How to use DURALUDON! Duraludon Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ????


Yo, what’s up guys, you got pokeaim here with another Pokemon sword and shield moveset video guide on how to use Duraludon. Now I’m actually a big fan of this Pokemon just because of its steel and Dragon typing, which is only shared with Dialga. Now I’m a really big fan of that, because I really like that they’re, basically giving us Pokemon that are only seen. Typically, the typings are only seen a legendary Pokemon, so I think that’s really cool for Duraludon and basically a dragon type with the ability to muscle through fairy types is really really sweet. So Duraludon has base 115 defense base 120 special attack and base 85 speed. All this is actually pretty solid in combination with its strong moves like Draco, meteor and steel beam.

The first set I’m going to be talking about is choice specs. This takes advantage of that base 120 special attack and the set we’re going to be using is Draco meteor, flash cannon, thunderbolt and dark pulse. Now you could put steel beam over flash cannon if you really want to, but keep in mind that it does basically take half of your HP just for clicking it. The idea behind specs Duraludon is just to abuse that special attack stat and throw off strong moves. Like Draco meteor, flash cannon allows you to muscle through fairy types: it’s actually a decent move to click anyway. Thunderbolt is really cool for Pokemon, like Toxapex, as well as Mandibuzz and, more importantly, Gyarados being able to deal with those allows the Duraludon on a solid chance. In the OU meta game, as well as Corviknight, I think Corviknight is the biggest one, though I would say that way. The sub bulk up set cannot beat you 1 V 1, because Duraludon is actually naturally faster. The last move we have is dark pulse.

Unfortunately, this pokemon does not get flamethrower which really really sucks, because it would give it the ability to deal with both Ferrothorn and aegislash. But dark pulse is their is just the means of dealing with aegislash, because it does resist your draco meteor and your flash cannon again. We’Re running modest, max speed, max special attack and being faster than Pokemon like Bisharp and Corviknight. Is such a good speeds tier to hit with this pokemon? The next set we have? Is the choice scarf set and we’re actually taking advantage of that base 85 speed because it is faster than Gyarados at plus one with the choice scarf. Unfortunately, we have to use light metal by the way. I didn’t really talk about abilities in the first one, but I’ll talk a little bit real, quick and then we’ll keep going. Basically, this pokemon has three abilities: light metal, heavy metal and stallworth light metal, as the name suggests it.

You know it makes it lighter. So it’s way is halved, heavy metal makes its way double and stalwart is an ability that basically is good for doubles. It ignores the effects of opposing pokemons abilities and moves that draw. It moves basically allows to ignore things like follow me rage powder and also, if it had a water move, it would allow it to ignore storm drain from Gastrodon in doubles and lightning rod, as well as something as well that I can ignore. So that’s pretty cool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t ignore abilities as a whole like mold breaker, so it can’t like really. You know I can’t touch like I wonder, guard Shedinja or anything so we’re gon na be using light metal on most of these, for the fact that it weakens low kick, which is a super effective move on Duraludon, and I guess grass not to an extent which Is maybe something you might see once in a blue moon but yeah? We have the choice scarf set because of its ability to out speed, Gyarados with a timid nature, and this is nice because we do have the Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt allows us to knock out Gyarados.

As long as they do not Gigantamax, we can knock them out, obviously, being a steel and Dragon type. You also naturally resist Gyarados’, dual stab of water and flying and the other moves. We have are draco, meteor and flash cannon being able to out speed, Dragapult and being able to out speed Hydreigon with the choice scarf set really does allow really does allow Duraludon to be a decent revenge killer. Steel Beam is the last move honestly, it’s there. Just in case, you want the extra umph. I don’t think that dark pulse is kind of necessary on a scarf set. However, with the way Dynamaxing works, you could you could potentially use dark pulse on that set. That way, you can just free up moves and obviously hit aegislash a little bit harder.

I’M not entirely sure about that, though. I’Ve only been using dark pulse on a specs set, thus far and again having natural resistances this Pokemon with its base 115 defense can also just check some physical Pokemon in the tier. It can actually live like an icicle crash, for example, from Galarian Darmanitan, a scarf Galarian Darmanitan, and you can deal with that. It also lives like a Fishious Rend from Dracovish, which is very, very important. Considering its it’s a giant threat um. I do want to notice that I do also want to note. You could also use a Gigantamax Duraludon if you wanted to, and if you use a dragon type attack, it basically reduces the PP of the last move used.

I don’t know if it’s always necessary on it, but I guess maybe, if you’re like in a stall war or something that can be pretty cool, obviously Gigantamaxing Duraludon is an option allowing you to get rid of the PP. On the last move that your opponent – I don’t know if it’s like a full depletion, though cuz I haven’t, tested that as much. I just remember it happening in the game itself and it literally just came to mind. So I want talking about that. But I’m just talking about regular drop. The next set we have is using the rally dog as an offensive stealth rocker, because if it’s great natural resistances, this Pokemon actually has no trouble at all setting up stealth rock day again, you can deal with Corviknight its a stealth rocker that beats Defog Corviknight with Thunderbolt, It can beat the fairy types it naturally outspeeds Pokemon like grimmsnarl and threatens them with a flash cannon, which is very important, while also being able to take like spirit breaks and dark type attacks coming out from grimmsnarl as well.

