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How to use BOLTUND! Boltund Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


yo what’s up guys got Pokeaim here with another pokemon sword and shield moveset video guide on how to use Boltund, now Boltund is a pure electric type dog pokemon with the great speed stat at base 121, two decent abilities in strong jaw as well as competitive. Though competitive is not released so we won’t be talking about that right here and it doesn’t really have the special attack moveset to use that and it has decent attack at base 90. so I think the big thing like I mentioned is this Pokemon is fast it’s actually faster than Pokemon that are relevant in the uu tier such as Inteleon, Gengar, so being faster than those is really really nice especially when you threaten them with super effective moves strong jaw is really cool because it gives basically all its bite base moves a x1.5 times power increase so moves like thunder fang and fire Fang crunch and psychic fangs, it has so many cool moves that can abuse with this and it actually just has some great coverage because the moves are actually a lot stronger than what you would think so the first set we’re gonna be talking about is the choice band Boltund set and this is going to be using the fact that being faster than those mons and having that good physical move pull allows us to actually have some decent coverage so these sets are gonna have thunder fang and fire fang, I think those are a given thunder fang is your stab move, it is stronger than wild charge if I’m not mistaken with the strong jaw boost if I am mistaken then I shouldn’t be here but I’m pretty sure I’m not mistaken and fire Fang is good for the grass types that do resist the electric type attacks as well as pretty cool for some steel types too like steelix in the UU tier but being able to hit Pokemon like Eldegoss as well and just doing some damage, it’s just incredibly strong.

We do have Play Rough or psychic things as the third move. I think that psychic things is just really useful, being able to knock out Kommo-o but you can do as well the same thing with play rough and play rough will guarantee knock-out Kommo-o even if it’s like a max HP variant it also is a 2-hit KO on physically defensive appletun which is why it’s like an option over psychic fangs there with stealth Rocks its a guaranteed 2-hit KO on a max defense appletun and obviously just having those strong attacks. a big thing about Boltund is being able to use dynamax moves as long as they’re still allowed, allows it just hit a lot harder and setting up either the Sun for fire fang in the following turns and the electric terrain for Thunder fang making it that much stronger but play rough is definitely an option for those dragon types in the tier. flygon is also down there, same thing as goodra, an noivern, so that they’re all legitimate options.

The last option or the last move that we have is crunch I think that crunch should always stay just as an option for hitting Pokemon like mew so it does beautiful damage to mew but also it’s a good neutral move it doesn’t miss, can lower defenses, but I think the big thing is obviously psychic fangs doesn’t miss either but the big thing is that you’re able to get that super effective damage on Pokemon like mew, also Runerigus I believe that’s the evolution of the galarian yanmask, well I believe that’s how you say the name anyway.

I know it’s the evolution to galarian yanmask, but giving you a strong hit versus that, a strong hit versus Reuniclus, really really nice coming from this Pokemon with its already strong jaw and choice band boosts. Another option by the way I think that crunch should always stay like I said especially because there are ground types in the tier that will be trying to wall you like gastrodon and crunch if it’s not physically defensive is a 2-hit KO but and even it is physically offensive, again having that chance to lower their defense with crunch can turn a 3-hit KO into a 2-hit KO because of that you know if you get that drop but another option is potentially volt switch even though we are choice band sometimes in order to deal with potential Pokemon we want to get on out of there, get some chip on them and then switch out into a different Pokemon in order to let that thing do some damage.

I personally think that all four should be physical attacks but volt switch is an option just for momentum especially because the Pokemon is incredibly fast but I again I personally believe that you should run Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Crunch always and then your last move should either be psychic fangs or play rough or I mean if you want to use something as a more of a support move that isn’t necessarily for this Pokemon to do work but something else you can use potentially, Nuzzle, to paralyze your opponent.

Now the next set we have is a life orb Boltund and it’s basically very similar to the choice band set but you’re able to mix up moves so we have thunder fang and fire Fang they’re always a given and then next move is either crunch or psychic fangs. Thunder Fang into psychic fangs does knock out offensive Kommo-o. Same thing with fire Fang into Psychic fangs again crunch is there for the Rune as well as bulky psychics in general, mew, and I already mentioned like Reuniclus as well and then we have Volt Switch for momentum and this is a little bit better at running moves like volt switch because it already has the ability to switch up moves anyway without the need of Dynamaxing due to it’s running a life orb and not a choice item so a volt switch isn’t too bad on this and you might want to run something with like spike support as well.

