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How to use DARMANITAN! Galarian Darmanitan Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys you got Pokeaim here with another Pokemon sword and shield moveset video guide on how to use Galarian Darmanitan. If you guys have missed any of my previous moveset video guides, there is a playlist down below I’ve also uploaded showdown lives featuring the Pokemon that I’ve talked about thus far and you can check them out I uploaded a Thievul choice specs Thievul showcase earlier today. And if you’re new to channel. Hello, I’m Joey I play competitive Pokemon. I love to play it. I upload Wi-Fi battles showdown lives Move set video guides and guides for Pokemon sword and shield as well coming soon. So feel free to subscribe Now today we’re gonna be talking about Galarian Darmanitan. If you guys didn’t know Galarian Darmanitanis ice type and it retains pretty much these same stats as a regular Darmanitan and however It does have this new ability called Gorilla tactics and that is incredibly good Because it basically gives Darmanitan a free choice band without holding a choice band the way that works Is it boost your attack but you can only click the move that you’ve clicked when you’re in so let’s say I have Darmanitan turn 1 and I click Icicle crash.

I’m locked into icicle crash as if I have a choice item now This works really well for Galarian Darmanitan because it actually stacks with choice items Meaning I have the Gorilla tactics boost for my attack and I have a choice band For my attack as well Or if I use a choice scarf Galarian Darmanitan it effectively has the same attack stat as if it was choice band, and didn’t have Gorilla tactics, so Really cool for Galarian Darmanitan making it such a huge threat and I think this is the most common set right now It’s being ran but it’s jolly choice scarf and this boost its speed times 1.5 And the reason we’re running jolly over something like adamant Though you can run adamant- is because choice scarf Rotom wash is rising in popularity and being jolly nature You’re able to outspeed it and icicle crash is a 2 hit KO with Gorilla tactics on Offensive choice scarf Rotom Wash it’s crazy.

And you do a lot with U turn as well But yeah, it’s also faster than scarf excadrill and Pokemon around that speed tier it still has Darmanitan’s flare blitz, which is awesome for steel types. We have U-turn which is momentum Our main move is gonna be icicle crash, which is what we will be clicking It is incredibly threatening and then earthquake is our next move and this gives us a way of touching Toxapex Which otherwise resists all three of our other moves and with gorilla tactics, it’s really really strong also hitting pokémon like Tyranitar as well Just Jolly max speed max HP (Joey meant max attack) and the stats on the side You see on the EV spread are what you would get if you get at level 100 You have 31 all your IVs now, of course if you have a choice scarf Darmanitan You got a run a choice band Darmanitan as well. And this is what I’m talking about. Guerilla tactics stacks with that choice band Making Icicle crash Effectively a nuke on this Pokemon. It is basically a nuke on this Pokemon Rotom takes like 96 percent minimum if it’s offensive if I’m not mistaken Pokemon like Araquinid are 2-hit-KOed And it’s just incredibly strong and we’re still going jolly nature and we want to be faster than Pokemon that are common in the metagame Again max speed Rotom max speed excadrill and Pokemon around that regard.

Flare blitz It’s incredibly hard with the choice band for the steel types that resists Darmanitan’s icicle crash and u-turn this time We also have facade and facade is really cool Because if you actually switch it on a rotom and they go for will o wisp you still retain Facades max power as if you weren’t burnt Otherwise you’re other attacks are weakened because of the burn but facade Becomes 140 base power and it doesn’t care about the burn. So it’s really really nice on Galarian Darmanitan because it gives you a way of Dealing with Pokemon when you’re statused This is why we have it over earthquake though If you wanted to on the choice scarf set, you could technically run facade as well because they do the same exact thing choice band obviously just hits way harder like a truck whereas choice Choice scarf is still pretty nice cuz gorilla tactics And the last item we have and again this isn’t much of a change in terms of move sets I think this is a standard of what you will see Maybe you can use ice punch if you want if you don’t want to miss I don’t see a reason to use Stone Edge when icicle crash flare blitz and u-turn are given and then Facade is such a good move With earthquake one of the other is just completely fine But you can run it with the heavy duty boots and what the heavy duty boots do is it Prevents you from taking hazard damage.

So Galarian Darmanitan is an ice type means that it takes 25% from Stealth Rock and it’s also a grounded Pokemon which means it takes damage from spikes toxic spikes and It is hurt by the webs but the heavy-duty boots allow you to avoid the traps on the field Meaning you can come in and the only recoil you should be taking is when you use flare blitz So this is really really nice allowing you to use multiple attacks It still has the same damage output as a choice scarf Galarian Darmanitan. You’re just slower and it’s still weaker than the It’s still weaker than the choice band set now the last set is really interesting because it’s for Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan which I’m There’s a little bit of like, oh this pokemon is a release It says that on serebii.

But then I got a screenshot today of someone fighting a Dynamax Darmanitan and it being in Zen mode So I’m not entirely sure and I also saw duncankneedeep using Galarian Darmanitan in a raid battle as well So i’m assuming it is a lot alive and around in the game and it is legal So assuming it is we’ll be talking about this pokemon a little bit. Now. This one is a little bit different than regular Darmanitan. It’s Zen mode Darmanitan, and the way this activates is regular Darmanitan with Zen mode or excuse me Galarian Darmanitan with Zen mode needs to be at 50% of its max HP In order for Zen Mode to activate and what Zen mode does is basically a transformation for Darmanitan in this case It becomes ice and fire type so it now gains stab on the fire type attacks and that’s really nice when paired with ice because besides water it helps ice deal with typings that doesn’t really like like for example Steel and in fires case obviously ice helps to deal with sometimes.

