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How to use INTELEON! Inteleon Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo whats up guys you got Pokeaim here with the next Pokemon Sword and Shield moveset video guide here on my channel on how to use Inteleon. Now I gotta be really careful what im about to say, now this has nothing to do with Sobble gang, and nothing against the pokemon in general. From what a competitive aspect, it is the worst of the three starters, alright? From a competitive aspect, don’t kill me, from a competitive aspect, Inteleon is unfortunately the worst of the three starters. Mainly because Rillaboom and Cinderace get great moves and they get great hidden abilities. Whereas Inteleon is left with Sniper when it is released. But, still, hits incredibly hard and is very fast, so I would call it, its basically Torrent Greninja. That’s exactly what it is. That’s exactly what Inteleon is. But now that we have a UU tier and Pokemon have been separated a bit and we already know what’s really used and what’s not so much as used. I think Inteleon can have a place in the UU tier. So we’ll talk about the first set right here. And we have a Life Orb set with Hydro Pump, Ice beam, Dark Pulse and U-Turn.

I could literally have said this was Greninja and like I said this would be the exact same moveset. But, we’re taking advantage of the fact that Inteleon is very fast and very strong. Hydro Pump is really good versus the bulky ground types like Hippowdon as well as obviously the fire types. You got arcanine, you got centiskorch, you got charizard down there in UU as well. So it hits incredibly hard coming off of a base 125 special attack stat. Dark pulse is cool because it gives you a strong hit and a fast hit because of your speed versus Poltegeist, versus mew, as well as Jellicent. Which is a big one too. Which would otherwise wall you. Ice beam is there for dealing with the grass types. Appletun, also the dragon types, like Komo, also hitting pokemon like Hydreigon and Dragapult really hard. And you have U-turn because this pokemon struggles with bulky waters, and by bulky waters I don’t necessarily mean Jellicent but Pokemon like Vaporeon or Milotic.

They can just shrug off your hit, so U-Turn is a cool way of, when they’re about to come in, you get on out of there, and you send in your teammate that can deal with those. Whether it be a grass type or an electric type, depending on your actual thing. I think this is one of its best offensive sets. Especially in UU which just recently came out. And Ill be using it later today in a showdown live so you guys can see me using this pokemon. Though I might not necessarily be using this set in particular because i’ve been testing a few different thing. But this is a pokemon that can put in some work in that tier just because of its hard hitting ability. So the next set is taking advantage of the fact that Inteleon does learn Swords Dance. Now even though it only has base 85 attack the combination of base 120 speed and the fact that you can Dynamax makes it moves a lot better than what they are. So we have Swords Dance, Liquidation, Sucker Punch, which is good for, you know, faster scarfers and whatnot.

Also i think the big thing with Sucker Punch is that it becomes Max Darkness when you Dynamax so it actually becomes decently strong after you swords dance up and Dynamax. So It actually gives you a way of dealing with some bulky waters, being a 2-hit KO on them I think is pretty big. And the last move we have is Icicle Spear, allowing us to again deal with those grass types which otherwise resist our liquidation coming out.

I feel like this pokemon has a lot of potential in terms of offensive sets. You can also run Baton Pass on this depending on which metagame you’re playing. On Smogon Baton Pass is banned but like a Swords Dance Baton Pass set could work. Ice Shard if you want double priority, though it is a lot weaker than Icicle spear because Two icicle spears are basically stronger than one ice hard and you are guaranteed to hit 2 at bare minimum. A lot of the dragon types in the UU tier aren’t necessarily anything fast, outside of maybe like a scarfed flygon. So just having that solid option versus those makes a lot of sense, I feel.

And this is just trying to take advantage of the fact that it does have access to Swords Dance. I wish it got nasty plot, I wish it got nasty plot because then the special set would be a lot better. But it unfortunately does not. We’ll be using torrent again for the ability. When you get to that last third of your health, just boosting your liquidation and whatnot. I think with teammates when it comes to this you definitely want spikers when it comes to the tier. Some that come to mind are, accelgor, could be a fast spiker.

If you’re using i it all the way up there in OU, Ferrothorn is a great spiker as well, Excadrill is a great rocker. You also want teammates that can deal with potentially toxapex. So, a dugtrio can be a real good teammate for the Swords Dance set because otherwise Toxapex doesn’t like this. I think, again, being a physical swords dance pokemon who can deal with Aegislash due to your max darkness is very very cool when it comes to Inteleon. So i like that a lot. The next set we have is taking advantage of its fast speed tier and that’s the Dual Screen set. We’re running the Light Clay and that means that Reflect and Light screen last for 8 turns instead of 5 and this is really good for, especially UU, where there are pokemon like Poltegeist and Mew and Komo just being able to set-up, this is a really good set that can take advantage of that and better support the teammates. With Reflect and Lightscreen you’re making it so your teammates don’t take as much damage.

