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How to use DREDNAW! Drednaw Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys got Pokeaim here with a Pokemon moveset video guide on how to use Drednaw? Now, if this is your first video watching me, hello, hi, I’m Joey, I play competitive Pokemon over here on YouTube and I really really love it. I plan on uploading multiple, how to use video guides competitive battling guides, as well as showdown lives, Pokemon Showdown lives and Wi-Fi battles from the game itself of me featuring these Pokemon that I’m talking about in these guides. So it’s not just gon na. Be me giving you this and nothing after right. You just expect you to go out with it later in the day, I’ll be doing some type of video with the Pokemon as well as long as I’m able to might take a little bit of time to do. The Wi-Fi battles give me a couple days at most, but just because I’m put them on together. Obviously, but yeah stay tuned also feel free to follow me on Twitch and Twitter. Those links are down below to stay up to date. Maybe you know when I ask for battles and whatnot that’d be pretty cool too. Let’S talk a little bit about Drednaw Drednaw is a water and Rock type, which means that it is weak to four types.

Electric grass fighting and ground, and actually real quick – I should have mentioned this in the beginning, but Drednaw Gigantamax Drednaw, which is the one you guys are looking at on. The screen right now is available in pokemon sword from November 15th to January 15th, 2020 via max raid. So if you want to try and find a gigantamax Drednaw, it will be more common in max raids until that date. So if you want to pick one up, but we’re gon na be using a Swift, Swim Drednaw and if you guys didn’t know, what’s what swift swim does. Basically, it doubles your speed on rain, so this first set kind of focuses heavily on rain teams that might use support from something like pelipper, for instance, which summons the rain, which will double Drednaw’s speed. We’Re gon na be using an adamant. Swift Swim life, orb set life, orb, boosting the power or the damage output that Drednaw actually has

Now we’ll be using an adamant set because at 2, which this set kind of revolves around as we have swords, dance and swords. Dance of course boosts your attack 2. At 2, with a life orb adamant earthquake, you can knock out physically defensive toxapex and that is going to be a very key Pokemon in Pokemon, sword and shield right so max defense, max HP, impish, nature or bold nature. Toxapex. You can knock it out with 2 life, orb earthquake, a hundred percent, and that is so cool for Drednaw. Considering it is a water rock type and toxapex is going to be resisting. You know one of its stabs most of time in liquidation, but yeah. That’S why we’ll be running adamant? Another cool calc about the adamant set is that at 2 it can knock out Rotom wash physically defensive Rotom, wash it does 96 percent minimum with 2 life orb stone edge. Also in the rain, you are faster than base 100 with a choice scarf, so that’s pretty cool about Drednaw. Otherwise you can run jolly, but I actually like to run adamant just because of those calcs again Stone Edge and liquidation. Are your two stab moves to abuse under Swords, Dance and another cool thing about Drednaw, especially Gigantamaxed Drednaw is the fact that it has G max Stone Surge, which is its G max move and it’s exclusive to gigantic max Drednaw and basically, when you are GigantaMax and Use a water move, you not only get a really strong attack, but you also set up stealth rock. So it’s an offensive Pokemon that can set up stealth rock at the same time, while its attacking, though, keep in mind that you cannot use swords dance. While you are gigantamaxed, so if you wan na Swords Dance, you want to do that before you actually gigantamax with your Drednaw, because they all become max as far as status moves. So that’s pretty cool about Drednaw

As you can see on the screen, I have its base stats from 91, 115, 90, 48, 68 and 74, and then I’ve showed you guys. The HP/attack investment and the spread is the EVs. So we’re gon na be running max attack max speed and the rest is just put in defence and right next to that is the speed you’d get at level 100. If you have perfect IVs as well as the EV spread that I talked about there and like I said, if you have no idea what I’m talking about check out my ultimate guide to competitive Pokemon, it’s linked down below in the description but I’ll also be having An updated guide for Pokemon sword and shield as well. Now I do have another set that I want to talk about with Drednaw, and I don’t think this set is going to be as prominent as the Swift Swim variant, especially because it just you know that below average 74 speed it gets rid of and makes it A sweeper under rain, but we do have a choice band set with adamant, strong Jaw, we’re gon na, be using that strong jaw ability in this and same EV spread for the most part. You want to use adamant. I think, on this pokemon. The only reason you use Jolly is to outspeed opposing Drednaw under rain, but for the most part, adamant is still faster than Pokemon, like Tyranitar, for instance, so you can hit them with a really strong choice: band boosted, liquidation,

Jaw lock is a new move in this generation and it’s boosted by strong jaw and basically what it is is it’s crunch, but it traps your opponent as well. So that’s pretty cool because a lot of times you might see a response to Drednaw, maybe something like Ferrothorn, for instance – and you go for jaw lock do about 30-35 %, and your opponent knows that you have a fire-type in the back or something like that right. So they want to maybe switch out to cover that, instead of letting it in for free, since they have a ferrothorn in I’m just giving you guys an example, but because you used jaw lock, you trap them, so they can’t make that double and you can switch Out into that fire type for free, without fearing them too pull back into a different Pokemon. So that’s pretty cool, I think for Drednaw. It’S also strong jaw, boosted, like I said so. It’S a decent move to be locked into because it’s gon na be strong since strong jaw boost your biting attacks by 1.5 times the power