Draco meteor stealth, rock thunderbolt and flash cannon. I guess you don’t necessarily need flash cannon on this Pokemon. You could technically run Thunder Wave as well like as it is. This is basically using it as an offensive support Mon and stealth. Rock is obviously already a support. Move in itself, but you could potentially run something like thunder wave and obviously that would slow down your opponent’s moves in general because they are being slowed down by Thunder wave. But the EV spread allows us enough speed to outspeed Corviknight as well as bisharp. We do threaten Bisharp with the Thunderbolt as well as Corviknight. Obviously, Corviknight takes the super effective damage, whereas Bisharp just doesn’t appreciate the thunderbolt coming out anyway from a modest max special attack, Duraludon and then flash cannon, like I said, is there for the fairies.

The rest of the EVs were just dumped into HP to maximize overall bulk being a very solid Gyarados check in its natural typing. You do have to worry about plus one earthquake, but you can live one. However, if it does dynamax, you are in trouble, but I mean I think the Duraludon is a pokmon that can Dynamax in front of Gyarados and 1v1 it most of the time with like max lightning. So the final set is an attempt at using a physical version of Duraludon. It does have base 95 attack, which is very respectable, and it has a cool combination of a heavy slam and heavy metal. Basically, because it’s weight is doubled, heavy slam should be very, very strong versus your opponent most of the time – and I guess the one big thing to take away from this is, though, is that you can’t use weight based attacks on Dynamax Pokemon. I suppose the idea behind that is that they’re too big for you to be heavy enough to deal with them. I have no idea what the idea is, so that’s it, but you can’t use weight based attacks on on Dynamax pokemon.

So keep that in mind. If you are trying to beat a Dynamax pokemon 1v1 with Duraludon you’re, probably going to want to either Dynamax yourself or switch you’re, probably not going to beat it 1v1 right. But the idea is that this pokemon can set up on moves like Ferrothorn’s, leech, seed, Ferrothorn’s, gyro, ball and whatnot. It’S not the heaviest, it isn’t the heaviest Pokemon, though, to be honest, it isn’t the heaviest Pokemon in itself. It actually only weighs 40 kg. So you could potentially use iron head, I suppose over heavy slam as well. I don’t know why I said 40 kg it’s 88 pounds anyway, but the idea is stomping. Tantrum is there for Toxapex, but mainly Aegislash too. So if aegislash wants to go for kings shield versus you get a sub, you can swords dance up and go for stomping tantrum to hit that thing with super effective damage.

Again, I think heavy slam can be traded for. Potentially, I don’t know something like iron head for super reliable damage, but using leftovers to obviously get the bulk back and basically, as I’m looking at it, I I do think that iron head is potentially better because it’s just consistent. Eighty base damage for the most part, but yeah a sub swords, dance, stomping, tantrum and with heavy slam. You can set up on toxapex’s scald, because behind a sub you wont be broken at least immediately and Ferrothorn is going to take a lot of attacks in order to break your subs in terms of teammates for this Pokemon, I think that spikers are very important. I think that things that I think that Duraludon can actually stack decently well with opposing dragons as well, just because of its ability to deal with the fairy types that those dragon types might not like.

And if your team wants a stealth rocker that can beat a pokmon like Corviknight Duraludon might be your go-to Mon. Another option, though, going back to the leftovers set, is potentially an eject pack set and the way that works is that if Duraludon drops its stats from Draco meteor, Draco Meteor, giving me the -2 it switches out, so you could potentially use it as that, I’m just Gon na talk about these options, you could potentially use it like that if you want to be an offensive stealth rocker that doesn’t want to be in with its -2 special attack, that’s potentially something but yeah Spikers. I think that Pokemon that can also just take the special attacks aimed at Duraludon are really important because it has base 50 special defense, so Rotom for volt switch to get in specs is pretty cool, and I again I do like the idea of running like double Dragons plus Duraludon, so like Duraludon, plus Hydreigon, could work or even Duraludon, plus Aegislash in the other side like double steel could also work, especially if you’re running like a sub Swords Dance set. But again you don’t necessarily have to run heavy slam on the sub Swords. Dance set, I think iron head might be more reliable, most of the time just in terms of overall damage, but this Pokemon has a lot of cool things to offer. I know the ingame on one of those rental teams.

It was like dual screens: stealth, rock and steel beam and again the idea behind that was you get up, rocks and hazards and they can’t defog because you’re killing yourself with two steel beams, but I think that a lot of Pokemon can be better dual screeners Grimmsnarl For one has prankster and Dragapult also has the speed and can u-turn as well. So I don’t think that’s necessary, but yeah. Thank you, everyone for watching. I hope you guys all enjoy it I’ll be using this Pokemon later today in a showdown live and soon Wi-Fi battles are coming, I’m so excited. Oh yeah leave a like. If you guys did enjoy I’ll, see you guys next time goodbye, my frens