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How to use DRACOVISH! Dracovish Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ????


Yo, what’s up guys, you got Pokeaim here with another pokemon sword and shield move set video guide on how to use Dracovish. Now, if you guys missed any of my previous ones, there is a playlist down below feel free to check them out. Also, I have a guide to team building if you guys want to check that out as well. I saw a few people saying: oh, how do I build X team? I made a guide already with my buddy BKC. That link is down below we’ll be making an updated guide, probably uh. Well, what is it December? First, by the time, this video goes up, yeah I’ll be Sunday December 1st, either by the end of the month or early January, just because we want the metagame to develop a little bit, but assuming it does develop, or at least more I mean it’s always developing By the end of the month, we’ll have another one then, but yeah Dracovish. Is it’s not that strong?

It’S not that bulky, but it’s still one of the best pokemon in pokemon, sword and shield, and that mainly has to do with the fact that it has the Fishious Rend, which is an attack that is 85 base power, 100 % accuracy. It’S a water STAB move because it is water and dragon. My two favorite types by the way and it doubles power if the user moves first so effectively, it’s 170 base power and that doesn’t account for stab that doesn’t account for strong jaw as well. So this move is incredibly powerful and basically it’s a one-trick pony in terms of that, it’s mainly just clicking this move, but that’s really all it needs and on the choice band set it just maximizes the power that you have on this.

You can run Adaman or Jolly on this set Jolly would allow you outspeed pokemon, like Bisharp as well as max speed Corviknight, but the just damage from that increase of jolly adamant is crazy. One of the cool things about this thing is: while it’s not that bulky, it does have respectable base 80 special defense base 100 defense, which is really nice and base 90 HP. So it’s really tough to take down naturally and again, being a water dragon. Has some nice resistances right there, but for the most part, with this Pokemon you’re going to be clicking Fishious Rend crunch? Is there as it gives you an option to hit Pokemon like Jellicent, which is one of the main answers that is switching into Dracovish another Pokemon? Would be seismitoad, you do a quite a bit of damage with the crunch there well about 38 40 percent with a choice band.

Actually, no more excuse me more because its strong jaw boosted, I’m thinking of non-choice band, so you do a good chunk to seismitoad right there on non-choice band, you actually do around 30, 37 percent or so low kick is the next move, because it’s basically for Ferrothorn Ferrothorn is a Pokemon that can obviously come in on this thing. It’S also pretty cool too, because if you Dynamax, you can get your max knuckle and you get 1 attack on this thing. So when you go back to normal and you get your Fishious Rend back because honestly, this pokemon isn’t the best at Dynamaxing at least on the choice band set and I’ll go. Oh, I guess I’m going to detail right now.

What I mean by that it loses its strong jaw and its moves and it loses. You know: Fishious Rend’s “, oh I’m gon na double in power. If I go before your opponent” so on the choice band set, I don’t think it’s the best dynamaxing, but we’ll talk about on the next set in a sec and the last move, of course, is psychic fangs, and this allows us to hit Toxapex, which is another Pokemon that can come in on this Pokemon. However, if rain is up, because actually rain teams aren’t bad with this Pokemon at all. If rain is up this thing, 2-hit KOs, physically defensive Toxapex, with Choice Band strong jaw, boosted Fishious Rend in the rain, so it’s crazy, 2-Hit, KOs everything or knocks out everything.

The only Pokemon that obviously take hits are water absorb Pokemon. I wouldn’t use water absorb on this Pokemon. Unfortunately, I already did by accident the other day, but I would not use it under normal circumstances and, of course, when this Pokemon does get the sand rush ability, which is its hidden ability. That is something you could run, which would double its speed in sand. However, just the power that strong jaw gives you, the man, is just it’s crazy. It’S crazy, so another option over psychic fangs is outrage and outrage gives you a stronger hit versus Dragons, obviously mainly hydreigon. The rest of the dragons are hit by at least crunch, like Dragapult, for instance, and Fishious Rend hits like neutral with Pokemon like Turtonator. I guess if you want to think about that, but I wouldn’t necessarily use outrage. I did slash it, but I wouldn’t use it because one of the big things about this Pokemon is it’s really hard to revenge kill, and by that I mean that it’s hard to knock out after, like unless you have a super effective move like Draco meteor from Hydreigon or something or like a strong move like choice, band Darmanitan’s, icicle crash, this pokemon can live a hit.

So if you give it outrage and ditto comes in, obviously ditto will have the choice scarf and the imposter and it can outspeed you and knock you out with outrage. So I wouldn’t necessarily go outrage. I’D go psychic fangs. Next up, we have is the choice scarf set, which is rocking the exact same thing again: you’re slashing maybe psychic fangs for outrage, but for the most part, you’re gon na be running Fishious, Rend, crunch, psychic, fangs and low kick and we’re running jolly nature. On this thing allows us to outspeed pokmon, like modest Dragapult, which is, I think, a pretty big one as well as, like a you know, an adamant Gyarados if those are necessarily running around but yeah.

The the cool thing about this pokemon is that this one can actually take advantage of the Dynamax, and by that I mean like if you Dynamax right, you obviously lose your choice scarf and that will allow you to go for max knuckle and potentially get 1 or You go for the max geyser and you get the rain up and then obviously after, if you manage to survive because this pokemon is decently bulky so from Dynamaxing, it does obviously take advantage of that. I say obviously a lot my bad, but it does take advantage of that and you either get the 1 attack. You can get the rain up. You can either use the the max darkness to help versus something like Jellicent, for instance, or you know the the max psychic move for toxapex, but the big thing is: if you get up that rain and then you go back to your choice: scarf user now you Have a choice: scarf Dracovish in rain, clicking Fishious Rend and the reason choice scarf is cool because again, when you go before your opponent, when you go before your opponent, it doubles in power.