Some good Spikers in the UU Tier would include pokémon like garbodor, cloyster is also an option as a Spiker teammate, also Cloyster can shrug off like ground type attacks aimed at Boltund. This pokemon being an electric type, it only has one weakness but of course they’re not gonna make the electric types anything crazy when they only have one weakness so 60 base defenses and 69 HP isn’t the best in terms of taking an attack, but volt switch is really nice just for getting in potentially stronger Pokemon on Mons that might want to deal with this like for example maybe an Appletun because you don’t have ice Fang, might want to come in and if you’re not running Play Rough you’re not gonna be able to deal with it but being able to volt switch out into like a Dynamax Charizard for example and hit them with the max airstream could be a pretty cool type of teammate but yeah Volt Switch giving you that momentum potentially and crunch and psychic fangs is there depending on the terrain.

You could potentially run I think psychic fangs moreso on this one just because Kommo-o is something that could be a little bit annoying whereas mew you can release volt switch on but you can have the argument for both of them that you can do the exact same thing just depends on your teammates. The last set we have is using Bulk Up which is in this pokemon’s arsenal. it’s an attempt to raise its attack to be that much stronger and the cool thing about this is you can run a life orb as well so you’re able to still switch up moves but also you end up stronger than what the choice band would’ve done, but bulk up, fire Fang, thunder fang, and psychic fangs.

I think psychic fangs is 100% necessary on this one if you’re gonna go for a sweeper Boltund, you want to be able to hit Kommo-o right I think Kommo-o is a given and also obviously after a bulk up and psychic fangs is gonna hit incredibly hard on everything anyway as a neutral move, and just being able to still hit Gengar and knock them out, break through screens is really nice too, it’s just a good neutral move I believe, especially when boosted. In terms of checks and counters bulky ground types like physically defense Gastrodon is a pretty solid check same thing with physically defensive Appletun can be an answer honestly anything faster I think the big thing this pokemon has to deal with is the fact that it really hates taking hits that’s like I mean it’s a strong Pokemon well it’s a fast Pokemon it’s not necessary strong if it was like base 100 base 110 and be a lot better but it’s a fast pokemon it doesn’t really take hits despite having only one weakness so even like shrug-off hits like a Braviary’s Brave Bird for instance will be doing some damage and overall it’s just not that strong to so even like a Pokemon like Copperajah can at least take a neutral fire fang from a life orb set if they’re running like max HP variants as well so the bulky ground types are definitely something you want to worry about.

Certain grass-types, certain flying types can potentially work. I’ve also used Avalugg + Boltund and the reason I had a Avalugg is Avalugg provided rapid spin support with heavy duty boots but also could take the hits from Hippowdon coming out at Bolton in the midlower tier. I think that it’s a pretty decent Dynamaxer I really do think it’s a pretty decent Dynamaxer just because if it’s nice coverage in terms of move pool and though a lot of times you know you’ll miss out on that strong jaw boost on everything but dynamax only lasting three turns and being able to get up that electric terrain for bolts and being able to get up that terrain in general. Speaking of electric terrain, pincurchin is a decent teammate as well I actually have an OU team I haven’t used, I was debating using OU for this when I feature it but with pincurchin it’s pretty cool you can run like a cool little niche pincurchin Boltund hawlucha type of team and those are all mons that can benefit from that but basically you want Pokemon that can deal with the bulky grass types that can still take fire fangs and I think that another cool thing is if you’re using bulk up you can even run adamant.

Now the cool thing about adamant is you’re still faster than base 100s by a good chunk right, you hit 341 speed with adamant but if you want to do that I feel like you want to run sticky web that way Gengar, Inteleon are still outsped. the cool thing about sticky web in UU is it’s basically everywhere so you have a whole lot of options like Ribombee Araquanid, Shuckle as well assuming it still gets sticky web in this by I know I’ve used Ribombee and I’ve used Araquanid as potential options and in terms of breakers too for those bulky Pokemon that boltund can’t actually break through, obstagoon is a pretty cool teammate as well with the flame orb and that’s also another thing that takes advantage of potentially sticky web so they work really well together on the offensive side and also like if you’re lacking crunch in your moveset and you don’t want to worry about mew, Obstagoon is a Pokemon that can deal with that.

Orbettle is also another sticky Webber that can work with boltund on the more offensive things and like even like passimian with like some volt turn combination with volt switch plus u-turn from that can work so I mean that’s basically all I have to do, all I have to say, I think when it comes to this pokemon. Hits pretty hard, decently fast, it hits hard because of its strong jaw ability and whatever Item you’re running with it whether it be a life orb a choice band but yeah that’s all I have to say, I’ll be showing off this Pokemon later today in a showdown live thank you everybody for watching I will see you guys next time goodbye my frens

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