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GALARIAN SLOWBRO MOVESET GUIDE! How to use SLOWBRO! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys you got pokeaim here and today I have a moveset video guide on how to Use Galarian-Slowbro. Now, if this is your first video on my channel or you’ve watched a few of my videos and haven’t subscribed, feel free to subscribe, I have a lot of Pokemon sword and shield content coming out, from moveset video guides, to showdown lives, to Wi-Fi battles. So definitely go ahead and subscribe. I apologize, by the way, I just got off like a 12 hour stream into a nap, So kind of still just waking up right here But Galarian-Slowbro is pretty cool because it is poison and psychic type, which gives it some really key resistances Poison and fairy are the big ones that come to mind because when I think of the OU tier, which is something I play, I see Pokemon like toxapex and clefable running around a lot and this Pokemon naturally resists and also hits them for super effective damage.

So the first set we have is choice specs Galarian-Slowbro We’re abusing that base 100 special attack stat, and if you guys didn’t know, Galarian-Slowbro does have a new ability called quick-draw, which is a 20% chance to move first in their speed bracket, basically, you have a chance to move before your opponent, even though you have base 30 speed. So let’s say they have dragapult out and I have Galarian-Slowbro out, if my quick-draw activates, I’ll move before them, and I’ll hit them with a psychic, unless I use something like Sucker Punch of course, which means Their priority would go before mine, but It’s really cool too because it gives a slow Pokemon a shot at beating a lot of Pokemon that could otherwise defeat it. And it also has a really really really cool move in shell sidearm, which we will be talking about in a sec.

But the choice specs set is the first one we’re talking about, This is again abusing that special attack stat that we have, psychic is our main STAB. it allows us to hit poison types like toxapex, and it’s neutral on Pokemon like dragapult. Hits them for a lot of damage Then we have flamethrower. Flamethrower is basically necessary for steel types who resist and are immune to your psychic and poison STAB moves respectively, Flamethrower allow you to nuke Ferrothorn. Then we have shell side arm So the way shell side arm works is, and here’s a quote from Serebii.net “the move inflicts physical or special damage, whichever will be more effective. This may also poison the target.”. So the way I see it, And I’ve been I’ve been using it on Wi-Fi and I also notice it has different animations depending on if it’s doing physical or special damage, but I believe it still uses your special attack. It’s kind of like It’s if your opponent has higher Special defense then defense, it will attack them on the physically defensive side with shell side arm.

It’s like how psyshock attacks your defense whereas psychic attacks your special defense, but this one is dependent on the one that is doing more damage to your opponent, so it’s a pretty cool signature move. Then we have a grass knot, or trick. Grass knot allows you to damage Pokemon and OHKO Pokemon like hippodown, and also do deal super effective damage to Tyranitar, which otherwise resists every single one of your other moves. we have enough speed on this pokemon to outspeed min speed hippodown, the rest was just pumped into max special attack and HP to better to come in on Pokemon like a clefable and toxapex.

We also naturally outspeed toxapex with this EV spread. The next set we have for Galarian Slowbro is an assault vest set. Now this Pokemon again has some great resistances, being able to resist fairy is a huge thing as well as poison, So using an assault vest you can easily come in on Pokemon like toxapex, You also absorb toxic spikes being a grounded poison type. You’re not a ground poison, but you are grounded poison type I want to clarify that because people keep thinking I’m saying Oh, that’s not a ground poison, its a psychic poison, no, it’s grounded it’s touching the floor, so I can absorb toxic spikes, which is really cool for a Galarian Slowbro Regenerator is a great ability because you’re switching back and forth and it’s allowing you to recover one third of your Maximum HP when you come back in so they do 25% to you, you switch out you come back in you’re back at full That’s just how it works. So the moveset we have right here is psychic flamethrower scald and sludge wave. So We also have whirlpool slashed with scald and I’ll be explaining that in a second So the first move is obviously psychic.

