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How to use CORSOLA! Galarian Corsola Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


yo what’s up guys you got Pokeaim here with a pokemon sword and shield moveset video guide on how to use Galarian Corsola now this pokemon is so annoying that it’s not even a fully evolved mon and it is better than its evolution alright with the combination of eviolite giving it that boost in defense and special defense x1.5 and it’s great ability in cursed body which seems to activate a 100% of the time when I touch this pokemon with any move on top of the fact that it has Strength Sap and Strength Sap is so good because basically it lowers the attack of the target by -1 and it also heals you based on their actual attack stat and with corsola having 60 base HP it’s so good for this Pokemon to almost recover to full all the time like this mon sucks your strength, it is so annoying, I’m talking like the annoyance of strength sap + cursed body, it’s like you know getting out of high school and immediately getting married and then finding out you’re having quintuplets right on the first year being married right straight out of high school or like finding out that the IRS has hit you with a twenty thousand dollar bill from three years ago and the only reason its twenty thousand dollars is because it took them three years to get it to you.

I’m getting a little bit too personal with this Pokemon but I’m talking about this mon is insanely good being a spin blocker being able to will-o-wisp your opponent getting consistent damage off with nightshade as well makes it a fantastic pokemon in a metagame where Galarian Darmanitan, Dracovish and Dracozolt, Three very very prominent physical attackers are running around so Galarian Corsola with the power of Eviolite and the fact they can spin block and the fact that they can will-o-wisp is extremely annoying and very prominent as a physical wall though there isn’t much that deviates when it comes to the moveset, it doesn’t really deviate when it comes to this Pokemon physically defensive is what you’re gonna want to run especially in again a meta game where I already mentioned the top three physical mons you also have Gyarados up there running around I don’t think special defensive can really work too well right now but being able to stop a Galarian Darmanitan you know thirty percent of the time from clicking icicle crash again or stopping a Dracovish from clicking Fishious Rend is insane and the fact that it can actually live hits like that even from choice band versions of them is crazy you can will-o-wisp to cripple your opponent, again nightshade is consistent damage, Strength Sap gets your health back and even on top of that it’s a pretty solid rocker because this thing is gonna force switches especially when cursed body happens, I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve was in a position to sweep by clicking maybe a move like icicle crash or Fishious Rend or hydro pump from Rotom whatever it is and cursed body is just activated stopping me from sweeping so it’s a very annoying and prominent physical wall and again much doesn’t deviate you know you’re gonna want to run excuse me max HP max defense bold nature, 4 special defense if you want to run another move over night shade and the reason I like night shade is because it’s guaranteed consistent damage and it’s breaking, it’s just doing a lot, for a Pokemon that only has 65 based special attack so you’re doing guaranteed 100 damage every single time you go off of it you could run hex though especially because hex becomes 130 base power when you are will-o-wisping your opponent or when you have status your opponent whether it be will-o-wisp, para, sleep it doesn’t matter, poison, so hex is an option I do like nightshade more though because it can actually break a substitute from Corviknight otherwise you’re not really in a position to do that, and Corviknight is something that can actually set up on you despite getting cursed body you can just bulk up bulk on bulk up to +6 until cursed body phases out and do that so NIght Shade gives you a way of breaking the sub and still doing something like will-o-wisp.

It can still do the exact same thing but at least you can break the sub. The other option though if you don’t want to run stealth rock on this pokemon is actually Haze. Haze is a pretty cool option for two reasons one: you stop setup, right, a Pokemon can be plus six or they’re plus five going for the plus six, they’re getting really greedy on you, you go for Haze and that all that setup is gone another cool little option as well is or another cool little thing about that is that while strength sap does lower your opponent’s attack obviously that limits the amount of recovery you can get by spamming Strength Sap, the lower they get the less of an attack stat they’re going to have which means less recovery so haze is pretty cool in youre giving them back their attack just to suck it right back with Strength Sap which i think is super super cool especially on a Pokemon with Cursed body that is for the most part man I again I’m saying this Pokemon so annoying because from my experience of using it and from my experience of playing versus it, it activates a lot you know it activates a lot man 30% man, 30% might as well be 100% is what I’m saying so obviously if you cursed body your opponent’s physical move and you just go for Strength Sap after you’re not really worried about that so being able to get a recovery is super cool this Pokemon is obviously not unbeatable there are plenty of threats it’s scared of knockoff right the combination of a defensive core of like Ferrothorn and Toxapex can leech seed and switch back and forth can burn you Ferrothorn can also knock off corsola’s eviolite making it less bulky for sure which is pretty big of course you do have to worry about if you are physical attacker though I would beware being burnt by will-o-wisps but Pokemon like I Hydreigon as well sub Nasty Plot Hydreigon, you can just substitute on it and you know go to +6, you don’t care you’re special attacker, you really don’t care as long as you’re boosted all the way you can knock it out with dark pulse I believe +4 is enough to knock out Corsola with dark pulse from full HP and the obviously the cursed body something up to worry about that’s the big thing about it too because even if Corsola goes down if cursed body is activated and you were set up to sweep you know that could absolutely stop.

In terms of teammates clerics are really nice I think Galarian Weezing is pretty cool for also Defogging away toxic spikes or even setting them up for corsola also I love the combination of Corsola, Mandibuzz, Ferrothorn, Toxapex it’s a really bulky core and it’s a pokemon that just it just works really well with those because they can either pivot into the moves that Corsola doesn’t want to take the ghost and dark type attacks for example mandibuzz can deal with those mandibuzz can also defog away toxic spikes and hazards toxapex absorbs toxic spikes and lays them up and can basically deal with most of the Mons that can deal with corsola like for example if someone’s running like a a banded dracovish that’s something you have to worry about but the combination of corsola’s cursed body and will-o-wisp, toxapex’s baneful bunker and regenerator and Ferrothorn’s iron barbs can help you deal with that so they stack really really well together but all in all it’s a pretty solid Pokemon and I actually thought at first it was overrated when earlier on in the meta but after using it’s like yeah it’s rated pretty well.

exactly where it needs to be. I do think that if the metagame ends up shifting if there are bans and if certain pokémon aren’t ran as well like Darmanitan goes and maybe Dracovish, I doubt Dracovish would go but if Dynamaxing goes too there’s a lot more leeway to maybe use a little bit more of a special defensive set but for now I think physically defense is the best way to use it. So yeah that’s all I have for you guys on later today I should have a showdown live featuring this Pokemon and that’s it stay tuned so thank you everyone watching I’ll see you guys, next time goodbye my frens .

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