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How to use DRACOZOLT! Dracozolt Moveset Battle Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


yo what’s up guys You got Pokeaim here with my next Pokemon sword and shield move set video guide on how to use Dracozolt, now this pokemon Electric and dragon type beautiful resistances flying steel fire water grass and electric that’s pretty prominent considering Pokemon like Corviknight and Rotom wash are running around in the tier as well as Ferrothorn. it has a decent attack at base 100 it’s not that respectable however it does have the ability hustle which basically multiplies its attack by 1.5 so it’s the effect of a choice band and lowers the accuracy of its moves and just like its fossil counterparts it has some nasty moves that are doubled in power if you move before your opponent which is, uh, bolt beak! So this pokemon, really cool much like Dragovich it can basically do the exact same thing if you guys actually missed that moveset guide there’s a playlist down below also if you want to figure out how to team build these Pokemon I do have a playlist down below in the description and I’ll be showing off this Pokemon later today in a Pokemon Showdown Live.

So the first set we have for Dracozolt is the choice band set and it’s basically you know a choice band which is hustle on top of a choice band, the actual item. Bolt Beak is your main move, you want to run a jolly nature because you want to always be faster than Pokemon like Corviknight and Bisharp, you want to hit them as powerful as possible Corviknight is sent flying by this Bolt Beak right here we have Dragon Claw as our other stab move it’s nice and spammable you don’t have to lock yourself into outrage just because this pokemon hits incredibly hard and then we have earthquake, earthquake is a good option maybe for like Aegislash, if you don’t want to get hit by King’s shield or just think again another like strong move to click in itself and then aerial ace is the last move now aerial ace isn’t necessarily for coverage right the cool thing about aerial ace is that when you Dynamax you get the +1 speed because it’s a max airstream so if you Dynamax you get +1 speed on a choice band Pokemon so you know you use those three turns you can Dynamax bolt beak and that will give you Electric terrain to buff your already strong electric-type attack and when you go back to regular you can click a move and you’ll have that +1 speed from the Dynamax aerial ace but in general it’s still pretty cool because it’s a move that doesn’t miss and that’s very important on a hustle Pokemon so even though it’s not stab or anything it can still be relatively strong coming off of a hustle Pokemon with a choice band.

Be careful when using this mon in my opinion because like much like any Mon it’s really prone to being ditto’d because ditto can just come in and copy you but I mean you can always Dynamax back and beat it I actually like to run this Pokemon with dugtrio just because a sash Dugtrio with like spin support or even just a ground type in general like Excadrill just so that when Ditto tries to copy me it doesn’t beat me 1v1 my team right so Excadrill, Dugtrio even Ferrothorn is a pretty good partner though be careful because bolt beak from a choice band one, not from ditto but from a choice band one, hits incredibly hard so be careful.

Those are all like checks to it and not necessarily counters. it’s that Pokemon. the next set we have is the choice scarf set and this one pretty much runs the exact same moves you still want to be jolly you want to have that bolt beak Dragon Claw earthquake and then Fire Blast is our next one we are naive nature so we’re minus special defense the reasoning we fire blast over fire Fang is because fire blast is not affected by hustle so it’s more accurate than fire Fang and also on a choice scarf set fire blast hits harder to physically defensive Ferrothorn than a hustle boosted fire Fang it actually does a little bit more so and again it’s more accurate so that’s mainly there for Ferrothorn which is a Pokemon that can come in on Dracozolt that’s also pretty cool because if you Dynamax this pokemon as well you get a pretty you get a stronger hit then you would have from the from the physical side just because again a lot of Ferrothorns are running physically defensive to deal with it and Ferrothorn is a Pokemon you will have to deal with because a leech seed Ferrothorn, will for the most part beat Dracozolt 1 v 1 if it is choice locked not choice band but choice scarf so that’s something to keep in mind on this one, but much like Dracovish I mean like the main difference between the two is that Dracovish obviously has strong jaw with boosted Fishious Rend whereas Dracozolt has strong attacks or stronger attacks in general like all around stronger attacks whereas fishious rend is just ridiculously strong with strong jaw but Dracozolt has all around stronger attacks but has a chance to miss so the next set we have is again much like the the Dracovish that I talked about before but it’s a substitute it’s a substitute set and what this allows us to do is abuse the fact that it has pretty good resistances pokémon like Rotom can’t break your sub, pokémon like Ferrothorn can’t break your sub, at least not in one hit, so being able to substitute and ensuring that you can get off that that Bolt Beak, that Dragon Claw, can be pretty cool.

