How to use COPPERAJAH! GIGANTAMAX Copperajah Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ????


Yo, what’s up guys got Pokeaim here with another pokemon sword and shield moveset video guide on how to use Copperajah? Now I actually really like this pokemon, because it’s very unique in a sense that it’s Gigantamax form can set up steel stealth rock when it goes for a steel type attack. And that’s awesome because I mean you usually have like you know: rock type stealth rock. So the steel type stealth rock are pretty cool and they have the same properties as a steel type having super effective or resistant damage on any pokemon. So if a togekiss comes out, Togekiss is part fairy fairy types are weak to steel. It would take 25 % from the steel stealth rock, and you know it’ll also take that percentage from regular stealth rock too. So this pokemon is pretty cool and its ability to do that, and it has a really solid move, pool insane HP and attack stat, and I mean, from there really low speed, not the best in defenses and for some reason, 80 based special attack, which is actually Like usable, but it doesn’t have the special movepool to actually abuse it, so the first set we’re talking about in Copperajah. Now I’m gon na be talking about this in terms of Gigantamax Copperajah, but I mean you can use Dynamax Copperajah too. Just know that the difference is. You won’t get steel stealth rock when you go for Gigantamax heavy slam or something like that so and also keep in mind that one thing to note with Copperajah is that weight base moves, and this is for any Pokemon. But weight based moves do not work on Dynamax Pokemon. So if my opponent Dynamaxes in front of me with their let’s say their Grimmsnarl, for instance, alright grim star is weak to obviously steel. I decide to go for a heavy slam with my Copperajah, I’m not Gigantamax. I’M not Dynamax, I go for heavy slam, it’s not gon na work. So do keep that in mind, even though this Pokemon does have heavy metal which doubles its weight and for the most part you know, it’s gon na have a 120 base power, heavy slams and heat crashes, vs

Opponents keep in mind, you can’t use it if they do Dynamax, but if you Dynamax or gigantamax yourself. Obviously the properties of that move, don’t matter anymore and it becomes. You know the max Flare or anything like that if you’re using heat crash, so the first set we’re gon na be talking about, is either a life orb leftovers or shucca berry set. So you can run a life orb leftovers or shucca berry, and it’s just an offensive stealth rocking set with heavy slam, earthquake stealth, rock and heat crash. I think you want heat crash for sure, because you want to be able to beat Defoggers like Corviknight. You do like 89 % minimum to max HP Corviknight, which is pretty crazy, and obviously this all this also allows you to knock out Ferrothorn for sure. With heat crash earthquake gives you an option versus toxapex

I think you definitely want that option. You don’t want to go down. You don’t want to be walled by a Toxapex. In my opinion, when you have such a great move pool where as heavy slam, earthquake and heat crash are just really good in general, in fact, they’re only resisted by like Rotom heat and Rotom wash off the top of my head. So that is an option. I think also slashing power whip can work on this set by. I do think that life orb leftovers or shucca berry with these three moves, as well as a stealth rock are best and obviously you can get up. Stealth rock you’re, an offensive stealth rocker, but you can also get up your steel stealth rock. If you Gigantamax and go for the heavy slam again putting up those steel stealth rocks so double the hazards for this pokemon just an offensive one that takes advantage of its high attack stat, and we have enough speed for toxapex just a little bit. You can run more if you really want to I’ve. Seen someone like focus sash lead power, whip sets, which I wasn’t necessarily the biggest fan of, because I feel, like you know, focus sash is kind of wasted on this mon. You know you’re gon na live most hits anyway because of your high HP, but I have seen it work for my boy blunder.

The next set we have is an offensive trick room set and this one is basically designed to work under trick room. So you use something like maybe Jellicent to set up trick room, maybe a Hatterene to setup trick room and you have a Gmax Copperajah there and again the really cool part about this is obviously you have four attacks but just being able to Gigantamax and go for A heavy slam while gigantamaxed and getting up not only getting off damage but going for those steel stealth rock, are really cool. You have heavy slam, heat crash, Zen, headbutt and power whip. I think power whip is necessary because you don’t wan na be walled by Rotom. Wash in an all-out, attacking set or seismitoad so being able to deal with those two, even Gastrodon to an extent but being able to deal with those as well as bulky waters in general.

You don’t have to run Zen headbutt, I think Zen headbutt can be slashed with. Potentially, you know earthquake, but Zen headbutt dynamax is really strong versus toxapex, so is is obviously the earthquake, but i think that another big thing is that, especially if you’re using this thing on trick room and you go for your Dynamax at headbutt you’re getting up the Terrain as well, and that terrain can better support your teammates too. So, like again, I mentioned hatterene plus Copperajah. Another thing is like Jellicent, plus Copperajah. Being able to get up that terrain could be pretty cool for something like Bisharp, which is actually very threatening for something. Like trick room And you’re also again, if you’re getting up the psychic terrain for Hatterene, it’s psychics are gon na, be even stronger. That’S just an option right there, but we’re running the max attack almost max HP, 8 SpDef brave nature. You can get a zero speed IV. Zero speed IV will basically ensure that you’re the fastest Copperajah under trick room, but it’s not always necessary and honestly in-game. It’S very annoying to get that unless you have a zero IV ditto. So I mean good luck getting that. It’S not that hard. I guess, because you there is a Ditto den by the nursery, but it’s just something you could try.

