Eternatus Exposed! The 3rd Legendary in Pokemon Sword and Shield aka Space Chicken


Hear me out … Space Chicken … is a threat. [ intro plays ] [ X-files theme plays ], you may say to yourself Austin. I don’t know what the space chicken is. In fact. I’Ve no idea who you are. I just clicked on this video because the the thumbnail looked very clickbait in something like I wanted to watch on my lunch break, listen pokemon, sword and shield comes out in two weeks two weeks.

We know nothing more about this than we did back in February. I have a feeling this is very important, very, very important space chicken which, as you can see it’s clearly like a chicken from outer space. There has been no one talking about space, chicken and official trailer. We don’t have a trailer hinting at it all. We know right now – that’s been officially acknowledged by the Pokemon company is that this is just a hill, but I believe [ Lavender Town Theme ], it’s so much more than that. Now I have compiled various leaks, various theories, most of all my own theories and I’ve combed through every single piece of evidence. As far as that – and I have some really solid things believe that he space chicken is a major plot point and a threat to us all. This entire video is speculation just for the record, but gon na be good. Speculation.

First thing to talk about is Ben Affleck right here. The original Affleck leak we’ve all seen this picture of very disgruntled Ben Affleck, but earnest is the evil legendary. This is confirmed by everything else. Everything on here has been so accurate and every single thing that pops up is there to the point that, for me to deny that at earnest is the evil. Legendary would be dumb. You could quote me: the turnus is evil a generic. According to Ben Affleck, my original video, I stated that it’s a very large structure, put into the side of a mountain with this large squiggly doodad, these electric boys and these little fellas down here, and that this represents an evil pokmon at earnest. As I will be calling him on occasion, but in our hearts, his the space chicken Murch now available, AustinJohnplays .com at earnest is directly related to dynamaxing.

I don’t know how I don’t know. If he’s the source of the energy, my money is gon na be on. He was the first ever Pokemon to Dynomax and/or Giganta, max it’s evil. It’S a dark-type pokmon. It has a large structure kind of looks like a chicken. I’M gon na put my money on Dark Dragon. This is a Dark Dragon. To date, we’ve only had four Pokemon who are dark: dragon Gus, lured from ultra space and the Dino line, so hi dragon doesn’t matter. Dark Dragon at earnest is very, very old at earnest is one thousand three thousand years old and I believe still that it was involved in the great war, the kalos war that you saw in Pokemon X & Y, the flabebe taken 3,000 years to come down from Heaven that war he was involved in.

I still believe in that now, let’s talk about his involvement with the game throughout your experience, you’re going to learn about this, it’s folklore, it’s a tale! It’S something that people tell their kids! Oh, if you don’t eat your vegetables space, chicken is gon na come for you, you hear about it. It’S ingrained in the culture heck, there’s a giant mountain of it. You can’t ignore it. 3/4 of the way through the game is gon na, be the first time you’re gon na encounter space chicken and the second time you’re gon na encounter space.

Chicken is gon na, be toward the end of the game. The specific roles and people that are involved in space chicken going from just being a mountain to an evil Pokemon I’m unclear on there’s one theory that I see I feel like. There’S going to be an evil organization. You have the Chairman, the Chairman’s a patsy you have Leon Leon’s, just he’s the poster child. He has nothing to do with this right. The Secretary of the guy, who runs the Pokemon League. What’S her name Elena, this one right here. Why are we hearing about the secretary like what game have you been like? Oh, this is the head of a CEO giant company and there’s a secretary who’s named and has nothing to do with something bad look at her she’s bad person. She has bad stuff. How are you the vice president of the company and you’re, the secretary like never on a resume? Have you seen?

