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How to use DRAGAPULT! Dragapult Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo what’s up guys, you got Pokeaim here with another Pokémon Sword and Shield moveset video guide, on how to use Dragapult. This is actually one of my favorite, if not my favorite new Pokémon added to Pokémon Sword and Shield, and I’ll be doing move set guides on all the new Pokémon as well as guides for Pokémon Sword and Shield in general. So feel free to subscribe and I’ll be featuring the Pokémon in Wi-Fi battles soon. I hope to start this week, but it might be as late as next week, but I’ll also be featuring this Pokémon later today in a Showdown live if you want to talk about it.

So Dragapult is incredibly fast. Base 142 Speed, and has good Attack and decent Special Attack it also has a decent physical movepool, I wanna say decent, it’s not the best but access to Dragon Dance with its high Speed makes it pretty hard to revenge kill So it’s pretty hard for a Pokémon to come in after this Pokemon is set up, outspeed it and deal with it unless you’re talking about an Imposter Ditto or something. So the first set we have is the Dragon Dance Life Orb set, and we’re running Jolly with Infiltrator. Infiltrator is cool because it lets you attack Pokémon behind a sub, or if Light Screen and Reflect are up, with a Life Orb just to boost our power.

Now the unfortunate thing about Dragapult’s physical movepool is that Phantom Force, its best Ghost STAB, is a two-turn move. Luckily with Dynamax, though, If you Dragon Dance up – I mean you don’t have to Dragon Dance up, but I would assume Dragon Dancing up Phantom Force becomes just a physical, one-turn Ghost-type attack and it’s incredibly powerful, especially when boosted by a Life Orb. Dragon Darts is also really nice, whether you’re Dynamax or not, being 100 Base Power, both of the little Dreepys that fly out, Which is the coolest thing by the way, (drop a dreepy) Does 50 damage each, and Sucker Punch is there because it allows you to deal with other potentially faster Dragapults. We are running Jolly nature, but I think Adamant is fine as well but I did want to maximize speed on this Pokémon. Sucker Punch also becoming just a dark move that doesn’t depend on the opponent attacking when you’re Dynamaxed is also pretty good. This Pokémon is incredibly fast and being able to get off damage after Dragon Dancing is really nice. However, it’s not the only option that we have on Dragapult.

There’s actually a mixed set if you want to try that out, too. And basically I’ve replaced Sucker Punch on this set with Fire Blast, and Fire Blast is nice Especially when you Dynamax because it allows you to deal with Pokémon like Corvknight and allows you to deal with Pokémon like Ferrothorn, which will otherwise be a little bit annoying, because Corviknight can bulk up on turns that you Phantom Force since it takes two turns and Ferrothorn can eat hits as well, and Leech Seed or Gyro Ball back. We’ll just be running naive on this one which is for special attack EVs, but that’s the main reason behind Fire Blast there Otherwise, you’re just mainly gonna be clicking Dragon Darts and Phantom Force itself This Pokémon again, having Fire Blast means that Ferrothorn can’t just straight up wall it. The next set we have is a Choice Band set And I like Choice Band on this set too because Dragon Darts is very very powerful and again with the new Dynamaxing that we have, you can be choice-locked into a move and then Dynamax, and then you can click all your moves like while you’re Dynamaxing.

So it’s really hard. That’s really really cool I mean hard like, as in, that’s fire. But that’s really cool. Sorry, everything just came out, New York came out but the immediate boost to Sucker Punch is really nice, again, just doing so much damage to opposing Dragapult. I believe you only need to Stealth Rock damage in order to KO Dragapult with a banded Sucker Punch, that’s what it’s been based on my battles. U-Turn is there for momentum, gets you on out of there, Dragon Darts is really spammable, and then Phantom Force is your last move and again, Phantom Force being a two-turn move isn’t always the best but it is its strongest Ghost STAB. So using it on a Choice Band makes it that much more powerful, and again, we’re gonna be using the Infiltrator just because dual screens is actually something that’s becoming very common and Pokémon behind substitutes, we want to be able to hit them.

