How to use CINDERACE! Cinderacel Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ????


Yo, what’s up guys you got Pokeaim here with another Pok?mon Sword and Shield moveset video guide on how to use Cinderace! Now, if you guys missed any of my previous ones, there’s a playlist down below. However, this in my opinion is the best starter coming out of Generation 8, with Rillaboom coming right behind it I’m talking about competitive-wise right, in terms of viability. I believe as well when this thing gets it’s hidden ability, Libero, which gives it STAB on every single attack it goes for, which is crazy right, when it goes for High Jump Kick it becomes a Fighting-type, when it goes for U-Turn it becomes a Bug-type, when it goes for Sucker Punch it becomes a Dark-type. It doesn’t have that yet. But when it has it, obviously it’s gonna be even better, but I still believe these sets will work They just get even better. Now. This Pok?mon has a few cool things going for it. Obviously, it has a great signature move in Pyro Ball, which is also great in terms of animation.

The animation is the cleanest in the game in my opinion. Pyro Ball, 120 base power 90% accurate, can burn your opponent as well. Good momentum moves in U-Turn, and it has a really cool other signature move in Court Change, and what Court Change does is, it basically shifts hazards. So let’s say I have Cinderace out, and my opponent has gone for Stealth Rock, Spikes and Toxic Spikes. So there are Stealth Rock, Spikes and Toxic Spikes on my side of the field, and on their side of the field I don’t have any of those hazards up.

If I go for court change I give them those hazards, right, it just switches them around. So, I think that’s such a cool unique thing about Cinderace – incredibly good obviously in a Pok?mon game, especially in singles. You guys know how much hazards matter. So that’s so good for Cinderace, on top of the fact that it has that high speed tier to abuse that as well, being faster than some very very prominent Pokemon in the tier like Excadrill and Hydreigon. So the first set we have is a blaze set with Heavy-Duty Boots. Heavy-Duty Boots basically, lets us avoid hazard damage, right, we avoid Stealth Rock, avoid Spikes, avoid Sticky Web, avoid Toxic Spikes and that’s pretty cool because, again with Court Change, we can just shift those around and we don’t have to worry about being weak to hazards at all. We do have U-Turn for momentum, and this set actually runs Pyro Ball and Sucker Punch The reason being that Pyro Balll into Sucker Punch is a KO on Dragapult, a Pokemon that is faster and is likely to come out on the moves that Cinderace can go for, right? If I’m a Dragapult, I’m thinking, okay, Pyro Ball, U-Turn, High Jump Kick – one of those will deal damage to Cinderace if it goes for it, and the others I’ll resist, so Pyro Ball into Sucker Punch is a really cool way of dealing with that, and this Pok?mon becomes just a really fast and nice and strong support Pok?mon, and the fact that Cinderace can come in on a very, very common hazard setter, being Ferrothorn, is Incredible for this Pok?mon, so I’m actually pretty excited about it, and I’ve actually used it, and you guys will see later today that I used it on a pretty cool team and yeah, stay tuned for that.

The next set we have is basically the same thing, but you can try High Jump Kick over Sucker Punch if dealing with Pok?mon like Tyranitar or Hydreigon is more up your alley. You can definitely run the High Jump Kick set over the Sucker Punch. You do miss out on that versus Dragapult, and obviously Hydreigon is very, very common. The reason I didn’t bother putting it on the first set is because you can just U-Turn out of there vs Hydreigon into a teammate that can deal with it and again, like, Cinderace can just come in and U-Turn out, and change the court and you know and give them hazards and whatnot. It’s so cool for this mon. I seriously do love this mon a lot, and I love its viability with you know its base 119 Speed and base 116 Attack.

The next one we have is using Taunt, which is something it also gains and that’s pretty cool too because this will stop setup, This will stop recovery – especially because Pyro Ball is very. very strong coming off at 120 base power not including STAB or anything It’s very strong. So using Taunt over Sucker Punch or High Jump Kick is very valid stopping something like Mandibuzz, for example. Let’s say Mandibuzz comes in to Defog basically, they come in to get rid of the hazards after you Court Change the hazards to their side. Pyro Ball into Taunt will stop Mandibuzz from going for that defog, and you can actually beat it 1v1 with multiple Pyro Balls Into Taunt. So it’s just a nice little move and considering this Pok?mon’s great utility already and its signature move, it’s something that can work. The next set we have coming up is a Life Orb set, and I think this set will get a lot better when Libero is actually announced and revealed, but basically it’s kind of similar to what Protean Greninja would be doing But in this case, we have Pyro Ball, U-Turn, High Jump Kick and Sucker Punch.

We’re getting rid of the Court Change on this set, and obviously we’re adding that ability to not only hit Hydreigon and Tyranitar, but also knock out Dragapult upon switchin with Pyro Ball and Sucker Punch – Sucker Punch being that priority, we don’t have to worry about Dragapult at all. Just abusing its pretty solid move pool. It does have a few other great moves as well going for it, but I feel like this is like the the general one you’d use, at least currently on a Blaze set. When it gets Libero you might be able to change up one of these moves to maybe something like Zen Headbutt to hit something like Toxapex. Another move that I’m not gonna put in this but, Electro Ball could work as well, for something like Pelipper when it does get the Libero ability, but right now Pyro Ball, U-Turn, Sucker Punch, High Jump Kick hits basically everything and it’s a great breaker with it as well. I just think that the Heavy-Duty Boots set is a lot better in terms of utility for the team and overall use for Cinderace, allowing it to actually be able to threaten defensive builds.