So if you’re faster than your opponent doubles in power, it also doubles in power. If your opponent switches out, if I’m not mistaken, I believe that also counts is because the way they did turn mechanics now. So I believe it also counts and also if your opponent goes for Volt Switch. So let’s say a choice. Scarf Rotom wash goes for volt switch on my Dracovish, and I go for Fishious Rend that turn the Pokemon coming in is going to take the doubled power of Fishious Rend. So it’s just pretty crazy to think about, like this mon is, is really nice in that regard. It’S a one trick pony if it’s probably just gon na be clicking. You know Fishious Rend most of the time, but for the most part, that’s really all it needs, and this Pokemon is really cool, because it’s basically a good anti offense mon has a good speed, tier and and by anti offense. I mean that it’s just able to punish a lot of more frail bones. Even offensive builds as well, but choice scarf is really good versus offensive mons.

Offensive Pokemon are typically frail in a sense that they’re not designed to take hits they’re not always frail, but they’re. Not usually designed to take multiple hits, I mean you know, you’re, hitting them with a strong jaw boosted, you know double empowered stab boosted attack does a lot. The last set that I think is actually one of the cooler sets and also good I’ve used it in practice. It’S awesome, pretty good is a quick cloth set. If you guys don’t know what quick claw does. Basically, it’s a 20 % chance every single turn to move first in your bracket, of course, so like a priority move would always go before a quick, claw, Fishious Rend. But if I get the quick claw and I have Dracovish out and there’s some games, this has already happened like I’ve had it happen versus Darmanitan I’ve had it happen versus Toxtricity. It would allow it to outspeed it.

For that turn, or at least that specific, if they move before it and get the full base power, Fishious Rend, that’s pretty cool, because again this mon is decently bulky. So it actually takes a Icicle crash anyway from Galarian Darmanitan. But the thing is Darmanitan will live. One Fishious Rend from an Adamant: Dracovish, that’s not choice band, but if I get the quick claw turn one Darmanitan drops and the idea behind this is to abuse that option again. There are other move sets. Are there other move items on this that I mentioned as well, and that would be maybe leftovers. Leftovers is an item if you wan na get some recovery, because what substitute and your natural resistances you can substitute on like the stealth rock toxic protects scaled Seismitoads that are running around, which is why I think you kind of need earthquake at the moment to be Able to do some damage to this and Metronome is also an option where metronome does is. It basically boosts the power of a move the more times you use it, and that’s obviously, very strong for Dragovich, and especially because you can sub up on Pokemon like Toxapex, which scald is 4x resisted.

So it takes a lot of scalds to be able to break Dracovish’s Sub, and that’s why we have psychic fangs and crunch. We want to be able to deal with. We want to be able to avoid Strength, sap from Jellicent. We want to be able to avoid. Will o wisp want to be able to avoid scald burns from Toxpaex and basically just spam? You know psychic fangs, crunch and Fishious Rend. This set is so cool because it also, if you’re running a quick claw and it activates, it’s really hard to revenge, go pokemon that is consistently moving before you, when you’re trying to go out to your choice scarf or your faster Pokemon to deal with it. So Dracovish, all in all, is a very, very, very threatening Pokemon in terms of teammates.

It’S crazy because, like this mon, doesn’t really need too much to survive. Obviously, a weakened Ferrothorn, a weakened Seimitoad. You know a weakened. Jellicent are all very good, because those are all Pokemon that can take at least one hit and they’re stopping dracovish from spamming, its Fishious Rend, though Ferrothorn, if its in the rain. If it’s choice band, I mean it’s getting t2-Hit KOd by this beast, so that is something even Toxapex is getting 2-Hit KOd, so Pokemon that can deal with that. I really like hazard support as well. I like Ferrothorn plus Dracovish as well, because it has you know that weakness to Dragon and obviously Ferrothorn does resist that and gets up hazards.

Knock off is pretty cool as Ferrothorn as a partner as well he’s getting rid of the recovery on opposing Toxapex or opposing Ferrothorn like leftovers, for instance, is really good because that’s its recovery right, so it’s not gon na be able to take Fishious Rend more. I definitely think you want Pokemon that can deal with hydreigon as well. That’S a Pokemon, that’s probably to be coming in this Pokemon. If it’s banded, it’s not gon na. It’S not gon na come in on this Pokemon, but after It will usually come in to revenge kill. So in answer to Hydreigon is nice fairy types like a clefable and sylveon are pretty good, specifically lifeorb clefable with magic guard. I think is really really nice because it has the the fire blast, / flamethrower, to deal with Pokemon like Ferrothorn, which Dracovish obviously does not like thunderbolt as well for for Toxapex or even Light Orb Thunder can be cool.

It’S a 2-hit ko and you know, can also at the same time come in on hydreigon and wall it unless Hydreigon is 2 and goes for the the max steel move. So that is something to think about, but I I think Clefable is a pretty nice solid option with it because it checks the dragon types, and this is also a Pokemon. You just pour on your offense and it’s nice because, like Pokemon, like Cinderace, are running around to do things like court change and you know mix up hazards. So you can use this Pokemon on offense, even on sticky web offense, with like choice, brand or choice scarf, and you basically punish Cinderace if it goes for its move, he’s gon na click that Fishious Rend but yeah, it’s all. I have for you guys today again, if you guys want to check out those guides, those link are down below and feel free to subscribe. Leave a like I’ll see you guys next time goodbye, my frens

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