How to EASILY FARM DITTO in Pok?mon Sword/Shield? [TURN ON CC]


Make sure you have a “Wishing Piece” In settings, change your text speed to “Slow” and hit “Save” Then, use the “Wishing Piece” on the inactive Den 66 (see description for the location of Den 66) When you see the regular red beam of light, hit the home button immediately (before the “Now saving…” text finishes) and close the game to reset. Open up the game again, then reset again, until you see the purple beam of light. And catch your Ditto! You can see, our 4 star Ditto Max Raid has 3 perfect IVs. In my other Ditto, in a 5 star Max raid, they have 5 perfect IVs. Do not forget to save! This will happen if you just use a Wishing Piece and settle with the regular red beam of light. The resulting max raid will not be a Ditto! Thank you for watching!.

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