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How to use APPLETUN! GIGANTAMAX Appletun Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys you got Pokeaim here what’s another Pokemon sword and shield moveset video guide and this one was highly requested I get asked every day how to use Appletun now. Appletun is a Grass-dragon much like mega Sceptile and its really really bulky because of its base 110 HP and respectable base 80 defenses Now the cool thing about this Pokemon in the current metagame is that there are a lot of water pokemon running around Barraskewda, Rotom wash seismitoad, so Appletun can actually have a purpose in OU or at least the current metagame in checking those also being a very solid check to pokémon like excadrill being able to shrug off earthquakes even boost it and even if it Dynamax is can take like +2 attacks from a Dynamax excadrill, so the first thing we have is a physically defensive appletun set and the idea behind this is to wall the Pokemon I just mentioned as well as have reliable recovery in leech seed and recover and basically not go down its STAB and Signature move apple acid is really cool because not only is it a Respectable 80 base power but it also has 100% chance to lower the targets special defense by one So even special walls can find themselves losing to Appletun From the defensive side just because of Apple acid Lowering its special defense and as reliable recovery in that recover as well as leech seed to be annoying I’ve actually used Appletun not even special defensive but physically defensive to deal with Pokemon like aegislash via Leech seed and recover and the fact that aegislash is faster.

Actually even hit them harder With a move like apples to apple acid despite their resistances to it and then we have dragon pulse I think Dragon Pulse is nice I’ve seen some people use Draco meteor on defensive But I don’t see the reason to lower my special attack on a wall And basically lower its capabilities of checking even Pokemon like Dragapult. So I think dragon pulse is fine Especially if you Dynamax you still will be able to knock out dragapult if possible We have thick fat to basically help with that ice type weakness. So It goes from being four times weak to Two times weak if I’m not mistaken since it halves the damage And and this is really cool too because I’ve actually seen and shoutout to mr. Jamvad for this Hopefully he allows me to use his clip but I saw like an Appletun take on like a boosted Darmanitan if I’m not mistaken just after it Dynamaxed, so that was really really cool.

But again using a physically defensive set to be able to check the common threats in the metagame The next set we have is a substitute leech seed set. And even though Appletun is very slow because it is a very thick Pokemon This can allow it to basically abuse the recovery from leech seed as well as Giga Drain so again it’s still physically defensive that way it can deal with the aforementioned threats from the first set and We just have Giga Drain over apple acid mainly because all the recovery we can get the better The last move is a toss up. You can run protect you can run dragon pulse You can run body press and body press is really cool because it goes based on Appleton’s defense Which is 284 instead of its attacks that so even if you’re using like a special attacking mon It doesn’t take the Attack stat into calculation.

So Body, press would be like coming off of its 284 defense not saying body press is 284 based power it’s not but yeah, it comes off of that defensive stat so protect as an option as well for getting recovery and Extra recovery as well, obviously with this type of set though you want to be able to deal with Ferrothorn? Otherwise it basically walls you Magic guard clefable will also wall you and like a sub bulk up Corviknight You definitely want teammates that can deal with those pokemon in general if you’re using Appletun I think you want a Pokemon that can deal with Corviknight So like Rotom wash appletun is pretty cool next to each other also wrote them straight up resisting ice as well Is really nice fairy types work – I like sylveon for which support and Also for the immunity to dragon that appletun is weak to but yeah protect dragon pulse body press are all Fine moves on the last one. Body Press is cool for hitting Ferrothorn in itself Though you all are not going to be recovering because you can be taking the iron Barbs while doing so Now the next one takes advantage of Appletun’s ripen ability If you guys didn’t know the way ripen works is it doubles the effects of berries? So for example a citrus berry recovers 1/4 your maximum HP, so but basically It it does double that so it does half of your HP You basically get a half heal by using recycle + Sitrus berry So that’s the idea behind this.

We have recycle apple acid leech seed and body press now Body press can still be and it’s still physically defensive again. We keep going back to that We’re not running special defensive just because we want Appleton to be able to deal with, you know, Barraskewda with seismitoad with Rotom with Pokemon running around Rotom and stuff So you don’t necessarily need special defense to do it Rotom since you naturally you four times resists, like both of rotom’s stab moves both volt switch and hydro pump do not do anything to you But the last move can be body press and body press will allow you to 1v1 Ferrothorn And as long as ferrohorn doesn’t have knock off It can’t beat you and the reason I mention that is because if you knock off a Berry You can’t actually recycle so if an opponent knocks off a Berry You cannot recycle it.

At least that’s how it was in the previous generation so Apple acid again lowering that special defense and being that stab move leech seed for recovery and Basically using the ripen to To have that heal while attacking in the same turn. Yeah, whereas the difference to me in the other sets We have recover in the other sets for reliable recovery, but this one lets us recover while attacking at the same time so body press dragon pulse, dragon pulse is still a good option for obviously the dragon types Hydreigon which isn’t running like a Dragon move for the most part sometimes if you run life orb Draco meteor But a lot of the sets are running like a sub nastyplot dark pulse and flash cannon set So dragon pulse can be a cool way of hitting them for to a KO Whereas body press is still good still super effective But allows you to deal with Ferrothorn without it straight up wall than you obviously though You’re still gonna want to have options for Corviknight.

