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Yo, what’s up guys Got Pokeaim here with a pokemon sword and shield guide on how to basically raise your favorite Pokemon to a level 100 Competitive pokemon in pokemon sword and shield that are battle-ready now This guide will basically be going over a method that involves – stay away from me zigzagoon – a method that involves Max raiding as well as the battle tower at the end So this will have required you to have beaten in the game, which I’m assuming you’d be doing if you’re playing through the story anyway So it’s actually pretty simple how this works.

So I’ll be going through it real quick. Basically. I caught a Pokemon in the In the wild area, alright and that Pokemon was a garbodor and I kept doing max raids Now the Garbodor is level 96. It was actually about 39 when I caught it and Basically what I did was throughout the use of Max raids as long as you keep playing them you end up getting Candies right for playing them you get the Candies, technical records, rare candies And I ended up getting a whole bunch of these experience candies XL, experience candies large So in order to get a Pokemon at level 100, it’s pretty easy play a whole bunch of Max raids And I was able to get this from level 39 to level 93 on stream Which was shown actually before and then I’m able to You know put a few more candies There you go.

My Garbodor is level 100 This only took about half an hour of max raiding or so, maybe a little bit less So my garbodor is now level 100 it has no EVs, no IVs. No nothing that really makes it bad already and I don’t even know what moves I want to use on this Pokemon what nature I want to use on this Pokemon How do I want to do this? So something to help you out is actually opening up and opening up the team builder and looking at garbodor So when you look at this you actually have garbodor in front of you and this will be linked down below you have garbodor in front of you with all its base stats and What would happen if you gave it EVs and IVs if you don’t understand what EVs and IVs are I have a guide to competitive Pokemon on my channel i’ll link that down below as well So you can kind of have a refresher on pokemon itself, but I’m gonna assume you know, either way this Pokemon right here as Base 95 attack and as you can tell that’s the highest number that it does have and I decided that I want to run this Pokemon as a Physical physically offensive Spiker what that means is I want this Pokemon to be able to do damage But I also wanted to lay up spikes maybe toxic spikes what you’ll be able to see on from its move list right here What you want it actually has like suggested moves and it even has usually useless moved so, like I said, I want my garbodor to be able to have spikes and toxic spikes And because I wanted to be offensive, I want to hit as hard as possible.

I’m gonna give it its best offensive poison move Which is gunk shot and then I want to be able to get on out of there to maybe prevent my opponent from doing something Like rapid spinning or defogging which would get rid of the hazards that I laid up I know some of this might not make sense but basically in order to Figure out how you want to EV train a Pokemon and how you want to make that Pokemon stronger You typically look at the stats and see. Okay. This is its best at this is what I want to do So the stats I’m going to be going for to match are 252 in attack 252 in speed and maybe 4 defense and like I said I want it to be an offensive nature and if you go through the nature’s here You actually can’t see them. It’s not dropping down But if I pick the adamant nature it says right there plus attack, minus special attack and this is something you can actually see in The game itself.

Currently, my garbodor is running and this is just from just being caught Check summary real quick My garbodor is hasty nature and hasty nature is plus speed – defense and you can see that right here whereas the red is speed It’s it’s bolded and the defense is blue Which means it’s minus 10% It’s plus 10% boost and minus 10 % but if you look at the Garbodor here Versus my Garbodor or they’re both level 100 The stats are completely different in fact the only thing that is the same on this garbodor is the SpDef, or the special defense and the attack as Well as yeah, that’s it. That’s basically it everything else is completely different From this you know what that means. That means that this garbodor has a great or the best possible HP IV Which is right here and the best possible special defense one But the rest of it is kind of lacking so we want to make this Pokemon battle ready Also one thing to note if you’re looking for how you can get TMS and TRS on Giving your Pokemon better moves.

Obviously. I want to give it spikes toxic spikes gunk shot and explosion, but if you look at my pokémon, Right here. It only has sludge bomb belch Gunk Shot and explosion. I actually have the Technical records for that and I’ll show you real quick so I’ll be giving it the same ones to match what I want And I have them right here they are definitely not in order though so I know that’s a little bit upsetting but I have Toxic spikes right here, which I won in a max raid versus a Roselia and I’ll be giving that toxic spikes And I’ll also be giving it spikes which I won in a max raid.

I believe versus a Sandaconda If you actually want to know where to get these technical records you can go to and – bounce back to the next song with of unlimited skips. Not bad, Spotify- Okay, you go to and he actually has a full list of everything and I’ll link that down below as well So you can figure out what moves you want to put on and how you can get those moves itself but as for now, like I said, I wanted to have Spikes toxic spikes Explosion and gunk shot explosion and gunk shot were actually learned via level up but my garbodor is now having the Now it has the exact same move set that I have on However, my nature is wrong I don’t have EVs And in fact, I don’t even like the ability that I have my garbodor has stench in the game But I want to have the weak armor ability And again, this is so great because Pokemon Showdown – actually you can even play on Pokemon Showdown but pokemon showdown shows you What the ability does as well and I actually want my Garbodor to have the weak armor ability that way when I get hit with An attack it raises my speed so that way I can go for explosion versus a Pokemon that otherwise get rid of my hazards whose our spikes and toxic spikes so Now what you’re gonna have to do is do something that is Basically you’re gonna have to go to the battle tower and I’ll show you exactly where that is.