U-turn is great for momentum and then you have Scald as your other move and Scald allows you to also even threaten physical set-up against you by potentially burning them with that scald but also giving you a nice move that you’re not like, you know you can’t do anything in the face of a fire type. A water type not being able to beat a fire type just off typing alone is just a little bit sad when it comes to Inteleon. Again, U-turn just for momentum, and i think the big thing about this is that similar to a dual-screens Tapu Koko back in the day or dual screens Dragapult in the OU tier, the ability to get on out of there and just bring in immediately your teammates is invaluable, right, because you get, obviously you can set-up dual screens and switch but you get a whole lot of momentum when it comes to that.

So if my opponent switches out on a turn I go for U-turn i get to see what they switch out into and i’m bringing out something because of that U-turn. So I think this set in particular is very very consistent. Wheras the Life Orb set can be good depending on team matchup but it also can just completely suck. Another thing i wanted to note going back to the original life orb set is that a choice specs can also work in that but i do think that the ability to just free up moves at any given point is better plus obviously boosting your moves in general even when you Dynamax i think is good, whereas with choice items, if im not mistaken, you don’t get the boost when you Dynamax, that’d be broken. I’m pretty sure you do with Life Orb because you still take Life Orb recoil. But yeah, dual screens can work, you can also use Surf over Scald for a little more damage. Another option is maybe Haze for opposing set-up and whatnot.

I do also want to note on the special set, we have one more set, but i’ll go back to that in a second, I do want to note also in the special set if you don’t want to use U-turn one thing you can use too to get past opposing scarfers that might try and revenge kill Inteleon, so they’ll try and come in and knock you out after, is using air slash on the life orb set and what that’ll do is that when you Dynamax you get the Max Airstream and get +1 speed so you already have the Max Geyser setting up your rain for a more powerful hydro pump.

Even, honestly, if you’re going to Dynamax this pokemon, you can even use Blizzard. Blizzard, obviously stronger than Ice beam but less consistent because of its 70% accuracy. But, its potentially possible, because when you Dynamax, you set-up the Hail. So having those 100% accurate Blizzards which you get in the Hail is pretty cool for this Pokemon. I also want to note that over Dark Pulse, I know im going back and forth, but I’m remembering things as im going through it, i just want to note that over dark pulse you could use shadow ball but i like dark pulse’s ability to flinch and also hit everything basically in the tier whereas shadow ball obviously if you have a normal type im not going to do any damage to you. The final set we have on Inteleon is not something you can use just yet because its Sniper ability isn’t released. But I want to talk alittle bit about sniper, so the way sniper works is that when this pokemon gets a crit, the damage is multiplied by x1.5.

So the crits are stronger than normal crits in this generation. So that’s pretty cool especially with its signature move Snipe Shot, which has a high critical-hit ratio. And if you pair a Scope Lens with a move with a high-critical hit ratio, I believe the chance is 100% now to get a crit if I’m not mistaken? Otherwise even if it isn’t, you have Focus Energy on this set and what that allows you to do is that that combination will make you always get crits on these moves. So, snipe shot is essentially hitting incredibly hard. Ice beam always criting with the focus energy and dark pulse always criting too. Again, the idea behind this is taking advantage of that sniper ability once it is released and boosting your critical hit chance with the focus energy, with the scope lens.

And then abusing your sniper ability to hit even harder. So i think this is the main thing this pokemon can do when its sniper ability is released. Otherwise, for the most part, Torrent is probably better, in general, unless you’re guaranteed to get crits, which Focus Energy/Scope Lens will do for you, don’t, don’t use it (for now). I think that just torrent boosted hydro pumps are going to hit incredibly hard. I guess technically you could run snipe shot over hydro pump but just because this pokemon has base, im talking about, not on this set, but the life orb set, i keep going back to it but technically you could but just because this pokemon hits so hard i think you just want to abuse that. Especially because it just limited opportunities to hit hard due to its low defenses and low base hp. But yeah, Inteleon is a pokemon that if you want to in higher tiers, you definitely want pokemon that can deal with Ferrothorn and Toxapex so I advise using a Dugtrio, I advise maybe a Rotom Heat which can Overheat and Volt Switch in.

You also want to be able to deal with Pokemon like Gastrodon and Seismitoad but your Ice beams do hit them incredibly hard because they run physically defensive at the moment. So that’s something you can definitely use. You know, there’s no ash greninja in the tier but there’s pokemon like barraskewda and excadrill so they’ll be running physically defensive sets. That’s something that Inteleon can definitely run. I do thing that this is the worst of the three starters, but it can work, especially now that UU is out on Pokemon Showdown and you can use it in a tier where you’re not going to be fighting the most standard Pokemon every single turn. Galarian Darmanitan, Ditto, every single game. So, all in all, Inteleon, kind of like a budget Torrent Greninja, but still decent nonetheless. Hope you guys all enjoyed, hope you learned something of course. Feel free to leave a like and subscribe. I’ll be showing off this pokemon later today in a pokemon showdown live and I might go back and forth between, I know for a fact im using a dual screen set because I have a team that really takes advantage of Inteleon which i really like.

But also Ill probably try and go back and forth between two teams and show off a life orb set as well. But yeah, ill see you guys next time. Good bye my frens..

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