I was a secretary at the same time, the vice president. I feel like there’s a group of people that we don’t know of. Yet it’s not team. Yell there they’re literally tools. I don’t know if Marnie’s involved, I don’t think she’s involved. I know that Elaine is involved and Elena is working with a group of people and those people for their own personal reasons want to reawaken at earnest. There are exact motives, I’m unclear of right now. I’Ve had some people say that Marnie is secretly royalty. I’Ve heard some people say that they’re, a group of archaeologists or historians – and I feel like the game, is gon na drive. You that chairman Rose has like secrets and stuff because he’s a chairman of a giant company he’s gon na be he’s. Gon na appear like he has big secrets in regard to this, but it’s not it’s her. She teams up with the bad people they resurrect at earnest and you’re, going to go head to head with a Ternes who’s gon na Dynomax or Giganta max one of the two during this battle, you’re not gon na be able to defeat it.

I don’t know if you’re gon na bring us health down and then you throw a Pokeball at it and then it breaks out of the poke ball and it flees at that point that there has to be a plot shift Elena or the bad people they realize. Of oh, we shouldn’t have done this because it’s super powerful and we immediately regret these decisions, like the regular trope Omega Ruby office, a fire, oh no, the entire world’s gon na flood. This is bad. We should stop this and then, after that point in the game. 3/4 of the way, through you’re, going to realize that you need the help of the dago’s.

Now the dog goes if you’re in playing Pokemon sword, you have sword dog, oh, if you have playing Pokemon shield, you have shield dog out now those dog O’s they’re in charge of teaming up with you and their own Giganta max slash, Dynomax forms and they are Going to be able to help you as the trainer defeat at earnest, that’s gon na take place toward the end, think of in ultra Sun and Moon you’re, climbing up that final area right before the Elite. Four, you just seem to crows my chillin there, that’s gon na be that sort of feeling, but it Ternes is a lot worse and that earnest is just pure evil. You’Re gon na go into a battle with the Dynomax thing: you’re gon na defeat it and then you’re, probably gon na catch it. I don’t know: there’s gon na be a point in the game that it’s gon na become super powerful and I feel like the dogs are going to be able to counteract it.

There’S there’s an overwhelming feel of darkness, but not black darkness, like Pokemon darkness, which is like purple, also all the gigantic Max and Dynomax Pokemon notice how they’re purple it’s gon na be purple. It’S gon na have like this purple aura around it and it spreads out evilness, think of Paper, Mario thousand-year door right and sword dog. Oh he’s gon na be total badass he’s gon na cut through that darkness and shield dog. Oh, I don’t know she’s gon na shield, you from the darkness, you’re gon na, be able to to defeat or capture or tame or something with the Ternes space chicken. Let’S talk about my depiction of what space chicken looks like I’ve come up with a few ideas, and I’ve had this drawing made up by my illustrator. Thank you Eric space chicken, it’s gon na be mostly black red accents. Why does that red accents?

You ever see the curry poop around all the Giganta max Pokemon, this, the red curry poop. The Turnus is gon na have red accents on it. I don’t know specifically how chicken it’s going to be. Okay, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know if it’s gon na have a beak. I don’t know if it’s gon na have feathers or hands or something I feel like the spikes that we see on the mountain. These spikes right here in this super long antennae, tail, there’s gon na be like. I don’t know, extend out of the body and they’re gon na be like like like the suicune and tentacles, and it’s just gon na like entrap the Pokemon, and I don’t know it’s gon na make it look really awesome. I just think about, like mu-2 floating up in the air and how cool its tail looks when it’s just like floating behind it that times a lot more because it’s a lot cooler and more evil right sword, aww go and shield aw go the actual dog part Of them, the wolf part of them is organic. All of their accents. These big flails that come out the actual crown, the main the horns I feel like a Ternes, is going to retain some of those hard geometric shapes to it. It’S not gon na be like fluid. It’S gon na be sort of new crows man. I don’t know if it’s gon na be that geometric, but it’s gon na have these hard lines. That’S the art style, they’re gon na keep that for space chicken plus.

