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Yo, what’s up guys you got Pokeaim here I’m here with another Pokemon Sword and Shield moveset video guide for Grimmsnarl Now Grimmsnarl is actually one of my favorite Pokemon from this generation Probably second to like, Dragapult and it’s actually a pretty good answer to Pokemon like Dragapult and Hydregion So if your team is weak to those certain Pokemon Grimmsnarl is actually pretty solid for you, and I’ll talk a little bit more about teammates in a bit But we’re gonna be talking about the assault vest set now I did mention that it’s pretty good versus Dragapult and Hydregion and that’s true because of its natural resistances to dark and ghost, and also the immunity to Fairy Grimmsnarl can come in on Substitute Nasty Plot Hydregion, Specs Hydregion, and Dragapult Which are all running around Now we’re gonna be running an adamant nature and what the assault vest does is it boosts your special defense times 1.5, making it a pretty solid check to Sub Nasty Plot Hydregion We have enough speed for Clefable.

I think that’s a pretty good speed tier to hit You never know when you have to hit that thing When a spirit break to keep momentum, spirit break is a pretty cool fairy type attack that lowers the special attack when it hits or makes contact with a Pokemon. So that’s really nice Frisk is a great ability as well because it lets you know the items of your opponent when you come in I think that’s pretty useful especially in competitive Pokemon and I think that in draft league, where items are everything in sets or something Grimmsnarl is a Pokemon that can really make use of that. There was no point in using prankster because we’re not using any non attacking moves. So Darkest Lariat is your main form of STAB. It’s pretty nice as well because it doesn’t care at all about boosts, so doesn’t care if your opponent has like +6 defense on their Pokemon, Darkest Lariat will hit them as if they do not have any boosts. We have Drain Punch for recovery. It’s basically just a little bit recover right there It’s really nice for like, versus Tyranitar, for a x4 effective hit, get a nice bit of recovery out of the hit too.

This is a little bit of a chunk to Ferrothorn as well And it’s also good because when you Dynamax you can get +1 due to it being Max Knuckle and then we have Sucker Punch for STAB priority, That’s really good for Dragapult and just pretty strong in general versus all offensive builds Pokemon like Barraskewda don’t appreciate a sucker punch. And again, I did mention spirit break is there for the The physical fairy move that doesn’t miss as well as the ability to lower in that Special Attack Pokemon that pair really well with this and I think that appreciate Assault Vest Grimmsnarl would be the Rotom-Ferrothorn-Aegislash cores that are running around that really really don’t like Hydregion, Substitute Hydregion with Nasty Plot can break through all of these, even a Dragapult with specs or mixed Dragapult, these Rotom cores don’t like that at all and Grimmsnarl obviously appreciates Rotom Dealing with Pokemon like Corvinight and also Also being a solid switch-in to shadow ball from Aegislash is really nice too. So next up we have the Bulk Up set and this is a Bulk Up set with black glasses and what black glasses does is it gives you a 20% boost in your dark type attacks So we’re gonna be running prankster on this one That way you can get prankster bulk up, that prankster bulk up might be the difference between living physical attack from a Pokemon or not.

Adamant max speed and max attack, Spirit Break, Darkest Lariat and Sucker Punch. You could run play rough for the increased damage but honestly because Darkest Lariat and Sucker Punch are going to be so useful especially versus offensive Pokemon like Darmanitan Which outspeeds you, you can hit that thing with a bulk up +1 black glasses boosted sucker punch. I do think that because of the moves gonna be clicking why when you go for a fairy move versus Hydregion should you risk Play Rough’s 90% accuracy. There are a few options you can run as well over this You could run Taunt, Taunt is pretty cool with prankster, stopping opposing setup or recovery as well I think that is a really nice option Another option is potentially Rest with a Chesto berry on this set and what that would do is Maybe put it over either Darkest Lariat or Sucker Punch I think that sucker punch is Irreplaceable, so I would actually keep it but Because Sucker punch will also start turn into a dark type attack when you Dynamax You don’t necessarily need to keep Darkest Lariat, but it’s just an option of course.

If you want to use like, Bulk Up, Rest, with a Chesto Berry with Grimmsnarl, I would advise a more bulkier set Let’s talk a little bit about the next one. Now this is a pretty great Hydregion answer, actually almost a perfect Hydregion answer and that’s the Rest, Sleep Talk Bulk Up Spirit Break Grimmsnarl, with leftovers. Leftovers, obviously providing you with passive recovery. With the prankster ability, Rest, Sleep Talk and Bulk Up are all priority moves, they all get priority when Grimmsnarl goes for them so it’s really nice because it allows it to have a priority healing move and also sleep talk can basically get bulk up or spirit break Spirit break is really nice because with the 24 speed EV’s you outspeed Clefable and if they are not running unaware Clefable You can actually beat Clefable 1v1 Considering you’re boosting both your attack and your defense, but you’re also lowering their special attack at the same time So even though you are weak to Moonblast, this is something that could take that thing on This is also really good again for dealing with a Pokemon like Rotom, the special defense is there so you can eat that up and It also just abuses the fact that Grimmsnarl just has nice really nice typing in dark fairy, dark fairy is so cool.

