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How to use CORVIKNIGHT! GIGANTAMAX Corviknight Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


yo what’s up guys you got Pokeaim here with another Pokemon sword and shield moveset guide this time we’re gonna be talking about Corviknight also if this is your first time here hello my name is Joey I play competitive Pokemon and I plan on uploading a whole bunch of different movesets for competitive pokemon in pokemon sword and shield as well as Wi-Fi battles featuring the pokemon and pokemon showdown lives and plenty of other content so feel free to subscribe if you do enjoy or look forward to those types of videos also feel free to follow me on Twitch and twitter those links are down below stay up-to-date, know when I’m streaming, doing battles and stuff like that let’s talk a little bit about Corviknight, now first off just for those that might not know Gigantamax Corviknight is available from today November 15th to I believe January 15th, Gigantamax Corviknight is available and players who have pokemon shield are more than likely or are more likely to see you whereas players who have pokemon sword are more likely to see Gigantamax Drednaw just letting you all know but Corviknight is a steel and a flying-type or a flying a steel type rather and that is incredible in terms of resistances right it’s resistant to normal resistant to grass resists the flying psychic bug dragon steel and fairy and has two immunities in poison and ground so incredible defensive typing for Corviknight and only has two weaknesses in fire and electric.

Now we’ll be using a defensive Corviknight because in the OU tier or even just in Pokemon in the meta game whatever will happen excadrill is gonna be a giant threat, excadrill has incredible attack incredible speed with Sand rush and great dual stab in ground and steel but Corviknight defensively can deal very well with excadrill and we’ll talk about why but we’ll be using a defensive set so an impish nature with pressure pressure’s an ability that when you go for attacks you lose an extra power point or extra PP when you do it so if I go for let’s say flamethrower instead of using one pp when I use flamethrower I’ll be using two when I attack Corviknight, leftovers will be our item because it gives us longevity we want to be able to recover a bit of HP every single turn as you can see the base stats across the board, Corviknight has pretty good HP and really good defense which makes it a great excadrill check and even as a cool moveset with body press and if you guys didn’t know body press is a new fighting type of attack that takes your defense into account when dealing damage so now it has an offensive way of dealing with Excadrill as well so then that Corviknight can really be used as a defensive defogger with body press, Brave Bird, roost and defog.

Defog, if you guys didn’t know gets rid of hazards on the field and by using this EV spread max HP 200 defense you are 4-hit KOd by +2 Excadrill’s iron head and the 56 SpDef or special defense lets you take two Volt Switches from rotom. alright it doesn’t 2-hit KO especially after leftovers recovery one big thing is well about gigantaMax and Corviknight is that if you do Giganta max Corviknight and you use the Gmax windrage not only will you be doing damage with the brave bird obviously that’s a flying type attack, not only will you be doing damage, but you’ll also be removing the effects of light screen, reflect, hazards, but also terrains as well so it’s a boosted defog but we do have defog on the set as well because Corviknight is immune to most hazards besides stealth rock and defog allows you to better support the team so I think this would be one of the more standards sets on Corviknight, a more defensive Defogging set, that actually checks quite a few pokemon in the metagame mainly the ground type that is going to be super good in excadrill and having body press is such a cool little thing for its arsenal however there are a few other other options we might see.

Another option we might actually end up seeing on Corviknight is a sub bulk up set and this definitely takes advantage of the fact that Corviknight does have pressure and as I mentioned before you’re gonna be losing PP when you’re attacking for Corviknight and with substitute you can actually avoid status moves like will-o-wisp and thunder wave coming out at Corviknight. so the other set is to set up on potentially weaker and potentially common Pokemon in the meta game like Ferrothorn and Toxapex.

