How to Unlock the IV Checker in Pok?mon Sword & Shield! (Guide & Walkthrough)


[, Music ]. There are a lot of tools for competitive players in pokemon, sword and shield, but many of them aren’t available until you finish the main game. That’S when the battle tower becomes unlocked, which is where battle points can be spent for items like the mints that change a pokemons nature or bottle caps for super training, but there’s one other key tool: that’s not readily available in the game, the IV checker and that’s Because it needs to be unlocked, it’s a pretty simple affair, though all you need to do is compete in the battle tower until you’re challenged by Leone defeating him will not only increase your rank.

The pokeball tear but unlock the judge function for the PC boxes and from there all that needs done is a press of the plus button to look through your Pokemon and see a judgment of their IVs. With this, you can create a solid team, that’s sure, to help you in online battles thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe, the GameXplain for more on pokmon and other things. Gaming,