Liquidation, stone, edge and earthquake is there. I think earthquake is a pretty decent move considering again 2-hit KOing Toxapex is a big one. However, we do have some other options right here now. This isn’t a full move set, keep in mind when I put ice. Fang super power head smash and crunch. I’M not saying run this okay. I am definitely not saying run this. I’M just saying these are the other options for Drednaw, but Ice Fang is as an option and Ice. Fang is pretty cool because it’s also boosted by the strong jaw ability and that allows Drednaw to actually pick up a KO on a pokemon like Celebi, for instance, from full HP. You know assuming Celebii was in the game, but just to show you how strong it is also really nice for hitting Pokemon like Flapple and just for some super strong damage hitting dragon types which otherwise resist your liquidation. Another move you can have is super power, and super power is nice for hitting Pokemon, like the Ferrothorn, for instance, for super effective damage as well as Duraladon. So it gives you a nice move versus that, as well as other normal types and head smash. Is a cool option too, because it’s incredibly strong right and coming off a base 115 attack. It hits incredibly hard just for reference. 2-Hit KOs, physically defensive Toxapex,

It does like 88 % percent minimum, I believe around there to physically defensive Rotom, and you are faster than that. That’S a pretty key thing about this. Unless Rotom is running, speed, Drednaw will be faster than that. So that’s a really nice little option. Keep in mind, though, you will be taking recoil from that, and the last option is crunch, but for the most part I don’t think I’ve ever used crunch over jaw lock, just because of the same base power, but the only added benefit that crunch has that jaw Lock doesn’t have is that it can get a defense drop where, as jaw lock like, I said traps you Now, there are some other options that Drednaw does learn and um. I think that it gets stealth rock right and it has shell armor, and that means that you cannot be crit and crits are pretty important in Pokemon, because obviously they do more damage and they can cost you your Pokemon, so maybe a defensive stealth rocker could work, But honestly considering there are an abundance of rock types and stealth rockers in this generation that are all good and I’ll. Just tell you some stealth, rockers outclasses, Pokemon Rhyperior, for instance, is one of them. If we’re looking or Gigalith is a cool stealth rocker as well. That also sets up sand, so we can work on. You know: sand teams that function around excadrill same thing with Tyranitar. If we’re using other rock types, I mean, if we’re talking hazards anyway, why use the water rock type which has 4 resistances, so it isnt bad, but you can use something like Ferrothorn with plethora of resistances right, but what I do really like about this mon, like I said it can be offensive while also setting up hazards at the same time. So while it does have cool little options like stealth, rock and defensive options, I wouldn’t necessarily use them. I think that offensive is the best way to go with Drednaw. Now I mentioned Drednaw, and now I should be talking about a few partners that you can use if you’re trying to build a team around this now Drednaw having the swift swim ability. If you manage to get its hidden ability, which is what Swift Swim is because his main abilities are strong jaw and shell armor, you would want to have a rain setter and you don’t necessarily need a rain setter. Considering some Dynamax moves can actually set up the rain. Excuse me, the water type Dynamax moves can set up the rain. However, if you use a water type Dynamax move to set up the rain, then you can’t Gigantamax with your Drednaw. You can only do that stuff. Once per turn so or once per game, not once per turn, it lasts, 3 turns

So what you actually want to do is probably use a pokmon like pelipper, for instance, with a damp Rock and that’ll. Extend the rain turns, and not only do that, but it’ll provide you with a way of setting up rain for Drednaw itself. To actually do some damage because it does excel in the rain not only boosting its speed, but also boosting the power of liquidation and the power of its GMAX move as well, because that is water type move as well. Another cool option defensively for Drednaw. This is actually a very common core on rain teams is the combination of pelipper plus Ferrothorn Ferrothorn is pretty much invaluable to rain teams. Not only does it provide hazard, support and stealth rock and spike and is an annoyance with leech and knock off, but it provides a ton of resistances. It’S basically resistant to most of the types that Drednaw is a week to, or at least the two main ones being grass and electric, obviously fighting types. You don’t really like that too much, but that’s what pelipper comes to play and it does check those fighting types. Its naturally resistant to it, so that is like a little core that can go together with these guys and the rest of the rain team is seriously up to you. There are plenty of other Swift Swimmers like Barraskewda could work as well. If you want to make it a more offensive, it doesn’t have to be full-on rain either you can just function with pelipper, Drednaw and Ferrothorn, and then go either a more defensive route with pivots or even a more offensive route. Like I already mentioned, Barraskewda or other Swift Swim abusers that can work

But yeah that is my moveset guide on Drednaw. Let me know if this helped, you out, of course feel free to leave a like subscribe and, like I said later today, I’ll be doing my best to either get up a showdown, live or a Wi-Fi battle, or a max raid, or something just featuring Drednaw. On the channel and if I don’t manage to get up a Wi-Fi battle just because of the fact that it’s day, one of the game just wait a few days and I’ll definitely get up a Wi-Fi battle with me featuring Drednaw. But thank you. Everyone for watching hope you guys all enjoyed I’ll, see you guys next time goodbye, my frens

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