going to be able to use the larvae thar crystal for the max raid battle and then also catch Dino and jiangbo during normal gameplay, which makes it sound like that the Dynomax crystals are going to make it. So you can summon Pokemon for specific max rate battles, which makes me wonder as far as how this is gon na work in the future. If they’re going to be releasing regular Dynomax crystals, if it’s going to be paid, DLC hope not. If it’s going to be something that you’re going to be able to get for completing certain things, maybe in the like, if they have like a like a battle tree sort of system or during normal gameplay, or if this is how you’re going to get the legendaries Or previous Legendary’s, oh there’s so many things that they could do with this they’re, getting rid of the first stigma, which is version exclusives granted. This is only if you have both copies and kind of defeats, the purpose of version exclusives in the first place.

We get big blown up images of our max rate battles and there’s some text down here that looks important to read. You need to reach the wild area in the game in order to use a Dynomax crystal. This occurs after about two hours of gameplay. Using the Dynomax crystal will make a special max raid battle available in your game. You’Ll be able to attempt these max raid battles as many times as it takes to win or until midnight on the day that the Dynomax crystal is used imported stuff. You can also use the code for each Dynomax crystal in one game and save data. You can’t receive the rewards more than once also imported stuff gifts may become unavailable after a certain amount of time has passed since the release of a sword and shield.

They usually do that usually like one year after or something like that. So this makes me think about the giant map that we have of the galore region. So you have your beginning area down here, where you start off your game most likely in this house, and this is where you’re gon na meet the professor. Get the Pokedex, get your starter and counter some basic early readout Pokemon make a way to the purple house. Over here right, then, you’re gon na get on the train, and the train is gon na. Take you through these mountains over here all the way up to this big old steam, punk City, assuming after you do something here. Maybe that’s where your first gym battle is or your second one you’re gon na, be able to leave and explore this area.

There’S also this one suspicious thing down here: maybe that’s a train station. We don’t know. This is the area that we saw during the e3 gameplay. Now we know that this is going to be approximately two hours into playing the game that you’re going to be able to explore the wild area. Something super important is when you are in the wild areas. There are much higher love Pokemon that are present there, as we saw in the e3 gameplay that when there’s a whole bunch of wild machop’s at what your current level is, there’s also going to be much higher level mature and evolved Pokemon. They most likely have a much less frequent chance to spawn and if you notice, they don’t appear in the grass you’re just kind of wandering around in the general area being easier to avoid or encounter depending on what you want to do now, it’s important to note That these crystals are only from purchasing the physical double pack. However, you can of course, download the games digitally from the eShop and you can totally use the game vouchers, so you save $ 20, so both games are $ 99.99, instead of them being 119 $ 19.98.

But here’s a cool thing receive a code for 12 quick balls as the early purchase special bonus for the downloadable version. For a limited time, players of the downloadable version can receive a present of 12 quick balls. If you download the downloadable version from the eShop by January 15th, you can receive a code that will allow you to get 12 quick balls. So if you download it from the eShop and you do not get the physical copy, you get a code for 12, quick balls, which is pretty cool. I mean it’s a great ball to start the game off with most of the early encounter route Pokemon. If you use a quick ball on them, they have an extremely high chance to be caught code distribution period november 15th.

So when the game releases for two months later till January 15th, after the Christmas period, the code is valid through 2020 November 30th. Alright neat: that’s probably when the next games come out, two codes for twelve quick balls each will be given to those who purchased the download card version of the double pack two codes for twelve quick balls. Each will be given to those who purchased the download card version of the double pack, so this may be something that’s in retail stores, a physical card with a code for you to download both copies of the game, and you get 12 quick balls. Each that’s neat, but you redeem the code once and you can never redeem for even a different save data on the same system, important for parents there. You can’t receive the rewards more than once got it so now, we’ve learned about the version exclusive Pokemon so far, which is just four of them.

The Dynomax crystals that you get for the double pack from the pre-order on Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart, which I believe you can still totally get on Amazon, no problem yeah! You can get on Amazon, it’s 1 1996. I already pre-ordered this you can get on Best. Buy for 3 cents more expensive for some reason: oh, if you’re a my Best, Buy member, you get $ 10 and rewards for getting the double pack neat, so you save $ 10 there and you get the crystals, that’s dope and remember Best Buy. In addition, Walmart always do price match, so you have your options: they’re really upset. It doesn’t come with a steelbook. It should come with a steelbook, so there’s incentives for pretty much every single way that you purchased the game, except for a single physical copy, a single digital copy. You get the quick balls, the double physical copies. You get the special crystals that let you get larvae.

Tar and Jango, oh so, yeah guys. I want to know what you think and I also want to know what do you feel about them? Bringing all of these incentives in for you to get the games and it’s no question that these games are $ 20 more expensive one hundred and fifty percent the price of the previous generation games all the way back from red and blue, so yeah, I think they’re. Just trying to give us more bang for their buck as long as the trees look better, I’m happy. I don’t care about not having all the pokemon in there. I want to experience new Pokemon.

I really do that’s that’s what I want and I can’t wait for these gigantic magazines to be confirmed of us getting all the new Pokemon and we’re gon na be talking about Giganta maxing in another video, but guys leave a comment down below on what you feel About this also reminder, we are doing the giveaway for copy of sword and shield and a Nintendo switch over 300 hours of eShop credit but yeah be sure to check the link down below in order to enter for a copy of that and a switch until next Time,