We’re gonna fly there real quick And this is how you’re gonna get the competitive items that will help you make your garbodor better. So we’re gonna Fly right here to the battle tower. I were to do something called Called hyper training, but before we do that, I do have to- I can’t- I do have to get into the door But before I do that, I have to say that you have to beat this Seven times in a row Or, Well, we have to beat it seven times You have to beat Leon basically, at the battle tower That’s how you gonna get the IV checker and the IV checker basically shows you If you go to your Pokemon you press X and then you press R on this and you look at your Pokemon itself and You press Plus Now you see how it says the stats right here on the right.

But if I press plus it says best best best very good decent you typically want them all to be best and Best means that you have a thirty-one IV. I showed you that before the HP on my garbodor match the HP from Pokemon showdown I’m trying to make this as simplified as possible And obviously you kind of have to understand what EVs and IVs are they’re just what brings out the best stats in your Pokemon That’s it think of IVs as genetics From 0 to 31 and then EVs as extra things you can get and I’m trying to show you it without having to actually do EV training itself, which can be a bit of a chore but So what you want to do is you’re gonna want to go through here you’re gonna earn battle points those battle points are very important because these battle points are what’s gonna give you Enough points to be able to do things like change your nature for instance so I’m gonna go this lady I have battle points and I’m gonna buy the adamant mint the adamant mint is going to give my My Garbodor or the adamant Nature, it’s not she’s gonna give me the adamant nature.

I’ll still be hasty nature but it’s gonna give me properties of Adamant nature which means that I can possibly get the I can get the same attack stat- Same attack stat- as this garbodor right here as it does with adamant nature, so it doesn’t actually change the nature itself But it changes the properties of your of your mon itself. So I’ll go to it real quick and use the adamant mint and As you can see Adamant it is plus attack, minus special attack before we saw that my garbodor was plus speed minus defense Check summary Which we saw by the red and blue but now we see that the red my – I’m adamant.

Obviously, I have the I have the Effects of an adamant nature so I have the plus attack and minus special attack now you can tell that by the red and the blue But I am still indeed hasty nature. The mints are going to be your best friends in terms of changing your Favorite Pokemon right whether it be your starter Scorbunny, Sobble or Grookey or some Pokemon you just caught in a wild. This is very important know A few tips actually just a really quick tip if you want to get through the battle tower But you don’t have a good team talk to this guy right here, and you can rent his teams I got through to the master rank on that. We’re just renting his rain team and just using it It’s really really easy. You set up rain with pelipper. You go out to Seismitoad you just start hitting Pokemon That’s literally what you do So what you’re also gonna want to do is do something called hyper training, which you could only do in level 100 Which is why it was necessary to get yourself trained level 100 so we’re gonna talk to this guy right here and what hyper training allows you to do is With the bottle caps, whether it be golden bottle caps or regular bottle caps what you get from winning here Or you can buy as well You can buy them right here for 25 BP what bottle caps actually and the doing is they help you maximize a stat so those – those IVs that we saw before that said decent and Basically, the ones that weren’t best we want to change those all to best another thing We’re actually gonna do is buy the ability capsule, which is something we can do to change my garbodor Changed my Garbodor’s ability from Stench to weak armor because that’s something I want as well.

So I’m gonna use this ability capsule real quick This is all stuff that I’ve accumulated from battling here or online on the battle spot And as you see, Garbodor’s ability changed its ability’s now weak armor. So we’re getting closer to match The Garbodor that we have we have again just looking at it We have the HP. We have the special defense it says we have a best attack IV as well, but we don’t have 317 which you’ll see in a second so Again, I generally want to max out almost everything except for the stat that you’re not using So I’m going to go here and hyper train with what I’ve bought. So I’m going to go to the The garbodor you see right there says best best. Very good decent best best All I have to do is change the the defense from very good to best. So I’ll be using A bottle cap. I have ten of them and I’m going to be hyping up my defense stat and That’s gonna allow my garbodor to basically have the same exact defense.

Now look at the difference between then and now and Now it’s gonna have the one that matches my That matches my Garbage that we have on pokemon showdown in terms of the defense stat So just look at the defense that you see right there. It says 200 defense and I have 200 defense Without any EVs. So if you look at this without any EV’s, which we’re about to get into I am matching this thing completely Right. I have 301 HP 248 attack The special tax isn’t matter cuz we’re not using it 200 special defense 200 defense and 186 speed So this is currently matching what I’m trying to do completely now The last part is going to be EV training and well there’s a little little part after that now this is pretty easy again, you can use battle points to buy vitamins to EV train easily You don’t actually have to go out there and EV train yourself by battling pokémon Previously you kinda had to do that, vitamins had a cap, but in this game you can buy vitamins They don’t have a limit and you can use 26 vitamins 26 vitamins in Two stats and that will max out a stat.