Toxapex does not break your substitute with one Scald, Ferrothorn obviously can only leech seed but if you go behind a sub it can’t leech seed you. We’re using a careful nature with 40 SpDef EVs and with those 40 special defense EVs it actually allows us to after roosting not have our sub broken from Rotom and I’ll explain how that works basically obviously you are being flying in steel flying is weak to electric yes but when you go for roost you lose your flying type for that turn so Corviknight, which with this EV spread of 216 speed EVs, hits 224 at level 100 max, it allows it to outspeed most defensive rotoms and even the ones that are speed creeping certain Pokemon and basically you can roost if you’re behind a sub they can’t break your sub with the volt switch and not only that but they’re also losing an extra power point from Volt Switch by going for that substitute so this effectively can sub bulk up on you know common cores in the tier that you may end up seeing, defense cores being Ferrothorn, Toxapex, Rotom, that might actually even being that while also still being able to set up on a pokémon like excadrill even without running defense EVs just because of its great natural bulk and HP and of course bulk up is slowly but surely boosting your attack and defense at the same time making this a potentially better Braviary and the reason I said is because Braviary does the exact same thing except that it doesn’t have the pressure ability so it typically has defiant which is cool because obviously you get a boosted if your stats get lowered but pressure is a little bit better especially at stalling out your opponent and yeah the final set that we’re gonna talk about then I’ll talk about a few other options but why I don’t think they’re very good is actually just the exact same set but trying out spite, now I do think that the first set is the best set and I try to put these in order right, I think that the first is the best set, I think the second set is definitely solid as well and we’ll have a niche if Corviknight eventually settles in lower tiers rather than you know you know in a higher tier right but this basically abuses the fact that Corviknight also has the pressure and it’s the exact same EV spread is before I figured being faster than Rotom makes a lot of sense and the idea behind spite is when you use it your opponent loses extra PP or whatever move they went for so you can spite them and you can go over pressure it’s sort of stalling tactic obviously but I do think that this does make use of you know something unique that Corviknight can do besides the first set which like I said I think would be the more standard set on Corviknight now don’t get me wrong, Corviknight actually has a pretty decent move pool.

If you guys actually want to see the full movepools you can go to Serebii .net and go to the Pokedex and they’ll show you basically every move that Corviknight knows in fact it will actually even tell you how to get the Pokemon though, if you play through pokemon sword and shield I really hope you know how to get a Corviknight, you literally see the Rookidee in like the beginning of the game and you just evolve that boy to a Corvisquire and you evolve that into Corviknight at level 38 but Corviknight does have a few other cool moves in its arsenal.

In-game for example I really like using hone claws plus power trip and I think that actually like saved me quite a few times because power trip boost is based on the strength that it increases the more your stats are raised, right, so by hone claws you’re raising two stats at once and power trip immediately just getting stronger and stronger I think Taunt is a pretty cool move that could be ran as well with Corviknight but I think on this set specifically it needs to have an attack in Brave Bird. Other options if you don’t want to take recoil is drill peck over Brave Bird however the damage difference is immense and like it learns moves like iron head for instance but I think that flying stab is almost always better nasty plot another move that it can learn but I don’t think that it can make use of it because if it’s very low special attack stat and even if it did try to make use of it it’s just not super solid however it does also have a hidden ability which I haven’t talked about. I’ve mainly only talked about pressure but it has two other abilities that can be very useful in VGC.

Unnerve is really nice for stopping your opponent’s berries from activating and mirror armor is a new ability that Corviknight gets that bounces back only the stat lowering effects at the Pokemon receives so if an opponent has an intimidate pokémon for example let’s say Incineroar comes out and I have a mirror armor Corviknight on the field and they go for intimidate I’ll bounce it right back at them however because we aren’t running offensive sets on Corviknight for the most part, we’re running defensive or running sets that rely on multiple turns to set up I don’t think those sets are necessary but if you did want to try a choice band Corviknight set I would suggest maybe something like brave bird iron head and from there it’s just a toss in a few attacks.

Another option is of course a bulk up three attacks set with bulk up, brave bird, iron head, and maybe power trip if you want to do it but for the most part I don’t think that’d be it in terms of teammates with the Corviknight if you want to go to defensive route ground types are great hippowdon is a fantastic pokemon to use with Corviknight just because first off Corviknight doesn’t take anything from sandstorm damage because its a steel type, it doesn’t take sandstorm damage but also because Hippowdon does resist the electric-type attacks, its immune rather to the Electric type attacks coming out at Corviknight Ferrothorn is also a decent answer as well for the electric type attacks but obviously you’re piling up on that fire weakness in terms of offensive options there’s plenty of Pokemon that exist in the Galar Region for example that prefer or that really like the Defog, Centiskorch can be one of them Frostmoth as well obviously very much appreciates the defog. appreciates the resistances that Corviknight has as well and yeah it’s just it’s really like like I said if your team is weak to excadrill right, if your team is weak excadrill, I think Corviknight is a solid pokemon and I do think like I said the first, the first set in itself, will be the best set and again if you want to Gigantamax it now’s your chance if you have Pokemon shield to go out. But thank you everyone for watching, hope you guys all enjoyed or learned something rather, of course if you did, leave a like, subscribe, feel free to.

I’ll hopefully have a showdown live with Corviknight going up later today and again I’m gonna start trying to do Wi-Fi battles again if I haven’t already done that because I’m recording this in advance if I have not already done that just expect them really really soon and when they come, when the wifi battles start flooding, Ill start doing some max raids as well, and some my road to master rank soon too.

So, a lot of stuff coming for Pokemon sword and shield. Thank you everyone for watching I’ll see you guys next time goodbye my frens.

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