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How to use MELMETAL! Melmetal Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys Got pokeaim here with the Pokemon sword and shield moveset video guide on how to use melmetal I am so excited about this pokemon and I was really waiting for Pokemon home That way we could talk about this mon and then I can use it in pokemon sword and shield So let’s just look at Melmetals stats real quick before we even get into my favorite set for it, which will be choice band But it has base 135 HP insane base 143 attack insane base 104 you know where this is going base 143 defense as well as a pretty respectable base 80 special attack, which I don’t think will be used much on most melmetal however in a draft League I think you can make use of that especially when it has moves like ice beam discharge and steel beam to abuse base 65 special defense really sucks, but because of Melmetals massive HP stat You can really maximize that’s…

You can actually take special hits more than you actually thought like there There’s a way to EV Melmetal for instance. That’s not 2 hit KOd by specs dragapult for instance, but Shadow Ball, of course Not not flamethrower fire blast and base 34 speed which isn’t terrible Considering Melmetal can have a home on trick room now its abilities iron fist Which actually boosts its Signature move, which is double iron bash so double iron bash If you guys didn’t know is a 60 base power move that hits twice and has a 30% chance to flinch. So that’s effectively a 51% chance to flinch your opponent if i’m doing the math right Because each one has a- it’s a double hit move So each one has a chance to flinch as well and it’s boosted by iron fist as well So just to let you guys know that’s that sixty base power move becomes 144 base power with iron fist and becomes 216 base power after stab I believe it is the strongest Physical- from especially Melmetal, I believe it’s the strongest physical steel type attack that we have I could be wrong on that But iron fist is also nice on melmetal because Melmetal has access to thunder punch, which is very relevant considering It’s a steel type and one of the Pokemon that can easily resist most hits from steel types that we see right now is Corviknight So that’s really nice for it.

Now choice band set makes use of Melmetals Insane attacks that now I think you can really play around with your EV spread on this I think you always want max attack just because the damage output is Absolutely insane like the output is just crazy even on resistances. They’re taking so much from moves like double iron bash It’s actually crazy but double iron bash is your main move Of course after that you want thunderpunch now thunderpunch is necessary because of coriknight but it also gives you a strong hit versus Gyarados Which resists your double iron bash, but I mean that doesn’t matter man I’m telling you right now Double Iron bash 2 hit KOs, or at least does half- Its a 2 hit KO as in you have to click it twice But it 2 hit KOs most Pokemon that resist it.

It’s that crazy Thunder punch low lets you do what corvikight is a 2 hit KO on physically defensive toxipex Knocks not bulky waters or can deal with bulky waters in general Earthquake is your third move allowing you to hit Pokemon like aegislash also allowing You still to hit toxipex, but excadrill too – and just steel types in general which will resist your double iron bash but again Most of them do not have it but I think earthquake is also important because it allows you to hit opposing melmetal For some super effective damage for a 2 hit KO and then your last move is kind of a toss-up it Depends on you super power is a good option as it gives you a super effective hit versus ferrothorn that is just so strong coming off of that base 143 attack or facade, facade is a cool option too because if you get burnt or Paralyzed Facade is boosted and actually ignores the burn attack drop So facade becomes very strong can be a nice neutral move to lock yourself into last move is, maybe darkest lariat Which is kind of Situational but it gives you a movie versus aegislash if it’s on a balloon and also super effective.

I’m sorry I’m like, I sound so like nerdy saying I’m really excited about this Pokemon But I’m so excited about this Pokemon like pokemon home just came out nowhere like it literally released five minutes ago Like I was like, whoa I didn’t expected to release today so darkest lariat gives you a nice safe versus bronzong gives you a KO on aegislash as well and dark is just a good neutral move in General now the EV spread that we have right here in front of you is max attack just to maximize your damage output 112 speed EVs allow you to outspeed hippodown so a min speed hippodown and this is cool because double iron bash is a solid 2 hit KO on physically defensive hippodown and of course you have that chance to flinch hippodown as well This also naturally allows you to outspeed Pokemon like toxipex to and then the rest was put into HP But I’m gonna be real guys You can customize your melmetal all you want.