It doesn’t like either like dragon for instance so it’s really nice when they are paired together and it also it gets an increase in both attack and Speed going to 160 attack And as you saw as you guys can see real quick, we just went from 140 attack and 95 speed to 160 attack and base 135 speed meaning that on with a speed boosts in nature Like jolly for instance and max speed IVs and max speed EVs you will hit 405 speed on Galarian Darmanitan in zen mode and 419 attack with a neutral Attacking nature now again, this pokemon can only happen if you’re at 50% of HP So there’s a few ways you do it the way I’m gonna talk about this one I’ll talk about another one as well.

But we’re running a salac berry on this and you’ll understand why in a sec We’re gonna be using substitute belly drum in this Pokemon substitute takes off 25% of your HP belly drum takes another 50% off when you’re running the 4 HP EVs, which is we give you 352 HP That’s divisible by 4. So you’ll be able to go for a substitute and get your berry after you go for sub and belly drum the cool thing about Galarian Darmanitan is it doesn’t really have switch-ins.

But if your opponent obviously has a key Pokemon on the field for instance. I Say they have an aeigslash on the field. All right, and They have a Rotom wash in the back. They’re more than likely gonna switch out on a potential flare blitz or anything like that Just because I don’t want to take it maybe not, aegislash wasn’t the best example but have Ferrothorn on the field right there is a Ferrothorn on the field you have Galarian Darmanitan out and You go for sub as they go out to Rotom you go for belly drum Which activates your Salac Barry and also transforms you into Zen mode giving you stab on both your fire and ice type attack So that’s an example of how it can work and obviously Salac berry is really cool because Because you have 405 speed it’s really really really tough for Pokemon – revenge kill you which is basically You take you out after you’ve taken out a Pokemon for them or take you out after they’ve gotten in safely Unless they have priority because you have 405 speed and the salac berry when you get to that 25% is gonna give you 1.5 times that speed so again Unless somebody’s running like a choice scarf dragapult or something.

Galarian Darmanitan should be faster than everything now. I Think this was one way to use it. I honestly think just like Zen mode Darmanitan for regular Darmanitan and not Galarian It’s kind of gimmicky to use obviously though. This one is just a lot better because regular Zen Mode Darmanitan is Incredibly slow. Whereas this one they just buffed it they gave it not only a secondary typing but also the- they gave it that secondary typing and they just buffed its speed and its attack so it might actually be worth and it might not be a gimmick that Much. I think this thing is obviously a threat now you can run coverage You don’t have to run fire punch and ice punch. Like I mentioned you are obviously resisted by water for one So a few options are you know earthquake is still there, like earthquake with ice punch is still good Earthquake plus fire punch is still good together, but you’re getting +6 attack Remember you’re getting +6 attack when you’re clicking belly drum, so it can still do a ton Even to resisted hits you have to run some calcs but a pokemon like Toxapex for instance would be able to eat so earthquake that can be used to be able to deal with that and it just pairs really well like fire + ground stab or Well, fire stab plus a ground move or ice stab plus a ground move pair decently well together and also just giving you neutral hits on those water types Especially those bulky water types or super effective hit on that bulky water, for instance, Toxapex.

Now a few other options Again, this is only ran on Zen mode, which is its hidden ability You don’t have to necessarily run sub belly drum in order to get into Zen mode one thing you can do is Bring in Darmanitan on rocks for instance and then use flare blitz on a Pokemon take the recoil from flare blitz not on the heavy duty well, not in heavy duty boots set, obviously because you need to You need to take stealth rock damage right and then you go for flare blitz And maybe they’ll bring you under 50% and then you can get your mode.

Of course though. That’s only on a galarian darmanitan So it would be only on this Pokemon that has this ability, which is Zen mode I hope that makes sense. But yeah, a few teammates in terms of teammates for just galarian darmanitan It’s just such a great Pokemon. Honestly anything that appreciates getting in or Rotom weakened. I Love running Galarian Darmanitan when I was using it with Gyarados because it basically threatened something like Ferrothorn it also gets the chip damage on Rotom and especially if it’s a scarf Rotom like if I go for icicle crash with my Choice scarf Darmanitan for instance and they bring out that rotom.

I’m 2 hit KOing. them. I’m 2 hit- I do like fifty six percent minimum to offensive Rotom Which is amazing because even though Gyarados did get power whip this generation Rotom can still check it since its choice scarf But I out speed that and also being ice type you no longer are weak to the Hydro pump that rotom go for It because you’re not fire type anymore. So it’s really nice into being able to deal with that and I also, like using it with a Pokemon like Dragapult for instance again being able to weaken same thing Ferrothorn Corviknight if I’m using a choice band set as well Because I 2 hit KO basically the entire tier with this mon, or OHKO it, if I’m using a choice band set Yeah, that’s my moveset guide on Galarian Darmanitan.

Tomorrow, I should be having a showdown live featuring it and earlier today I put up a showdown line with Thievul So if you guys want to check that out, feel free to and I will see you guys next time. Goodbye, my friend.

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