So I’ll show you what I mean So we’re actually gonna fly because if you try and buy vitamins here for example like this Well, it’s not here that you buy vitamins it’s in the store I’ll show you real quick, but if you try and buy vitamins in this In this town, they rip you off then they rip you off. They’re like 10,000 bucks there They’re crazy. I just want to show you exactly what I’m talking about. So if you go to the town itself Sure, we’ll go here go to the town Itself and I’ll go to the Pokemon Center Talk to this guy over here Trying to buy some vitamins He’s selling me HP ups, and these are vitamins HP up protein iron calcium zinc and carbo’s for ten thousand each I’m not about to play 10,000 for in order to do once that it would cost me $260,000 forget that so I’m actually to show you where you can get the vitamins for cheaper using battle points But another thing I want to do is if you want to remember and move on to Pokemon if you’re trying to get a move That it might have learned by level up.

All you gotta do is talk to this guy. Click remember move click on the Garbodor and It show you all the moves that learned via level up So if I want any of these attacks, like toxic for instance or pain split I could add it to my garbodor Anyway, so we’re gonna fly to I believe hammerlocke is the name of the town that we’re going to fly here using the taxi Yep, hammerlocke we’re gonna find a hammer lock real quick And we’re gonna go inside the Pokemon Center here I’m gonna talk to this lady from the battle tower and she’s gonna have a BP shop and you can buy the You can buy PP UPS, which is good for getting like the more pp on your moves.

You can buy rare candies and This is where the destiny knot is too if you like to breed, but you can buy all these for to BP So we’re going to do is we’re gonna buy this one It says when consumed it raises the speed base points of a single Pokemon because we want speed an attack again I’m showing you my garbodor. This is what this is the stats I want to match. I want max attack This is what we mean by max 252. I want max speed again. That’s 252 and I want 4 defense So by that nature I’ll be buying 26 Carbos Ooh, I might actually not be able to afford them right now, oh That’s not good all right, that’s fine I’ll show you it if I could afford them because I just did this before with two other pokemon and showed on a stream Alright.

So what we’re gonna do is just gonna maximize my- we’re gonna maximize my attack I’ll show you because I can’t afford them I could play some games in the battle tower real quick to get them but It costs 26 to afford them, we are gonna buy 26 Twenty six proteins. This is attack stat that I can’t afford the entire thing. I should have actually checked before We go to the bag we’re gonna use all 26 on garbodor And if we look at my Garbodor’s attack stat now It has a 317 Attack stat, which what do you know matches the exact same thing now, obviously if I had more points I would put 252 in here and then I use one extra iron to boost the defense Which is something I can do, but I just do not have enough points right now But that’s kind of how you get your mon to be the best It can be and competitive now There is another thing you kind of have to know Because obviously this is a Pokemon I caught in the wild so it had no training or anything.

I didn’t use it But if you use the Pokemon in-game, it’s gonna have EV’s right to match like specific things. So I’ll show you real quick Where is my cinderace– so this is my starter cinderrace as you can see This is its HP and all that stuff. Everything is odd. I would have to get it to level 100 but If you look at it It’s gonna have EVs in everything right, so if you actually just check the summary of cinderace real quick My stats are just all over the place so one thing you can do to actually lower your EVs is to use the EV reducing Berries if you want to Get everything to zero you can and you can kind of match that up on looking on pokemon shut down But you would use the EV-reducing berries and those are like Qualot for example It lowers the stats and these can be found in the wild area by shaking trees all the time so Well, you can find them by shaking trees Yeah, you’d use Pomeg for that, Kelpsy for attack, special defense Grepa.

Yeah, there’s Hondew obviously so you’d use that to lower your Pokemon to the base that it could If you don’t know your EV spread and you can just use vitamins to train them up. But yeah, that’s a pretty basic Well, that’s a pretty fast rather explanation of it Obviously I didn’t go in depth on what EV’s were or IVs where I have a competitive Guide on the channel to competitive Pokemon to kind of explain that but I also have resources on that guide that you can click on Down below, but yeah, I’ll be talking about breeding as well, which is another thing you can do to get competitive Pokemon this is just one of the ways you can do it with your current Pokemon without having to change like What basically having to breed another mon or do anything different.This did not involve breeding also my character I know he looks really weird.

I did this on purpose because I wanna Wi-Fi battle people I want people to be like what the hell is this dude doing? But yeah, hope you guys all enjoyed stay tuned if you need help with figuring out sets on your Pokemon I’m doing guides on my channel for all the new Pokemon as well as showing them off in Wi-Fi Battles and Pokemon showdown lives and Pokemon Showdown was the site I showed you where you can actually Play with the team’s you’ve built immediately. You don’t even have to do the EV training in the game itself as you can see Right here. I can if I want to watch an OU game right Which is current gen 8 you would see the Pokemon right here and you can actually watch them battle and just by a click by Using your mouse or if you don’t even know how to build a team, but you want to figure it out You could play random battles and they would be pre generated teams I’m just showing you guys that, Thank you everybody for watching and hopefully it helps somebody out.

I’ll see you guys next time. Goodbye my friends.

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