If we look here, that’s a hard line right there that’s a hard line, and even though yes, I know this is drawn into the side of a mountain. But like that’s a big soft line right there, there’s gon na be hard lines. It’S gon na be bipedal like Mewtwo and Blaziken. As far as what these little things are down here, I still don’t have a solid idea. I really don’t. I have like three theories, one it’s a basic form of it, but only a specific Pokemon Ken Giganta max into space chicken. My other theory is this is a depiction of the people that were killed by the space chickens attack many many years ago, possibly during the Great War or three. These are people that were worshipping it like a god, then it was used in the Great War. I’M really pushing on the Great War part. After all, that is said and done, there’s a lot of speculation, but there’s a few points that I’m very keen on one. It’S dark dark dragon. My money’s on Dark Dragon definitely dark, maybe a gigantic max as it becomes a dark dragon.

Something like that. Definitely gon na have a gigantic max. They learn that within a Crow’s MA get in the super mega ultra no crows man after being fused totally dope move. That’S what they’re gon na do, Plus before that, but they’ll make a Ruby alpha sapphire they had their fusions. The primal revisions, Rayquaza had its own primal revision mega and now that we see the champion and his Charizard getting a gigantic mechs form. This is definitely getting a gigantic ax form. The sword dog out shield dog, oh they’re, getting Giganta max forms, and that’s gon na be like this super big battle. I believe it’s known to the people, unlike a Z, as I don’t know his name, it’s never to actually set out loud, and I never watched the anime if they ever mentioned it they’re, like people, know about the war, there’s the giant gravesite, but no one knows About like, as in the flow at the flabb, this is going to be known to the people. They’Re gon na see this space chicken and they’re gon na be like that’s a reminder of what happened here many years ago, did having this huge gigantic max form, and that’s one of the reasons that Giganta maxing is so popular here in the in the the stadiums You’Re gon na run into it twice maybe three times, but I feel like there’s gon na be eight before the end of the game, three quarters of the way and then there’s to be a final point.

It’S gon na be awoken for a reason that I don’t know once it’s awoken. The people who awakened it are gon na immediately realize how evil it is and it needs to be stopped. That’S where you’re gon na have your dog I’ll help you the sword or the shield is gon na, have their own stick for how it’s able to defeat it but cut him through the darkness, shielding the darkness. Something like that. I’M really positive. On that point, I’m like Lu, Nala and so gay leo that, like Oh one’s, a bat and one’s a lion, they don’t really do anything different. What did they do? No seriously, what did they do like an ultra Sun and Moon? You travel through the ultra space riding on the back of one of them and it fuses with Nick Rose MA seriously. What was the point of them being different like? What did they even do? Oh, this is ultra honeymoon and, oh, oh, no sorry didn’t mean to click on that video.

You know what it’s fine, I don’t remember what they did in sunny moon, but an ultra sunny moon. They literally serve no purpose and now that they have full 1080p or 720p to really explore that full screen. I feel like there’s, definitely gon na, be like something unique to them. It has to be I’m very confident that at earnest is going to have the read at read something: maybe it’s just the curry poop, maybe it’s more red accents. Maybe it has so much more of those clouds around it. It’S definitely gon na have a purpleness to it, because it’s involved with all of the Dynomax in Giganta max Pokemon is definitely going to keep the hard line, drawing style of the legendaries. I really don’t know about the wiggly noodles.

I just thought it was cool. Like me, u2’s, Dale and suicune, I don’t. I love sweet Coon. Okay, don’t give me the ribbons, especially seeing him in Pokemon Stadium and in a poke and tournament. It just looks so cool. But that’s it that’s my findings on the space chicken and, if you believe in the space chicken – and you don’t think this is just a crazy crackpot theory, you can show your support for the space chicken at Austin. John plays comm, slash merch. The merch was born from your support on space chicken, so leave a comment down below about space chicken. If you knew the channel be sure to subscribe to our non notifications until next time.