The last move is basically up to you, low kick or fire fang are both good fire Fang will obviously 2-hit KO Ferrothorn whereas low kick can be pretty cool because it can also 2-hit KO Ferrothorn but it gives you the +1 attack as well if you Dynamax so if you get that max knuckle you can get +1 attack on Dracozolt so that can be pretty cool behind a sub. the items you can run are quick claw I did that on Dracovish before, if you guys missed that video feel free to check it out, I did that, and it actually put in work, it actually put in work, it’s pretty crazy because I’ll say the exact same reasoning, not being able to revenge kill this Pokemon guaranteed, is pretty scary for a lot of Pokemon, like your opponent if you go for sub, your opponent might make a crazy aggressive play and go hard dragapult because they have infiltrators so they go through your sub and then they try to drop a Draco or go for shadow ball or something if you’re low enough and you outspeed them because your quick claw pops and you knock them out with Dragon Claw or you know that happens and you miss dragon claw because of hustle ability that’d be pretty funny but yeah that’s an item you can run.

Leftovers is also pretty good for longevity. you can put up multiple subs on Pokemon like Toxapex, Jellicent, Ferrothorn, Rotom so leftovers can give you that recovery, that longevity, and metronome is also an option for spamming Bolt Beak because even if you miss moves like bolt beak dragon claw they will still be powered up by metronome as long as you have clicked it so as long as I’m clicking bolt beak multiple times, metronome still powers it up, so it’s definitely a potential item that you can run on Dracozolt and again either low kick or fire Fang I think it really depends on what you value more for the team.

Does your team value getting rid of Ferrothorn quicker or do you prefer having the the +1 on Dracozolt in attack and I think that this set in particular can work really well on sticky web teams though choice band is obviously super good on sticky web because I mean you’re getting rid of the slow 75 base speed due to sticky web being up lowering your opponent’s speed and making your bolt beak stronger but again this can be pretty cool in sticky web because not only can you use it offensively and be faster due to sticky web but you know defensively for the reasons I mentioned before you can get a substitute on toxapex you can get a substitute on Corviknight you can get a substitute on Ferrothorn you can get a substitute on Jellicent so those are definitely options for Dracozolt.

The last one is taking advantage of a new item, this is a little bit more, funny enough this is actually more gimmicky than quick claw set because the quick claw set is actually tried and true whereas blunder policy is a new item in this generation and what it does is if you miss an attack it gives you +2 speed so it raises your speed by 2 stages and that’s pretty cool for a Pokemon that you know wants to move before your opponent considering its bolt beak is doubled in power if that’s the case and you want that to happen right, chances are if you’re using a hustle Pokemon you’re gonna be gonna miss you’re gonna miss eventually right so that’s pretty cool in a sense that on a switch and you can actually use moves like dragon rush which is already 75% accurate so you make it even less than that to prop that so this could be something I think can win in the late game or it can still go early and and be crazy right but all your moves have a chance to miss because of the hustle ability anyway and obviously dragon rush has the highest chance to miss so you’re using that to potentially activate this.

I think this can also work on substitute set as well using a blunder policy and that could be interesting especially because if you’re behind a substitute Dido cannot imposter / transform into you since it needs to basically see you right. Ditto can’t transform into Ditto, Ditto can’t transform into something behind a substitute so it needs to see you in order to, and you need be a real Pokemon, in order for it to transform into you Substitute is also an option on this set or you can use blunder policy on the last set that I mentioned but again Dracozolt I think good team compositions are ones with spikes and like stealth rock. I like mew for instance, mew being able to get up potential hazards is very nice though that’s like a little bit dependent on the type of team you want to use as well I think that because Mew isn’t as good at getting up spikes and stealth rock as it was early meta just because a lot of Excadrill are running around with focus sash and whatnot but spikes and stealth rock are very good especially because of physically defense Pokemon like you know like Seismitoad and Ferrothorn are not going to appreciate hits coming from Dracozolt even though those are checks to Dracozolt, they’re not gonna appreciate hits coming from Dracozolt with layers of hazards up.

Likewise I like Cinderace a lot as a partner because Cinderace appreciates Dracozolt’s ability to get rid of Toxapex, I get rid of Jellicent, right, whereas Dracozolt appreciates Cinderace’s ability to get rid of hazards with court change or to scare out Pokemon like Ferrothorn but good checks this thing I already mentioned Ferrothorn is a decent check be careful playing around a choice band set, a choice band does not have to run Jolly by the way it can definitely run Adamant but I think jolly is better just because of the fact that max speed Corviknight is something that runs around and you just hit so hard with the hustle boost but I think that’s all I have for you guys today, thank you everyone for watching like I said later today I will be having a showdown live going up featuring this Pokemon and I’ll be using I believe the choice band set in that one so that should be a lot of fun ideally I hit my moves because we’re just gonna be clicking buttons with this problem that’s the type of pokemon it is, this and Dracovish are just crazy all they do is click buttons if this thing had I don’t know man hustle’s a great ability man, if it had tough claws though i think tough claws would be a little better just because I don’t the risk missing but yeah hope you guys all enjoyed I will catch you guys next time goodbye my frens and I cannot find the stop recording button here it is

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