And U-Turn is really nice too as well. Especially after you Dynamax because it gives you a wave It gives you a nice little bug move and it’s cool for Pokémon like Grimmsnarl, if they’ve been weakened a little bit you can actually do like 50% or if they come in like on your Dynamax, I believe it’s the Ghost move that lowers defenses. I could be a little bit off about that But I believe it’s the ghost movie that lowers defenses, if you do that You can actually hit them with the Dynamax U-Turn and that can knock them out sometimes.

So next up we actually have, speaking of Well, not this one. But okay. We’ll talk about the Choice Specs/Choice Scarf one I thought our dual screens set was coming up but here I have a Choice Specs set which can also be ran with a Choice Scarf, Choice Specs boosting your Special Attack, Choice Scarf boosting your speed. The cool thing about Choice Scarf, I’ll talk about Choice Scarf first, is that it basically out speeds most, if not all of the scarfers in the tier and most Pokémon at plus one I’m talking like Pokemon like Dragon Dance Gyarados, who have already Dragon Danced and gotten that +1 Choice Scarf Darmanitan, which is running around And things like that, so we have the Choice Scarf set with Draco Meteor, Fire Blast Shadow Ball and U-Turn or Thunderbolt I like Thunderbolt a lot because like I said, you are faster than a Dragon Dance Gyarados, so being able to outspeed it and knocking it out with thunderbolt is very nice and its special moves are a lot more spammable, Fire Blast is great for those steel types whereas Shadow Ball is just incredibly spammable on, just in general because fairy types do exist And then Draco Meteor is your strongest Dragon-type STAB if you want to drop a draco We’re running Timid, max Speed, max Special Attack I do want to note on every single one of these sets so far, you can definitely run between Adamant or you know Modest depending on the nature obviously if you’re a special attacker You wanna run Modest or Timid, if you’re a physical attacker you wanna run Adamant or Jolly I’m just giving you the suggestion of running max Speed because you can outspeed Opposing Dragapult running around but it’s not always necessary.

Modest, for example, If you’re running a Choice Scarf set, you’re still incredibly fast as well and U-Turn is there for momentum. So it really does depend. Choice Scarf might run U-Turn but I do think Thunderbolt is such a good slash either way, just for dealing with Gyarados and again choice specs is also here on the screen, and it’s the exact same set I would personally run Thunderbolt if I’m running this on a Sticky Web team That way I can afford to run Modest with my Dragapult, not worrying.

With Sticky Web up, you don’t really have to worry about other Dragapult outspeeding you since Sticky Web does lower their speed and Modest Shadow Ball just hits so hard in the tier it really really really does, and Fire Blast just nuking those Steel-types and, again, Thunderbolt is really nice for Gyarados, Toxapex, bulky waters in general. If you’re running this on Choice Specs I would advise don’t run U-Turn Just run Thunderbolt, run four attacks because you want to get off as much damage as possible If you are running a Modest nature on this Pokémon.

Next up, we do have a dual screens set. I’ve been talking about dual screens a lot But this time I’m running Clear Body with Light Clay I called it Life Clay, but it should say Light Clay. I’m so sorry about that, I just got off of an 8 hour stream from 3 to 11 a.m That I’ve been doing over at aDrive’s house I’ve been doing, it’s a 252 hour marathon – so I’m just gonna explain it real quick, it’s a 252 hour marathon, and I’ve been doing 3 to 11 a.m.

Every day And I’m tired obviously, so that should say Light Clay, not Life Clay But we have Clear Body and, Clear Body, what it does is that your stats are not lowered so that’s cool for opposing sticky web, You can still get up your dual screens and the idea behind this is to Use Dragapult in a way that abuses its Speed, similar to Tapu Koko right, in the previous generation Tapu Koko was known mainly for you know, firing off attacks, Z-Moves and things like that But it was also used on offensive builds with dual screens and That’s pretty much the same thing Dragapult can do.

