How to use HATTERENE! GIGANTAMAX Hatterene Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ????


Yo, what’s up guys, you got Pokeaim here with the moveset video guide on how to use Hatterene in pokemon sword and shield or Hatteren-ii or, however, you guys actually want to pronounce it. But this pokemon pretty cool, pretty cool. It has the ability magic bounce as its hidden ability, so that’s awesome for bouncing back hazards, stopping things like taunt and having a strong base. 136 special attack stat, as well as a really nice base, 103 special defense and access to trick room with it’s very slow speed can make it a pretty threatening trick room sweeper, so the first set we’re going to be talking about is the trick room offensive set. You’Re gon na be wanting to run the quiet nature with zero attack and zero speed, IVs and trick room psychic dazzling gleam mystical fire is basically all you really need. Mystical fire is awesome for being able to deal with steel types like Ferrothorn, which otherwise shrug off your psychics and dazzling gleam. You could slash dazzling clean for draining kiss if you want a little bit of recovery. The big thing about this pokemon is that when it Dynamaxes or Gigantamaxes whatever you want to use whenever it uses psychic, it ends up getting the psychic terrain, so that that makes it that much more stronger, its stab psychic being able to come off from this base. 136 special attack on type on top of the psychic terrain boosts is pretty crazy for Hatterene

A life-orb is probably the best item. You want to be able to switch up your moves, but you want to be able to give them some extra umph behind them as well. Now again, I didn’t mention you can use draining kiss over dazzling gleam. That will help you for a little bit of recovery. Considering this pokemon has such low base HP and draining kiss recovers so much it’s decent, especially for Pokemon like Mandibuzz and Hydreigon, but you’re gon na be taking so much from it anyway, Hydreigon. Obviously, in that case, dying mandibuzz is taking over half easily from a life-orb Hatterene fairy-type attack.

But again, this pokemon really does benefit from pokemon that can deal with steel types as well. I actually like this plus copperajah, if you’re using trick room – and I actually used it earlier, but I like this copperrajah because copperrajah has Heat Crash as well to threaten Pokemon like ferrothorn, like you, don’t want to necessarily switch in too much to Ferrothorn, but the good Thing is because you are zero, speed, IVs and gyroball, which is what ferrothorn will be going for to threaten. You is dependent on speed. It is not gon na do as much

It’S not gon na knock you out, basically in one hit, so that’s pretty good when it comes to Hatterene. I do actually think that, when you’re using this pokemon for the most part, you’re, probably gon na – be wanting to run minus speed natures unless you’re specifically running speed for a specific pokemon, so yeah, just because you can switch in on Ferrothorn bounce back the stealth rock. Obviously, bounce back and negate the leech seed from there and threaten it with a mystical fires. So when you’re using trick room Hatterene, it can either be on a dedicated trick room team or it can be its own single trick. Room sweeper on like an offensive, build just to give you some of your own speed, control and just being an offensive pokemon from there being fairy-type, obviously also gives it that immunity to dragon type attacks, that’s pretty nice and also resistant to the opposing psychic type attacks. As well, because you are part psychic so again, that’s really really nice dark type, though, is neutral because you are psychic and fairy. Unfortunately, so you don’t check Hydreigon as well as you could, but you are still a check like I said:

Next up, we have is a physically defensive set, and this is taking advantage of the fact that this Pokemon has calm, mind and draining kiss does give it decent recovery. Now this set has a lot of slashes all right. The one I’ve used the most is a nuzzle draining kiss calm, mind and mystical fire. However, nuzzle can be traded for psychic and can be traded for a psyshock and can be swapped around for stored power. All those are completely fine, psychic and psyshock. Obviously, better Psyshock is better for opposing calm, mind Pokemon, whereas psychic is just strong versus Toxapex, especially because they are running a physically defensive set at the moment. Stored power can be better in the long run, because it’s dependent on all your boost, but for more immediate damage, psychic or psyshock are better nuzzle again is just really good because you can beat so many Pokemon just by paralyzing them. That’S that’s the big thing. It becomes a support Pokemon for the team. You could also use Thunder Wave as well, but I like nuzzle a little bit more because it just does a little bit damage, but it also doesn’t miss right. Obviously, you can’t use it on ground-type pokmon and it won’t paralyze. It won’t paralyze electric-types either because electric types can’t be paralyzed but being able to slow down even Pokemon like Mandibuzz or something that wants to come in on this a Ferrothorn, for instance, stopping it from moving can be pretty cool, and another big thing is: if you’re Running relaxed nature, which we are with zero speed, Ferrothorn’s Gyroball is doing nothing and power. Whip only does around 20 % to this Hatterene. So it’s really nice leftovers for recovery. You can also run a kee, berry and kee. Berry is cool for raising your defense as well, so you just up your defense even a little bit more for this Pokemon allowing it to take. You know it already has max defense right, which caps out at 317 at level 100 with defense nature, but allowing it to take Ferrothorn’s gyroball a little bit better and making a little bit tougher to to knock out.

