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How to use ALCREMIE! GIGANTAMAX Alcremie Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys Got PokeAim here with the moveset video guide for Pokemon Sword and Shield and this time we’re gonna be featuring out Alcreamie Now Alcreamie is a pure fairy type and it has an excellent base 110 Special Attacks stat and a great base 121 Special Defense stat a pretty good Speed here at base 64 and you might be laughing at what I just said but that’s a good Speed tier because it’s faster than Pokemon like bulky Pokemon right.

Hippowdown, Conkeldurr if the running mid Speed Even Clefable if it ends up running mid speed at any given point in this generation so I actually really like that speed tier for a defensive Fairy type and It also has access to moves like Calm Mind and Recover, so Recover Specifically is pretty cool because that sets it apart from a pokemon like a Hatterene for instance, which is the Psychic and Fairy type. So So it has two abilities First one is Sweet Veil and it means that this pokemon and its allies cannot fall asleep So by means of Yawn, Spore or anything like that and it has Aroma Veil, which I think is a little bit better But it protects you from Attract, Disable, Encore, he’ll block Taunt and Torment I think Taunt and Encore are the really big ones that make it better for Singles.

So the first time we’re talking about is my personal favorite set for Alcreamie and it’s gotten many sweeps for me and that’s Physical Defensive Calm Mind, Recover with either Dazzling Gleam or Draining Kiss now Dazzling Gleam obviously is the stronger Fairy type attack. Unfortunately, it does not get Moonblast at this current point in time Hopefully later it does but you use Draining Kiss because Draining Kiss while it is weaker. It does recover 75% of the damage dealt and because you’re repeatedly booting uh boosting your special attack by using Calm Mind It’s a lot easier for you to recover there in turn now the third move you have is Mystical Fire And this is really REALLY good because it allows it to hit Steel types, which otherwise obviously they resist the Dazzling Gleam or the Draining Kiss and then recover is your final move Now this set runs max HP max Defense Of course, because you are already boosting your Special Defense while you are going for Calm Mind And even then Mystical Fire also makes your opponents Special Attack lower So it’s a lot better than I think running Specially Defensive on a Calm Mind set But Physically Defensive Alcreamie that’s pretty cool Every team is weak to Dark types of your team is weak to Fighting types If you just need a Physical wall or sponge in the tier Maybe if you’re playing like in UU for instance, this will help you deal with Bewear this will help you deal with potentially Kommo-o all this unit hits from Boltund and if need be Just a few Pokemon like that, of course in terms of teammates while it does have Mystical Fire I do still want to be careful about Pokemon like assault vest Copperajah which are running around one thing to note though that if you G-Max Alcreamie because all these sets they can either be just a regular Alcreamie where they can be G-Max Alcreamie.

Is that your uh your move when you turn into the cake G-max Finale Does actually heal you 1/6 to match your max HP while you’re attacking with a Fairy time attack. So either that’s really cool. It’s not only strong but also Being able to heal you in a turn is incredible especially in a Pokemon, that’s so tough to take down I want to compare this Pokemon to Reuniclus obviously Reuniclus is a little bit better because of magic guard so it doesn’t go down to poison It doesn’t go down and status and things like that because it doesn’t care about them do the Magic Guard or hazards But I mean in a meta game where very few Pokemon actually have Toxic Alcreamie is still super solid especially for dealing with those Fighting and Dark types The second set we have is taking advantage of its base 110 Special Attack stat that again that decent Speed tier that’s running a choice spec set Now this set for choice specs in particular can be ran.

I think you OU or in UU And I think you specifically came here and in the OU tier just because it’s a good check to Hydregon it’s a good check to Mandibuzz in the tier and Mystical Fire from a choice specs Alcreamie hits very hard on physical defensive Ferrothorn Energy Ball is good for Rotom and You are faster than Defensive Rotom and then you have Psychic and Psychic allows you to deal with toxapex So it has a really good like mix of moves right here to be able to hit very relevant threats Another cool thing obviously mystical fire helps with Aegislash still running Aroma Veil and the Evs for this one are just max Special Attack Modest nature want to have the strongest damage output Where as the rest is going into Speed and the reason the rest is going out Speed is because you out speed Max speed adamant Conkeldurr or Jolly.

You also out Speed Defensive Rotom you’re faster than Offensive Modest Clefable. So it’s really cool because I mean obviously that’s like a Pokemon I think you have to face competition with in terms of an offensive life orb user and of course Clefable won’t be taking damage from Life work due to its magic guards So obviously the choice specs user you want to be able to at least compete or have a niché over something like that I think the big thing is that Speed tier Though of course with – if it was running Timid its faster and you can also run timid – I thought I’d start – just for the damage output and again that Energy Ball being able to hit Rotom is is a big thing while also still being able to deal with pex and Pokemon along that side now the next thing we have is a life orb set and this is taking advantage of the Recover that we already knew that Alcreamie can use and also again It’s good move full Dazzling Gleam Mystical Fire Recover and Psychic I think you desperately need a run Psychic on this poison types like Galarian Weezing in the UU tier or of course Toxapex in the OU tier will otherwise shrug off your hits though.