We do have Choice Band as another set as well, using Zen Headbutt. I think that Zen Headbutt is necessary on choice ban because you’re gonna be locked in, you don’t have access to Taunt, you’re not gonna be able to switch up moves. At least having a move that can deal with something like Toxapex makes a lot of sense. And obviously if you Dynamax as well this Pok?mon gets a stronger Zen Headbutt, because you get up Psychic Terrain so that’s could be pretty cool and, obviously, switching up your moves. Another cool thing about Pyro Ball as well, and Zen Headbutt, and that’s something I didn’t mention earlier, but you’re able to Dynamax and change the weather, which is pretty cool versus rain teams, and obviously Max Knuckle, High Jump Kick, will give you +1 Attack and then you have the bug one as well (Max Flutterby) with U-Turn.

But, on a Choice Band set, I think the idea is just spam Pyro Ball and U-Turn around. If they do have Toxapex you can try and catch them with Zen Headbutt upon switchin, but if they don’t have something like Toxapex, honestly, like even Rotom does not appreciate a Choice Band Pyro Ball just because it’s so strong so if I’m you and you’re in a good position, let’s say you have Cinderace out versus Ferrothorn for instance. They have a Rotom in the back, or a Hydreigon in the back, I don’t think you even have to click High Jump Kick. I don’t think you even have to click U-Turn, just click Pyro Ball because this mon is very strong. 331 Attack is nothing to laugh at at all, especially coming off of a Choice Band. And last but not least, we do have a Choice Scarf set and It’s very similar again.

A lot of these have said the same thing, and I’ll give you guys some other options as well then a Life Orb set can run, and then a few options that this Pok?mon can learn as well – but, Choice Scarf, taking advantage of its high Speed tier, being faster than Scarf Rotom, being faster than Scarf Darmanitan is a pretty big thing, especially considering how much of a threat Galarian Darmanitan is in this metagame. But you’re faster than it, you can outspeed it and knock it out with Pyro Ball in one hit. U-Turn and High Jump Kick. I think High Jump Kick is necessary on a Scarf set just dealing with Tyranitar and dealing with Hydreigon is key. U-Turn for that momentum and Court Change, again, you never know. There are so many situations where just putting hazards on your opponents side of the field is so cool. And The good thing about the original set, by the way, The original set that I showed was that With the Heavy-Duty Boots, man, you do not have to worry about hazards at all. So, I do like Choice Scarf a little bit, But I do think that in terms of overall usefulness, this set (Heavy-Duty Boots) currently is the best one.

But again when it does get its hidden ability I think that the Life Orb set is going to be that much better and up until now, though I do think that Court Change, it’s just a game changer, like literally a game changer, no pun intended. A few other options that it does have on the Life Orb set, by the way Gunk Shot is an option, Iron Head is an option But I do think that Zen Headbutt is currently better, at least on Choice Band sets, but it’s also an option. You can even run Taunt on this Pok?mon as well, and I already mentioned Electro Ball earlier. In terms of teammates, There’s a few cool things you can do with this Pok?mon Obviously, if you do find your team weak to hazards, but can’t find yourself running a Rapid Spinner this Pokemon can obviously work. I think that having defensive pivots into Pokemon like Rotom, for example, or just Water-types in general, is pretty important So Seismitoad providing not only Stealth Rock for you But also a Water immunity is pretty cool, and this obviously helps out Seismitoad in the same regard, Because it can come in on Power Whip from Ferrothorn, for instance.

I do think that having a way of dealing with Hydreigon is also very important with Cinderace, especially if you’re not running High Jump Kick on the set, so a Fairy-type like Grimmsnarl can work alongside it Sylveon and Clefable are also two others that come to mind, Hatterene as well, though Hatterene doesn’t come in as well on Hydreigon. Of course, be careful about Hydreigon because Hydreigon is starting to run Flash Cannon right now because Grimmsnarl is so popular for it as well as Dragapult. So, you definitely want to be aware of that, especially with the Dynamax moves.

In terms of offensive team building, I think this mon can work on literally any build that is just offense. Something with like Mimikyu, Kommo-o, Dragon Dance Dragapult. Even like a dual screens set with Grimmsnarl for instance leading the charge with Light Screen and Reflect, getting up those things I do think that Cinderace is really perfect on those squads, because it’s not losing anything for the team. It still hits incredibly hard, it keeps the momentum with U-Turn, and also of course, one thing to mention is that Court Change does also flip the screens, so be careful about that, but in terms of being weak to hazards if you’re running an offensive team – Let’s just get away from screens, because Court Change also flips screens Like if your opponent has screens, you can steal them for your side, and vice versa And you will be putting your hazards on your opponent’s side as well.

Definitely offensive builds in general that struggle with hazard control, this is something you can use over like what most offensive builds are running right now. A lot of offensive builds are running Excadrill in order to deal with hazards but using Cinderace as not only Speed control because of its high Speed, but also Court Change can be really solid But yeah, I think that’s all I have for Cinderace right now, tomorrow I think I’ll be going over Stonjourner, been a lot of fun using that Pok?mon, I can’t wait to show you guys that video as well. But like I said guys, if you missed the upload I did, or if you want to watch this Pokemon in action Feel free to check out the Showdown live that will be uploaded today at 4PM Eastern another thing is that, if you want to figure out how to get these Pok?mon in your game, level 100, all them guides I have guides down below down in the description, if you want to check them out.

Feel free to leave a like, subscribe, it’s helping me out. We’ve gained 12,000 subscribers in a week and a half. Absolutely crazy, you know, welcome to the channel, I’m Joey and yeah, I guess that’s all I gotta say. Leave a like if you did enjoy! Let me know if there’ are any other sets that you guys have used for Cinderace as well, and I’ll see you guys next time. Goodbye my frens. :].

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