I think that draining kiss is necessary, though. Not only is it your Fairy Stab your way to hitting dark types like Hydreigon and Grimmsnarl, but also the recovery that comes from it just because draining kiss does recover. 75 % of the damage dealt. So it’s again crazy. On a Pokemon only base 57 HP getting so much back from that and mystical fires is needed. You need mystical fire on this poke. If you’re running this Pokemon, I think you always need mystical fire. You need a way of touching Ferrothorn. You need a way of dealing with steel types, especially if you’re bouncing back their hazards, but again just to go back on the options nuzzle can work depending on the team. Psychic psyshock and stored power are good too. Honestly, I think that psychic is great just because you know you want to be able hit toxapex, you don’t want to haze you infinitely, but even then you paralyze toxapex, it’s basically dead. Ya’Ll know how crazy it is when you paralyze a Pokemon that they cannot move at all

The last set we have here is a choice. Specs set, and I mean with that base 136 special attack. You might as well dump a choice specs on this Pokemon we’re gon na be running the psychic dazzling, gleam and mystical fire. So the returning moves from the other sets are coming back and then the other move is potentially Giga. Drain Giga Drain can be cool for Pokemon, like Gastrodon seismitoad Rotom, wash either knocking them out or dealing a lot in Rotom Wash’s case Rotom Wash might actually just die after rocks and healing, which is also an option as well. So you can use this Pokemon to support your team. Funny enough healing wish is actually a pretty cool option on a more of a support role. You can actually use it on a trick room option as well. If you want to run leftovers over life, orb going back to trick room set,

Healing wish would better support your other teammates as well. So i like on the choice specs set. I like Giga Drain, specifically just because Gastodron is running around a lot at the moment. I fought it a lot of times when I was using Hatterene and it can be very very annoying, especially because they are specially defensive, so they shrug off moves like psychic and they can recover off the damage too. But enough speed on this set to outspeed minspeed toxapex, which i think is necessary, and not only do you bounce back the toxic and the toxic spikes, but you want to be able to outspeed it and knock it out with that psychic in one hit.

The rest is just put in HP for overall bulk. You could run more speed on this thing, even max if you want for like minspeed Corviknight, but that’s a lot that requires a timid nature as well, if I’m not mistaken, so not always necessary. I think that’s really dependent on the metagame itself in terms of teammates. Again I already mentioned Copperajah plus Hatterene. Not only does Copperajah have heat crash and can switch into steel type attacks and things like that, but also having power whip. If you’re not running Giga Drain can be really cool for a gastrodon and to be able to deal with that, and when you Gigantamax your Copperajah, you can get up the steel stealth rock, which can in turn, help with hazard damage, which makes Hatterene hit even harder Again, I really love Hatterene when you Dynamax it, but you don’t necessarily have to do that.

Gigantamaxing is fine too, I believe what it does is it confuses the opponent when you use a fairy type attack. I really wish they gave this Pokemon moonblast seriously, and I think that in the next generation, if Hatterene does come back, they will but his dazzling gleam is just weak man. It’S not even that weak right, its 80 base power, but moonblast is just so much stronger and this mon would hit so much harder with that as well, but yeah Copperajah’s, a cool one other trick room options. Mimikyu hazard support is pretty cool. I’Ve seen like Hatterene plus Mandibuzz dealing with the ghost type attacks coming out of Hatterene, from like a Specs Dragapult, for instance, whereas Hatterene deals with the dragon type attacks coming out of mandibuzz Mandibuzz is weak to them, but it doesn’t always appreciate a specs Draco. Obviously, Hatterene can take that as well, but mandibuzz being able to Defog U-turn and Volt Switch mons like Rotom heat Rotom wash Galarian Darmanitan are cool Pokemon that you can use to bring this thing in. Basically, if you’re using a trick room set, you don’t have to use it on full trick room. As I mentioned, you can use it with something like just straight-up, offense and that’ll, be your option versus maybe sticky web teams, or something like that. I actually really like Hatterene as well, plus choice band Tyranitar, that’s a really cool combo, because band tyranitar with no speed hits so hard right now and they’re. Very few dark resists that can take a stone edge from Tyranitar right, like Mandibuzz, is a great dark. Resist running around right now, but it does not take a banded Stone Edge from Ttar

As far as checks and counters go, it’s tough, it’s definitely tough, but if you have something like a specially defensive gastrodon and your opponent or you’re not running Giga Drain or the Hatterene isn’t running Giga Drain, specially defensive gastrodon can earthquake it down and recover off the Damage if it’s life orb but can Dynamax alongside it to tank, hits as well. I think that really good defensive cores to with like toxapex Ferrothorn gastrodon mandibuzz can at least wear down how to read the life orb stall, but they do struggle with specs and good predictions. That’S a big thing when it comes to this Pokemon, but it’s lack of actual recovery like life. Dew is not very good, it’s pretty bad. It does that 90 based attack as well, and it does have cool options like Swords Dance Play Rough. I believe too and like psycho, cut, /, Zen, headbutt or just psycho cut. I don’t think it has Zen Headbutt, but it has psycho cut and I guess a Swords Dance option could work. It also even has power whip, but I feel like this Pokemon excels on the special side right. That’S probably what you’re gon na end up wanting to run with it, but yeah, that’s all! I have for you guys today. Thank you, everyone for watching Hope. You guys all enjoyed and learned something. I will see you guys later today, where I use this Pokemon on a trick, room team and then tomorrow I’ll see you guys again with another moveset video guide. So if you guys did enjoy it or learn something feel free to leave a like and subscribe I’ll see you guys next time goodbye, my frens