If it is a physically offensive Weezing. It does not appreciate a Mystical Fire at all Don’t get me wrong. It definitely doesn’t appreciate a Mystical Fire at all but Recover allows you longevity where as life orb is boosting your power at the cost of some of your life and this pokemon can deal with Pokémon like Umbreon Avalugg stall cores things like that, obviously I’d run something with this that can deal with something like people Pyukumuku if you’re if you’re running into stall so Definitely either a strong grass type or a decent Electric type or even something like Obstagoon for instance Which doesn’t care about status due to its Guts and can Knock it off and go Facades from there So those are all definitely valid options but again Just maximize your Special Attack max Speed if you want to use in OU can still do the exact same thing Just with the freedom to actually mix up moves and of course if you Dynamax or G-max your Alcreamie Alcreamie and you go for Psychic you can get the Max Mind stuff So you get the Psychic Terrain on your side, boosting your Psychic Max Flare, of course We’ll be setting up a Sun which can make your attacks stronger I’m pokémon like Ferrothorn and Aegislash or just steel types in general and then you can use the G-Max Finale and heal yourself while doing damage this Pokemon becoming that cake also just looks hella cool I don’t know which Alcreamie Yeah, let me know which Alcreamie I like down below not has nothing to do a competitive.

But which one y’all like in terms of the colors? I? Saw I think a rainbow one. I don’t know if that was fake or not, but It look pretty cool next that we have is using it as a cleric for the team and by that basically a lot of Pokemon right now lack Heal Bell and there are very Few it was like other there’s anything that exists right now heal about besides What’s being released on Pokemon home? I could be wrong. Don’t quote me on that and very few Pokemon actually have access to aromatherapy I mean, I know a lot of guys gets that pretty sure Eldegoss still has it a few others Maybe Roserade still gets it to just a few so a cleric is something that a lot of defensive teams don’t have and Obviously Alcreamie being that Fairy type having those very key resistant Dark and fighting it has more resist But those very key resistant Dark and Fighting can make it have a place on A more defensive or stall oriented teams or even just be its own cleric as it’s a set up sweeper So again, we’re running physically defensive because for the most part this Pokemon has great Special Defense You don’t need to run especially Defensive though.

The next set will be Specially Defensive. We’ll talk about in a second, but you can use this as a makeshift for Reuniclus as well and what I mean by that is You can use Dazzling Geam Recover and Aromatherapy I think those aren’t given Aromatherapy obviously heals you and your teammates from status. So it’s very important Toxic Spikes Toxic Will-o-wisp Thunder Wave Things like that. I Do think that obviously a status your team. This can basically be a cleric and that’s Pokemon that just heals you and your your team mates So Aromatherapy provides that support the obviously Dazzling Gleam and I think recover are a given you want your stab move You want your longevity and recover and leftovers last move Can be either Calm Mind if you want to run a mono Attacking dazzling gleam set, Now if you are running a mono attacking Dazzling Gleam set You need to have your support in order to deal with those Steel types heavy support in order to deal with those Poison types so stack up all your Psychic types and Indeedee could work with it or use Pokemon like Obstagoon which can weaken steel type anyway by knocking them off or close combating them What a Guts boost a close combat fighting types like Kommo-o are good partners, too and they also appreciate you know, you having a Pokemon that can take a hit from Kommo-o and also shrugs off moves like Sludge Bomb as well Where as Alcreamie I just because of its Bulletproof and Alcreamie can just tank hits to up coming out of Kommo-o So again, the the Fairy type attacks for the most part Alcreamie can tank Coming out of Kommo-o, but you can also use Mystical Fire if you just want to use it without Calm mind You don’t need it you set up you can Dazzling Gleam, Aromatherapy Mystical Fire Recover and Mystical Fire obviously means you Require less support for Steel types because you can actually damage them for a little bit of damage again Or do a little bit damage on them.

And again, that’s up to you. If you want to run it as a physical defensive cleric sweeper or Just as a support Pokemon for the team last set we have is special defense Alcreamie and I can this is something I think That can be used in lower tiers If you need a special wall, and I think it also really depends on the metagame But one thing that’s running around right now is throat spray. Kommo-o This is something they can check that especially if you Gigantamax and you just have that max HP max Special Defense with a Calm Nature for Defense and this just allows you to take those special hits better. You have Dazzling Gleam Aromatherapy so you can still be a cleric for the team while being a Specially Defensive wall Recover for that longevity alongside your leftovers and then Mystical Fire giving you the option to hit these Steel types So again this depends on your team If you need a Special wall That is a fairy type that can deal with something like Kommo-o and it can deal with Kommo-o a little bit better or way better than Umbreon can Just because Umbreon is typically like the special wall.

It’s not like Pyukumuku for like bulkier base builds Where as Umbreon is still good partner because it deals with something like Gengar decently. Well, so they pair really well together obviously Alcreamie takes on the fighting types and The dark types, I things like that where as well, Umbreon doesn’t care about dark types, but Umbreon can help a deal with the you know, The Gengar in the tier and I can also Alcreamie takes gets rid of Kommo-o for Umbreon So they pair really well together in terms of breaking this Pokemon is relatively slow So I already mentioned Gengar is a pretty decent answer to it. It doesn’t really have to fear anything besides Psychic from a spec set. However, if your outcome is already boosted +2 and you Gigantamax you can beat it 1v1 Definitely beat it wouldn’t be 1 But lower tiers Band Bewear if it’s running speed does two-hit K.O physically defensive Alcreamie with double edge..

So be careful from that And Copperajah if it’s running assult vest. It doesn’t really care much about the Moves, watch out for Heavy Slam But yep, I think that’s all I have for you guys today with Alcreamie. I’ll be showing this thing off later in a showdown live. So thank everyone for watching Hope you guys all enjoy it or learn something. Feel free to leave a like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time Goodbye, my friends You.

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