I don’t even think you need max attack personally I’m sure they’re gonna be EV spreads that can come out that can do just about anything, right? I’m sure at least it probably needs minimal attack investment to actually do damage as well But you can customize it to eat hits from dragapult and whatnot as well But another thing you can do to this set too is you can run max speed if you run max speed adamant max attack max speed allows you a lot speed min speed clefable, which is something you destroy with double iron bash man You absolutely destroy it with double iron bash. And if you’re using it on trick room for instance, you do not have to use adamant, but you can use brave nature as you guys will see on your screen and It’s basically just max HP max attack Four defense you’d run brave nature so you can be as slow as possible in zero speed as well Really cool thing because it’s a cool trick room mon that beats like anti offensive Pokemon, too So some anti offensive Pokemon that come to mind are mimikyu because mimikyu is a Pokemon that can stop a sweep due to Its disguise melmetal bust the disguise its first iron bash second one sends Mimikyu flying so this is something you probably want to pair with trick room Pokemon Mimikyu is actually a pretty cool trick room Pokemon you can pair with it another good mon I think is hatterene.

That not only appreciates melmetal killing everything but also can bounce back hazards for melmetal So this is more just max attack max HP However, if you are running melmetal in the OU tier for instance, I would run enough speed for toxipex I think always you don’t want to get burnt by scald from a toxipex, but yeah, we have the man, I’m just oh It’s only 108 per hit with stab in and iron fist, yeah 216, yeah I already know that so next up we have the assault vest melmetal and this aims to kind of patch up melmetals special defense not because it has such a high base HP stat I believe it’s actually better to Invest in its special defense itself, but we have enough speed for toxipex something I mentioned earlier and even some speedier variants of toxipex as well as reuinclus Allowing us to thunderpunch to do a massive damage the assault vest can let us take hits from potentially a fire move from dragapult or a Shadow Ball from aegislash maybe even a hydro pump or something from Rotom wash And the move set is still double iron bash thunderpunch and earthquake I think those are always gonna be a given on these more Offensive variants of melmetal and this is just an attempt to use it as a better fairy checker, for example Like something like a cleffable or even sylveon can still mystical fire Which would sometimes 2 hit KO some variants of melmetal the assault vest allows you to Really just get over that weakness and Just double iron bash to knock them out without having really fear the fire type attack coming out And again that speed is for the toxipex But again, you can customize this as well if need be.

Last move either superpower or facade I think facade fits really well on an assault vest set considering you can use this as a status absorber if anything To take like a willow wisp or even a thunder wave coming out cuz melmetal doesn’t really care too much about its speed in fact Thunder wave is better than it being burnt just because it’s already naturally slow so as long as you Manage to break through paralysis and get your attack off that can work for melmetal and I like with the assault vest set I would personally- I haven’t used this Pokemon yet cuz it’s not allowed in the ladder The only version of this thing I’ve used is a choice band melmetal really and also no item melmetal in Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and Eevee when I did Wi-Fi battles as well as ladders on Pokemon showdown, but choice bands my favorite set but with an assault vest set I’d definitely run something with wish I think a fairy type with wish is really good Clefable can run wish or even healing wish to heal up melmetal Sylveon is also one that could do that clefable though can run aromatherapy with Pokemon home I believe sylveon would now have access to heal Bell so that can be really good So both of them can be really nice answers And again if your team is weak to fairy types, throw in a melmetal man and just start clicking double iron bash I’m serious guys just do it.

I hope For those that want to use melmetal have access to it. If not, you can go on Pokemon showdown Like I said, I will be going on later today in a Pokemon showdown live you guys can check out me using melmetal as long as it’s allowed and Yeah, I’ll be clicking double iron bash. The next set we have uses Melmetals access to thunder wave to kind of patch up that Speed teir. so the idea is you Thunder wave pokémon like corviknight, you Thunder Wave clefable, you Thunder Wave toxipex you Thunder wave Bulky Waters or anything and then this allows Melmetal to outspeed them and threaten them with double iron bash Thunder punch or earthquake respectively Obviously you want- I think again I think those three moves are always a given right.