Being a Dragon and Ghost type, not only does it have incredible Speed but, being that Ghost-type, it’s a dual screener that can spin block as well So if your opponent’s going for Rapid Spin, you go out to Dragapult, you block their Rapid Spin, So that’s really really cool. But we do have Reflect and Light Screen, and with Light Clay they last eight turns. U-Turn is great for momentum And then we have Dragon Darts as your only STAB. This mon isn’t necessarily meant to get off attacks or deal damage but it can, which is why we’re still running max attack and while getting up the Light Screen and Reflect, you can pair this thing with something like Dragon Dance Gyarados, Swords Dance Mimikyu, Set-up mons like that, Kommo-o for instance, just anything that can set up.

Even a Falinks, right, if you want to use a No Retreat Falinks and you want to have it behind Light Screen and Reflect, really really nice. The other option of course, for the ability, is Infiltrator if you care about opposing Light Screen and Reflect, that’s why we’re actually running Infiltrator on the other sets I suggested, because this set, believe it or not, is running around.

This set is running around on the ladder and It’s something that I want to able to deal with, but I have Clear Body just because Sticky Web is also running around at times. Last but not least we’re gonna be taking advantage of the Cursed Body ability that Dragapult also has, and I wanna give a big shoutout to my boy Anti for the idea behind this set, I really really liked it. We’re running Jolly Cursed Body and if you didn’t know, Cursed Body basically has a chance to make it so your opponent’s move is disabled whether via contact, if they knock you out with a contact move, if they just do damage in general – doesn’t have to be contact either So as long as a move is clicked and it has a chance to activate Cursed Body So we’re running it with Leftovers because we’re gonna be running Substitute Dragon Dance, and the cool thing about Substitute is it protects you from taking damage, yes, but Cursed Body still works with Substitutes.

So it means that even when you’re behind a sub and you’re safe there’s a chance that your opponent won’t be able to do their moves. And this is pretty cool on like a choice-locked Pokémon, for example, like, a Choice Scarf Darmanitan might try and come in on you while you go for Substitute, and they might go for Icicle Crash and you’ll go for Dragon Dance while you’re behind that sub because you’re incredibly safe, right, you’re protected behind that sub They break your sub but Cursed Body activates, which means that they can no longer go for the Icicle Crash, and they’re actually forced to switch because they can’t click a move, right, they can only click Struggle which will do some damage, but it wouldn’t knock out Dragapult obviously. But that means you can get a second Swords Dance or, excuse me, a second Dragon Dance, not Swords Dance.

A second Dragon Dance and get behind a sub again and Phantom Force with Leftovers is really nice, too Because like I said, it’s a two-turn move. So you recover Leftovers also, in whatever dimension Phantom Force takes you to and The turn you attack it as well. And Substitute’s also pretty cool for Choice Scarf Ditto, because Choice Scarf Ditto is running around and Imposter basically is used to copy set up sweepers But if you’re behind a Substitute, Ditto… basically doesn’t notice you with Imposter. I guess that’s the way it works. So it actually cannot auto copy you at all. So that’s really cool. And this is again another opportunity to use Dragapult. Like I said, this mon is one of my favorite this generation if not my favorite I really do like it and there are also other options, you know, it can run Will-o-Wisp sets, Dragon Dance sets can use U-Turn as well, just for momentum, do it later. Again, it doesn’t really matter Because Dynamax also makes things incredibly, like, versatile as well. So like on Choice sets, too. But yeah, thank you everybody for watching! If you guys are actually interested in watching that 252 thing, like I said, I stream on twitch.tv/adrive I’ll be streaming on twitch.tv/pokeaim, my Twitch, after I come back on Tuesday, but I’ve been streaming every day from 3:00 to 11:00 a.m twitch.tv/adrive, and yeah, we actually are selling limited edition Drop a Draco merch! It’s limited edition for the event so it’s pretty cool.

I don’t have a picture of it right here but I encourage you to go to the scheme and do !merch. But yeah, thank you everybody for watching! Feel free to subscribe I’ll have more Pokémon Sword and Shield guides coming out, and later today I will have a Pokémon Showdown live featuring Dragapult and, hopefully by next week, Wi-Fi battles with these Pokémon. Anyway, that’s it, goodbye my frens. :].

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