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How to use Rillaboom! Rillaboom Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ????


Yo, what’s up guys you got pokeaim here with another pokemon sword and shield move set video guide on how to use Rillaboom Rillaboom is the final of the starters that we have to go over we did Intelleon yesterday and Cinderace a little While back, if you guys want to check it out. There is a move set video playlist down below So, Rillaboom Unfortunately, it only has overgrow right now, but when it’s hidden ability is released. It will be a lot better and in fact I’m just gonna be showing you guys grassy surge on all these but you can use Overgrow on it until time comes I believe these sets will still be just as good In fact, it actually they’ll all be better once Grassy surge is released so if you guys didn’t know Rillaboom is pure grass type and it does have the same ability called grassy surge which Summons grass terrain and it gives it a 50% boost in all of its grass type attacks basically because it’s a grounded Pokemon gets a 50% boost in those attacks Rillaboom is actually really cool because of its ability to Not only hit hard with its moves like wood hammer and its signature move drum beating which also lowers your opponent’s speed speed So that’s really nice as well But has momentum moves in u-turn, has support options in knock off and as a way to hit steel types in either superpower Earthquake or high-horsepower.

Just giving you guys this little thing before we talk about the sets just so you guys know great HP great attack decent defense Okay, special defense and good speed or average speed I would say makes Rillaboom a pretty cool teammate honestly Whether it be in OU or UU before grassy surge is released Now the first set we’re gonna be talking about is the choice band set and this attempts to use that base 125 attack stat and also abusing its Fantastic move pool, so we have wood hammer.

That is our strongest move We’re gonna be doing some damage with this pokemon knock off is great for getting rid of items and hitting Pokemon like Aegislash super power is the third move and That’s mainly there for Ferrothorn as well as steel types in general and then U-Turn does give you momentum However, if you want to use drum beating instead of super power, that is an option Especially when grassy surge is released I kind of like to think of that thing as choice band Breloom back in the day Which used to run technician and low sweep. If I’m not mistaken? Or used to just running a low sweep in general But basically it gives you a nice little stab move that will lower the speed of your opponent’s counter Allowing you to out speed them in the following turn or you just switch out if anything but again Once this thing gets grassy surge This set is going to be crazy Giving you nice momentum and the cool thing about this Pokemon is just to talk about some teammates I think Rillaboom + hawlucha is something we might also see a couple times hawlucha running the grass seed and Rillaboom Summoning the grassy terrain and being able to u-turn on out of there when steel types come in on it and then you turn out Into hawlucha you get your unburden boost you can Swords Dance and Close Combat and deal with those steel types So I think that’s gonna be a pretty prominent Combination when the time actually comes now the choice scarf set uses the exact same moves however I think that Superpower is kind of necessary on the choice scarf set because you don’t want to be out Speeding a steel type and not being able to hit them.

Whereas in the choice band cases or in choice bands case It does more damage because of the choice band anyway, so wood hammer knockoff superpower and u-turn I suppose before Grassy Surge is released You could use earthquake over superpower as a way to hit Aegislash and Toxapex But between Wood Hammer and knock off you’re hitting them anyway, not for super effective damage on Toxapex, obviously but you’re still doing enough cool thing about this Pokemon is it does out speed pok?mon like Gyarados and you hit that thing with a wood hammer you can deal with offensive non choice scarf Rotom and You know being fast and Pokemon like Bisharp as well and having the natural HP and defense To be able to tank hits from them to from +2 sucker-punch for instance really cool in Rillaboom’s case Now the next set we’re gonna be talking about is a swords dance set and this takes advantage again of the fact that has a really nice move pool and in this set we’re Gonna be running again either overgrow or grassy surge.

I keep hinting towards it I’m not even hinting I’m saying run grassy surge. Once that comes out when Pokemon home comes out Hopefully they’ll be releasing the hidden abilities on the starter pokemon run grassy surge on this pokemon But we have Swords Dance knockoff drain punch and drum beating I think drum beating is better on the swords dance set just because you don’t want to take recoil from wood hammer, obviously And it’s just a great move man lowering the speed of your opponent jolly nature for the most part is what you’re gonna be running on Rillaboom and you could change up drain punch to high horse power and the reason we have high horse power over earthquake is because when grassy surge is up, It weakens earthquakes power.

So high horse power doesn’t have that weakening that gives you a way of hitting steel types on top of fire types But drain punch isn’t bad either giving you a recovery as well as hitting steel types Either way leftovers is the preferred option, but I think life orb can also be ran as well And again just using this as an offensive sword dancing among the one that I’ve been having more success with has been choice been choice scarf but as I’ve said probably a hundred times already when grassy surge comes out this pokemon is gonna have so Many things that it can do and it’s viable.