Psychic allows you to 2HKO toxapex It’s your main stab, does some decent damage to Pokemon like dragapult as well. And then we have flamethrower for what I mentioned before, you do not want to be walled by steel types like Corvinight and ferrothorn. So you do some nice damage to both of those, and then scald is the next move.

Scald allows you to do super effective damage to hippowdown as well as damaging pokémon like Tyranitar as well. It’s really cool because you have a 30% chance to burn your opponent So it’s a really really really nice move to have just to click, you know, it’s just kind of free, even if they switch out to Ferrothorn right on scald Yes, they’re resistant. But if you burn them, then Ferrothorn has basically been neutralized. And then whirlpool is slashed next to it. Now the way whirlpool works, is that if you land it on your opponent it traps them for a couple turns and the way some people might play around Slowbro Is that if they have ferrothorn out, and they expect you to go for a flamethrower, they might pivot out into Toxapex just to get a free switch into their Hydreigon or another dark type or something on the psychic, but if you go for a whirlpool as they switch in the toxapex, They’re stuck there for a couple turns and you can 2HKO them with psychic it also works the same way if they go from toxapex into Ferrothorn trying to pivot on the flamethrower into something else and You whirlpool ferrothorn Which is just came in, Ferrothorn has now become trapped and then you can hit them with flamethrower in the following turn, not having to worry about them switching out or anything like that.

So it is an alternative to using scald if you want that, and the last move is sludge wave. now with 124 special attack EV’s if you knock off a clefable, Which is something that is likely to happen with pokémon like Ferrothorn mandibuzz, and a whole bunch of other knockoff Pokemon running around, You can 2HKO max special defense max HP clefable with sludge wave. I opted for the more consistent damage because I think shell side arm is better on specs or like a life orb set, Then a non boosting one, so sludge wave Is stronger, a hundred percent accurate and it 2HKOs clefable if they’re at full HP, and they don’t have leftovers. The EV spread right here is again, 124 special attack to 2HKO clefable, we have the speed tier to outspeed hippodown which is something we’re going for, and is really nice if you are running these Scald, even psychic does a good chunk to physically defensive Hippodown, and the rest is put into HP and again You can just pivot into those clefables and you can pivot into those Toxapex’s a lot easier because of the assault vest and your regenerator.

Now next up, you have a nasty plot set. They did give Slowbro nasty plot this generation which just so cool, which is so cool. And I really like that because it allows it to– Previously only Slowking had nasty plot so slowbro didn’t, but this allows slowbro to really become a crazy Offensive sweeper, before it only had calm mind to boost in terms of special attacks. So nasty plot, psychic, flamethrower, and slack off is the move set. Psychic and flamethrower is really good coverage. I feel like you don’t need poison coverage on this one because you can Beat clefable anyway with nastyplot boosting your special attack to +2 and then going for psychic to deal with that mon. Now we do have either black sludge or quick claw. So let me explain this real quick. Black sludge Obviously is your you know, your your poison type leftovers it gives that recovery turn per turn. Allows longevity alongside slack off and recovers now quick claw Is a 20% chance to move first now, we don’t if this does not stack don’t use this Obviously, we’re still you know in the beginning of the DLC.

We’re not 100% sure on information We don’t know if quick claw and quick draw stack, right, but if they do That is effectively a 36 percent chance to move before your opponent This is a base 30 speed Pokemon with a 36 percent chance to move before your opponent. So that’s kind of the way, you know It’s probability works with those two stacked together, if that is the case Whoo, that’s kind of clean But that’d be pretty cool because imagine you go for nastyplot and then something like hi– Dragapult comes out and then your quick claw activates and you’re able to knock them out with +2 Psychic So that could be a pretty cool thing or your quick-draw activates on something else so if they do stack, again, it is a 30 speed 36 percent chance to move first if Because you have the quick-draw ability quick claw will never ever activate and well, I’ll test this, you know I’ll test this on and Wi-Fi battles.