Of course this set really does want hazard support It really does want spikes potentially toxic spikes if possible, although of course toxic spikes aren’t as good right now because Toxapex is running around everywhere. Speaking of Toxapex, I think another Pokemon I can pair really well with this is actually an arena trap Dugtrio that way you can get rid of Toxapex and that’s that’s really good because this allows it to basically Open up that door for a Grimmsnarl sweep Another Mon you want to worry about is the Corvinight so you want Pokemon for Corvinight like Rotom wash, Fire types work as well, Pokemon like Cinderace deal with Corvinight well, Toxtricity is pretty good as well. Especially because Substitute Bulk Up Corvinight is so common right now This is a Pokemon that really appreciates Toxtricity support because overdrive is an electric type attack that goes through substitute So even if Corvinight is at +6 and behind a sub, Toxtricity can just come out and go for overdrive And if its specs it can just knock it out So Grimmsnarl pairs pretty well with those pokemon as well.

Before we move on to the next set I just want to say Guys, if you want to figure out how to use these pokemon in your game, and how to EV, train them and how to get them at level 100 pretty quickly, I have a guide down below in the description, if you also want some help with team building I have a team building guide down below as well that I did with my buddy BKC. Those links are down below in the description If you want to check them out and need help with those sort of things those are pretty good resources for you.

We have another set here This really does make use of the Of the potential of Prankster, and thats the dual screens set. Sorry, stumbling on my words a bit, was just streaming from like 3 am To 11:00 a.m. so I’m a little tired, But were are going to be using Light Clay Prankster Grimmsnarl and the idea behind this is to set up light screen and reflect to support teammates with priority You also have taunt to stop defog and stop opposing set up, Spirit break is there so you can again maximize the special attacks you can take, while still checking Pokemon like Nasty Plot Hydregion as well as Dragapult. We are running defensive as well because it lets you better take on hawlucha after a reflect and obviously you could knock them out with your max fairy move if you end up Dynamaxing with this Pokemon, but The idea is abusing prankster and get up those priority screens with this thing.

Taunt stops set up There are a few other options on this though, don’t get me wrong you could run Thunder Wave Grimmsnarl but I do think that Spirit Break is basically necessary cuz you want to be able to deal with that Hydregion as well and just a special attack dropping move is so cool on Grimmsnarl, but yeah Thunder Wave is definitely an option on a prankster set and even on a more offensive set. another set that I actually didn’t end up making a slide for but I kind of wanted to talk about was the Choice band Grimmsnarl set. Choice Nand is really interesting because it does have obviously the Darkest Lariat and Play Rough, which is incredibly strong and I think that having prankster on trick as well, which it does have, It’s pretty cool too because you can cripple walls like, for example if a Pokemon like Toxapex comes in on Grimmsnarl you can go for trick and again, I didn’t make it slide but this is just me talking about it because I haven’t used the set so I don’t want to give you guys a set I haven’t used or tested it out yet But using prankster trick is pretty cool again crippling those bulky Pokemon, or a special attacker for example, it getting a choice ban would not appreciated because most of the time they want to use special attacks.

But on that set I would potentially run, If we actually go back to the original set right here just show you real quick If you go back to the original set whereas Darkest Lariat Sucker-punch, I’d run Play Rough just because it’s stronger and then Spirit Break and then potentially as a last move You could run something like Superpower, Superpower is definitely an option as well You could even run something like Darkest Lariat Play Rough Sucker Punch Trick But I would replace maybe either Darkest Lariat or Play Rough with Superpower But Superpower is only there as an opportunity to hit Ferrothorn a little bit harder, for the most part I think that Darkest Lariat, Sucker Punch and play off for all you need while also using your trick capabilities to cripple opposing Pokemon, but yeah, that’s basically it for Grimmsnarl It’s a really solid pokemon in the metagame right now that gets really scary versus balance when it starts setting up Again, a Bulk Up Taunt set could work. It does have access to Nasty Plot as well I’m not sure how I feel about Nasty Plot though.

I did actually end up using that in my playthrough. It has moves like dazzling gleam and dark dark pulse, which are really good obviously and having prankster on some moves is pretty cool Another cool move on the bulk up set that it can use If you want to replace that I believe is substitute bulk up So you can use like sub Bulk Up with Leftovers If you want to, with Darkest Lariat, Sucker Punch, or Spirit Break if possible. Thats all I have for you guys, thanks SO much for watching to the end, if you want to pick up the Drop a Draco merch.

I didn’t really mention this, again I’ve only been mentioning the past two videos, but this is something that has been happening or has been live during the duration of the 252 hour marathon that I’m apart of at Adrive’s house and We have like limited edition Drop A Draco Merch just for that, now for those of you who are new, you probably no idea what this means but if you are an old head, and you’ve been subbed to my channel for a while you Definitely recognize drop a Draco and this is a throwback to the original Drop a Draco, which actually had kind of based on Latios But now we have Duraladon, but yeah, Hope you guys all enjoyed, Feel free to leave a like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time.

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