He’s just gonna shoot up so much. Honestly. I compare it to Tapu Bulu I really do They have their differences. Tapu Bulu would basically would have horn leech recovery This one can lower your speed with drum beating This one has U-turn and and knock off and good moves whereas bulu was missing Play Rough and and a few of those options as well doesn’t have U-turn either but Rillaboom just gets so much better with that I like that a lot and just being able to get momentum is so cool in a grass type. I think the next set we have is a Substitute leech seed set and again This is taking advantage of the fact that it gets the one-on-one sub so moves like nightshade and Seismic toss when you have have max HP do not break your substitute in one hit it takes two so that’s pretty cool for Corsola for instance trying to will-o-wisp you and You know going for nightshade after so you can substitute on that you can go for leech seed get that recovery You also block strength SAP by going for substitute.

So that’s another cool thing So this could be a nice little Stop to that obviously don’t go immediately in to this Pokemon on that Pokemon because if they throw up a will o wisp you’ll be gone but The idea is because you’re such an incredibly fast Pokemon and You have that high HP stat. Basically just using it using that to your advantage, you know Having a fast sub seed Pokemon and also Pokemon that want to try and revenge kill you, right? They might not be able to do it because you’re hitting them with a drum beating which is lowering their speed So Rillaboom might be able to outspeed Pokemon that are not already no choice scarf and naturally faster after going for drum beating and again, when this thing gets grassy terrain up, it’s gonna be really annoying you’re gonna be covering so much between substitute and Protect as well.

I think this is just a really really really annoying set now, obviously it can’t touch grass types So you’re gonna want teammates that can do that Cinderace pairs actually pretty well with Rillaboom. I believe I think also Pokemon like hydreigon that can deal with Just naturally resisting grass types, but also being able to deal with them is solid enough as well and Yeah, just using it as an annoying thing I believe there’s also gonna be some variants of this that can run like a max physical defense type of thing sub seed set I I think I feel like appletun might be able to do that a little bit better But then again this Pokemon just has bulk all around so it’s definitely possible I think that’s gonna really depend on the meta game itself The next set we have is a sub bulk up set and again taking advantage of the fact that you have that 101 HP substitute So again nightshade and basically because as base 100 HP night shade and seismic toss do not break the sub in one hit And you can use a bulk up to actually boost your attack and your defense while you are behind a sub Drum beating and this works really well with drum beating but you can use drum beating to lower the speed andknow It’s gonna be harder and harder for Pokemon to break your sub Especially if they are a physical attacker when they’re slower than you and you can bulk up and sub in front of them You can still use leech seed on the set if you want to but I think drain punch is a little bit better again, like I have them slash next to each other, but I feel like drain punch is just a little bit better because then you can just set up easier in front of steel types Not to say that you can’t naturally, I mean Ferrothorn is not gonna be able to break your sub after you bulk up a couple times, period.

So you can beat It 1v1 with Drum beating but obviously drain punch allowing you to actually damage steel types and also get recovery from drain punch itself And the damage you’re dealt or you’re doing to them, excuse me is really cool. So again, we’re news jolly machspeed I think it’s kind of necessarily I like substitute as well on this too and drain punch because you could deal with like I said Bisharp before Which you’re actually going to be boosting by going for drum beating due to its defiant so Substitute to avoid the sucker punch at maybe plus two plus four plus six It doesn’t matter and then drain punch to knock them out get your recovery and go from there and the last set we have is kind of a call back to Tapu Bulu again.

I mention that Pokemon it doesn’t exist right now in this game But it did in the last game and it’s a protect leech seed drum beating bulk up set Tapu Bulu would do this with protect leech seed and drum beating and either bulk up or well It would do it with horn leech But either it would be bulk up or swords dance Swords Dance is also an option on this and it’s basically using the grassy terrain using the leftovers using the protect and The leech seed potentially to just get so much recovery and go from there again You don’t have to use bulk up But I like bulk up over swords dance because we’re max HP max special defense so we can tank special hits better But you could potentially use Swords Dance over Bulk Up if you want more offensive power this is just a especially defensive one that can deal with the likes of special attackers like Dragapult for instance doesn’t really care Even though it doesn’t hit it with super effective damage between leech seed protect drum beating lowering Its speed Rillaboom can actually beat that 1v1.

I Kind of felt like I made Rillaboom sound impossible to break through. I Don’t think that’s actually the case at all Before it gets its terrain like I mean a lot of the leech seed sets if they’re not boosting if they cuz they’re not going for let’s say like a bulk up or swords dance a magic guard clefable can deal with it You still have to worry about Gyarados hitting you with the Dynamax airstream Obviously magic bounce Hatterene can take leech seeds and doesn’t care about that Rotom Heat is probably one of the better answers. It is both faster and threatens you with the Overheat but yeah, just a few, cinderace is also pretty good though I think that if you get if you get a leech seed off on Cinderace when it comes in and you’re behind a sub already And you have protect you basically beat Cinderace 1v1 Even they break your sub with U-turn you to just sub again and 1v1 them.

But yeah guys. Thank you everyone for watching Feel free to check out the showdown live that is going up later today on Rillaboom and I’ll see you guys next time Goodbye, my frens.

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