The earthquake allows you to hit opposing melmetal as well as steel types like Excadrill and earthquake for super effective damage and KOs on excadrill as well Melmetal is so naturally bulky that it will just live earthquakes from excadrill Anyway even life orb excadrill So it’s so crazy But the speed is there for toxipex as mentioned before And thunder wave allows you just to pass that color If you Thunder Wave corviknight for instance. Out speed Corviknight allowing you to 2 hit KO it with Thunder punch That way I can’t like roost stall you if it tries to Though a corviknigh that’s trying to roost stall you has to be really careful because you can always earthquake as they roost since they lose their flying type allowing melmetal to Do some massive damage It just kind of sucks and I’m not gonna be able to show too much footage when it comes to melmetal Maybe like I’ll use some stuff from let’s go for instance because you get Thunder punch a Gyarados or earthquake Maybe I’ll use some of that footage but I just because I’m not currently able to use it on my Pokemon sword and shield game Because I can’t like I don’t think you can use it online I’m not sure what melmetal was even considered Serebii was saying something like between gen 7 and Gen 8 so, that’s weird but yeah leftovers for longevity as well and You can run substitute with this Thunder Wave set too if you don’t want to run maybe- maybe you’d get rid of earthquake for instance and substitute plus para So you basically try and para or flinch them with thunder wave plus double iron bash Because you hadn’t you already had that para on them And now you have that chance to flinch them with the double iron bash.

So increasing your chances so substitute is also an option Potentially over earthquake I think because I think I do think you need Thunder punch specifically because corviknight is just always gonna wall you and not only that you have limited double iron bashes versus that Pokemon if it’s running pressure as it will be stalling you in taking turn per turn now the last set that we have right here and again, These EV spreads are kind of straightforward I tell you what they do and you can customize your melmetal based on your damage calcs or what you want it to take But I want to use the ability- I want to use body press right remember melmetal has acsess to body press and if you guys didn’t know body press uses your defense instead of attack in damage calculations Which is pretty cool considering it has base 143 defense as well so one thing I liked about this Pokemon is that its faster naturally than Pokemon like Ferrothorn so you can use a Substitute acid armor set and use acid armor over iron defense, by the way Just because acid armor has more PP.

So substitute acid armor. What acid armor does is it boosts your defense times 2 – and and this is steadily increasing your body press and melmetal can Basically after substitute and a body press it can easily sub on opposing Corviknight with body press it can sub up on Ferrothorn hell It can even sum up on excadrill after enough boosts if it wants to and then you have that body press which is just boosting in damaged turn per turn as you boost your Defense and of course, you need your double iron bash that way you can deal with them fairy types I opted for an HP and special defense invested one That way you can take you know weaker flame throwers from clefable or mystical fire some sylveon a little bit better even like shadowballs from specs dragapult for instance you could take Two from it without dying I believe I calced that right so That’s what I did But I mean, I guess you could technically run an impish one and even raise your defense even more that way body press just gets that much stronger because you are using acid armor because you have substitute and you’re gonna have Multiple opportunities to use acid armor with melmetal I figured that’d be best Yeah, that’s what I have for you guys with Melmetal.

Like I said in a draft League, where you Tailor your Pokemon to what your opponent has I’m sure you might see ice beam on it ice punch is another physical move that it has and I don’t think it currently needs Just because Garchomp, landourus, and gliscor aren’t in the game, but when they are obviously you can run ice punch on that too But for the most part with melmetal man use choice band and click that double iron bash and just like enjoy Seriously, enjoy the damage that this pokemon does like it’s just so strong, but I hope you guys all enjoyed I have moveset videos on every single Pokemon available in pokemon sword and shield also have a guide a six hour guide On all the pokémon before pokemon home came out, of course So you guys wanna check that out you can and I will be having updated guides on the Pokemon that came out on Pokemon home as well as showndown lives and Wi-Fi battles showing them off So feel free to subscribe leave a like if you guys did enjoy and I’ll see you next time.

Goodbye my frens :].

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