HOW TO GET Jynx in Pokémon Sword and Shield


To get jinx and pokemon sword and shield, you have to go to the crown tundra, which is a part of the pokemon sword and shield expansion pass. There are two locations where you can find jinx, which is in the slippery slope and in the frost point field. In all weather conditions, except rain, thunderstorm and sandstorm, you have a 10 chance of finding jinx in the overworld. Here’S the jinx, let’s encounter it and see if we can catch it, jinx may know the move mean look which means that it can prevent you from switching your pokemon out in battle.

I recommend you to use a ghost type to prevent this from happening. Jinx may also know the move, paris song, which means that it will faint after three turns to prevent this from happening. You can bring a pokemon with a move taunt after you have used taunt on the jinx. You can go for false swipe, which is a move that will leave the jinx with one hp and then we can use an ultra ball if it’s any time of day, and if it’s night you can try a dusk ball. Those are the most effective. If this video was helpful to you, you can give it a like, and if you want to see more pokemon videos from me, you can subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching

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