I’ll test this in the game Just see how it works. And I would love if other people would test it, too And get back to me on this but you know 36 percent chance to move first is fire and then you have slack off again for that longevity, psychic and flame Just give you some nice coverage flamethrower line, you hit those steel tanks Which will otherwise wall you and I mean pretty simple EV spread We’re still running that speed benchmark in an attempt to outspeed Hippowdon as well as You know out speeding, I guess Min-Speed Conkeldurr, though a lot of them are running max speed so don’t bother with that but Minimum speed Conkeldurr hit ’em with a super effective move. And yeah The rest in HP. Now. This Pokémon does get calm mind, but I kind of feel like, you know being Being grounded and being weak to ground type attacks. I don’t think calm mind is worth it because here we go calm mind Pokemon if they’re not like fast like You know like Alakazam, though Alakazam does get nasty pot now Right, or they can’t do something like with their physical defense like a regular slowbro I will be making a guide on regular slowbro as well.

This is obviously Galarian slowbro They don’t really like calm mind too much because In this case this pokemon isn’t really taking hits too much and I don’t always want to depend on that 20% chance to move first So I don’t think that calm mind is actually necessary I think if you only use calm mind slowbro, you use regular calm mind slowbro, you know the Kantonian version not the Galarian inversion of this I feel like nastyplot is just a lot better, shout out to my boy Finchinator by the way for working with me on these sets I really do appreciate it.

And I actually did Wi-Fi battle earlier today on the channel You guys can go ahead and check that out of me showing off quick draw slow bro, and it was it was insane It was insane. You gotta watch the battle. You have to watch the battle. I’m telling you you have to watch the battle But yeah, nastyplot gives it a chance of sweeping and speaking of sweeping This pokemon still does have access to trick room and the way trick room works is slower pokemon move first under trick room so with that you can become a devastating sweeper, and I feel like I didn’t talk about it in the first set but trick is Slash with grass knot because it can give you a way of crippling pokémon like Chansey though You’ll be hitting them all in the physical defense anyways shell side arm.

I’m sorry that was on the first set, my bad Yeah, the final set we have is an offensive trick room set so we’re using quiet nature zero speed IV’s that way we can you know have the minimum speed possible that way under trick when we Can be extremely fast Max HP max special attack with a life orb and we do have the quick-draw ability because that way we have that 20% chance to move before our opponent outside of trick room so it’s pretty cool because you’ll move first under trick room because you’re a very slow pokemon, but you also have that chance to Before your opponent outside a trick room and hitting them hard with a life orb attack so the moveset we have is trick room, psychic, shell side arm because again, I do think shell sidearm is worth it when you have a boosting item just because it’s so powerful and you know Its effect are really cool, and then either flamethrower or focus blast as your last move flamethrower again gives you that way of hitting steel types Ferrothorn and Corviknight, but focus Blast It gives you that way of still hitting Ferrothorn But also hitting Pokemon that would otherwise wall your dual stab like Hydregion as well as Tyranitar So it really is up to you what you feel more comfortable with obviously focus blast can miss, too That’s why I kind of opted for flamethrower over fire blast there I think that flamethrower just does enough to a lot of Pokemon, but you know You guys can let me know this pokemon does have some other cool stats Obviously, it has base 100 attack and it does get access the belly drum as well as curse I didn’t really bother making those sets, but if you can get them to work, that is absolutely amazing Like I’m sure a curse slack offset can be pretty cool I’m sure belly drum under trick room could be really cool too or belly drum plus quick-draw if that’s possible that can also be Something that is really sick for Galarian Slowbro.

But yeah guys. Hope you all enjoyed I will be using this Pokemon at a later point Check out the Wi-Fi battle that I did earlier today and you know, subscribe you know subscribing, leaving a like, I’ll have another move set guide up tomorrow, and we’re also doing a Stream at twitch.tv/adrive for the next two days where a 100% of the profits are going towards games for love, which is a charity helping out kids in hospitals So you guys want to come through, pull up to the stream and I will see you guys next time. Goodbye my friends.

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