But this is like an offensive life orb Copperajah set with Gigantamax the next one. I have is a Pokemon that I’ve been trying a lot in the uu tier, and that is an assault vest Copperajah set, and the idea behind this set is that it’s able to basically take hits from Inteleon in the UU tier. It’S able to threaten pokmon like Komo that want to try and set up on it with play rough. That’S why we have play rough and fighting types in general, still able to get up steel, stealth rock while being assault, vest, and that’s such a cool thing right because moves like stealth rock or it moves that are not attacking, wouldn’t typically work. If you’re using assault vest but because of the beauty of Dynamaxing and again, the assault vest just helps you take those special attacks, letting you check Pokemon like mew, letting you check even potential. If you Dynamax in front of charizard and Charizard, isn’t like in the Sun, you can eat a hit from that. You can eat a hit from Cramorant or anything like that from the UU tier

Even a hit from Gengar, I’m just talking about Pokemon that are down there in the tier itself, but the idea is, the cool thing is if you Dynamax and you go for heavy slam, you’ll still get those steel stealth rock up while doing damage Heat crash still Necessary, I think, for opposing steel types. We have power up as well for the bulky waters in the tier also getting up grassy terrain, which is cool for recovery and again play rough. Is there as a means to deal with dragon types? Komo is the big one that comes to mind, but you can also think about potentially Noivern, and I also like I guess: Obstagoon is down there wreaking havoc. So that’s an option too, and the cool thing about powerup as well as when you get up terrain. You can also make your power-ups stronger and then hit something like Hippowdon, which is down there even harder, so assault vest Copperajah is definitely a viable option.

The next set we have is taking advantage of the sheer force on this pokemon and the sheer force set is really interesting, because I feel like you it’s hard to decide if you want heavy metal versus sheer force right, I think the biggest it’s not that hard To decide, but I think the biggest thing that the biggest plus, that the sheer force it has is its ability to hit Rotom heat with rock slide right. So you can use like a life orb sheer force and moves that get sheer force boost like iron head and rock slide. You actually don’t end up taking damage from life orb, so you’re hitting rotom heat is a big one, because Rotom Heat is very popular right now and it’s a Pokemon that will be able to switch into Copperajah’s moves the majority of the time and so being able To hit that thing with Rock Slide is really nice.

We still have earthquake and heat crash. I think heat crash is still necessary. You don’t want to be walled by a Ferrothorn. You don’t wan na be walled by a Corviknight We’re running speed on this thing. Actually, Adamant max attack max speed. You don’t have to you can still run in max HP variant. I feel that can still work, but the reason I’m running speed is because minspeed Corvinight, while minspeed Clefable, is not running around that’s something as well minspeed, Tyranitar being faster than that too. But yeah earthquake is still there for toxapex heat crash rockslide and iron head with the sheer force set and the last set we have is a substitute Copperajah, and this is taking advantage of the fact that it has a high HP stat and it takes a lot To break its sub, Toxapex takes two scalds to break your subs. Ferrothorn takes a million attacks to break your sub

So going for substitute in front of them and maybe having leftovers for longevity and recovery can work. Heavy slam, earthquake and heat crash is a set itself. Obviously you’re going to want teammates that can deal with Rotom. I think Seimistoad is a pretty good teammate with this. It appreciates Copperajah’s ability to get rid of Ferrothorn. It also appreciates, and vice-versa Copperajah appreciates Seismitoad toxic’ing Rotom that way a substitute set can actually stall it out between substitute leftovers and subbing again and damage from the heavy slam. Again. These are all Gigantamax forms, but you can use Dynamax. I just stress that that Gigantamax form is better while it’s still around in terms of like, I guess, smogon OU, and I know you can’t use it on the battle spot ladder. You can’t use these on the battle spot ladder for some reason, if I’m not mistaken,

If im not mistaken, Gigantamax is banned. I don’t know why, but um yeah subbing on that thing being able to heat crash Pokemon like Ferrothorn earthquake is still there. That way you can damage Toxapex and the heavy slam. Is your next move so again nice answer to this Pokemon? It depends. I think that anything that can be faster and potentially knock it out with strong Dynamax moves or even just strong moves in general Rotom wash and Rotom Heat are the two that really come to mind. Obviously, watch out for a random rock side set, though that is a lot less common than four attacks with like power, whip, earthquake, heat crash and heavy slam. So that’s something you do have to keep in mind, though Rotom wash obviously threatens it with a burn.

Physically defensive mandibuzz can foul play through, but it doesn’t appreciate, repeat, lifeorb, heavy slams or even Gigantamax attacks too, but yeah and in terms of teammates. Like I said things I want to deal with Rotom wash/Rotom heat. I. I also think that this Pokemon is better not running stealth rock, because it’s a Pokemon that hits incredibly hard and sometimes it’s hard to get in because of its slow speed and low defenses. So why go for regular stealth rock with it when you can Gigantamax and attack and get up steel stealth rock, but also attack in the same turn right? So I think that’s something to keep in mind when using this Pokemon

Maybe a separate rocker as well Tyranitar can work. That’S why I mentioned Seimitoad, because Seismitoad is a good stealth rocker that appreciates the synergy that Copperajah and it have but yeah. Thank you. Everyone for watching hope you guys all enjoyed check out the showdown live going up later today and yeah I’ll see you guys next time goodbye, my frens