That’s a big thing when using appletun in my opinion and I Suppose another option is potentially using like a yache berry or a Pataya berry on a different set I’ll talk a little bit more about offensive potential set in a second But you could use ripen to abuse the fact that if you have a yache berry and it gets double effective [stutters] it’s no longer like super effective verses you man. The damage is no longer super effective It’s crazy. So that’s an option There’s a whole lot of things that this Pokemon can use with recycle and if you do that Maybe you could use like a recycle recover set without using leech seed on appletun and just using it as that to to check a whole lot of favorite Pokemon like even a dragon resist berry [haban berry] it could be pretty cool for checking dragapult special dragon pool better and the last set we have well the last set that I’m gonna talk about that’s actually a set and then I’ll mention a few other things is The curse set now appletun does have access to curse and being that it’s special defense is the same stat as its defense This can be pretty cool, especially when You take into account body press so the set is curse recover body press and seed bomb of course body Press can be changed for earthquake.

Earthquake will give you a better move versus aegislash Whereas body press gives you a better move versus both Ferrothorn and potentially Corviknigjt especially if Corviknight’s not bulk up, you know You’re boosting your defense. So your your body press keeps Getting stronger, but it’s the idea behind this is that you’re using it as a curse sweeper I Do think that this set is probably one of the worst ones that it can use just because you have to worry about so many things status being crippled by like Basically status right burn poison. Those are big but making it special defensive you can even tank hits from like you take on aegislash better like a special defensive or special offensive aegislash better and That’s why potentially if you don’t want to use body press you can use earthquake next to it I got curse obviously boosting your attack and defense and lowering your speed at the same time Leftover for recovery thick fat for that added bulk and then recover to make sure that we can get 50% back So the last option is and I’m not actually gonna make a set on it I’m just going to talk a little bit about it But this pokemon does have base 100 special attack Which is pretty respectable and it has strong moves like Draco meteor, in it’s Arsenal So I did see some people running like defensive with Draco meteor again I’m not the biggest fan of that.

I think dragon pulse is fine I’d rather have reliable consistent damage as much as I’d love to drop a Draco But specially offensive set could be cool with like max HP max special attack maybe recover and they can use something like Apple acid Draco meteor and then either body press leech seed or earthquake as your other moves This pokemon also has pretty cool moves in general like on its physical side It has options such as superpower as options such as such a sucker punch So even on the curse set, I guess if you wanted to run like curse three attacks and like an offensive curse three attacks set Keep in mind though It only has base 85 attack like something with sucker punch to hit Dragapult and faster Pokemon can be pretty cool Oh, so obviously when you Dynamax that becomes max darkness So it gives you a nice move versus Aegislash. Yeah, overall. I do enjoy appletun a lot Oh, it’s let’s giving right. It’s that’s giving today.

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving That’s that’s the whole reason why I wanted to do apples in today because it’s its its food and you know if you’re in America We have a holiday called Thanksgiving and I was gonna say like a really grim stuff about the holiday, but you know We’re eating food today with our families for the most part that may be good that may be bad either way I hope you enjoy it Sometimes being with family isn’t always the best I’m lucky enough to have a good family though, but it’s that’s besides the point So yeah, use like an offensive set like that, too I just want to mention that but again big things to remember flying resist so steel types are really good with this Rotom is a really good answer with it because it’s nice resist as well as a pokemon that can deal with the Flying type attacks coming out at Appletun steel types are really good for being dragon resist fairy types Like sylveon can provide which support and also being dragon resist for it and I think toxapex is a really really really good support Mon not only because they deal with each other’s weaknesses for the most part as In like appleton takes the electric type attacks in the toxapex whereas Toxapex takes the poison and and the toxic aimed at appletun but also providing toxic spikes can be really good with like A leech seed support set whether it be sub seed or a recover leech seed set Yeah, that’s all I have for you guys today thinker and for watching I’ll have a video up later today of me using this Pokemon in a showdown live Wi-Fi battles starting very very soon I’m actually starting to stack up on them because I want to be able to it you guys hard with them But I, you know, basically upload like three times a day on YouTube without YouTube not showing out a notification And then I also want to be able to do stuff back on my patreon as well Thank you so much to those on patreon that have been incredibly patient with me, especially when I was at the 252 hour stream Yeah, feel free to follow me on Twitch and Twitter cuz I’ll be live sometime Even during Thanksgiving probably when I come back home at night and maybe yeah, actually when I come back home at night So I’ll see you guys next time.

Thank you ever for watching. This has been a long outro. Goodbye my friends .

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