HOW TO CHANGE Pokemon NICKNAMES in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield


Welcome to the NintendoCade channel, I am Danny With the release of Pokmon Sword and Pokmon Shield for Nintendo Switch. It brings forth a new generation of Pokmon to battle and catch Like in the past titles. In the Pokmon series you can assign custom names or nicknames to each Pokemon, you catch, Although it may seem obvious to just change their nicknames after assigning them. It is not that straight forward, especially for new players, As you are watching, consider subscribing to NintendoCade for more helpful video like this coming.

Your way, Alright lets get right into it, Regardless of Pokmon, Sword or Pokmon Shield. You chose this will work the same way on both games. You need to access any Pokmon Center located throughout the various Galar Region, towns. They are easy, spotted by a Pok Ball on top of the structure. Once you enter move toward the left to a gentleman with a yellow tie, Speak to him by pressing the A button will bring out a menu Select Rate, a nickname then select which Pokmon you want to change or give a nickname to.

The gentleman will proceed to telling you his opinion on the current name and will suggest you give it something even better, Select, Yes and enter your new desired, nickname, Be aware that any traded Pokmon you obtained from other players that already has a nickname cannot be changed. The gentleman will only say that is a truly impeccable nickname, But any traded Pokmon that does not have any nickname assigned. Yet you can change them only once at the Pokmon Center. So there you guys have it. If you found this episode helpful, I would appreciate a thumbs up. Consider subscribing for more helpful videos like this coming your way, I am Danny from the NintendoCade channel until next time, thanks for watching