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Yo, what’s up guys you got Pokeaim here with a pokemon sword and shield moveset guide on how to use Sirfetch’d I absolutely love this pokemon and it was hyped when it was revealed Of course, if you guys missed any of my other moveset guides, there’s a playlist down below I’m also featuring these Pokemon later today for each Pokemon that I’m doing in a showdown live So feel free to subscribe for that and check me out on Twitch and Twitter My twitch will be very active come next Tuesday. rRight now I’m at a 252 hour marathon with adrive and DeathlyIam so I’ve been streaming the 3 a.m. To 11:00 and shift at But yeah, Sirfetch’d. I absolutely love this mon. They made Farfetch’d Usable they evolved it and they gave it base 135 attack and The best part is it has the ability scrappy and it’s a fighting type.

It’s pure fighting type I kind of wish it was flying and fighting. I think that’d be really cool because then it could abuse brave bird and close combat like that those two together are incredibly good. They cover each other’s weaknesses But Farfetch’d [Sirfetch’d] is still pretty decent. I think there’s only one set that specifically works at this moment in time We’re gonna be talking about that set right now Which is the choice band set which basically boosts Farfetch’d’s [Sirfetch’d’s] attack while locking you into a move so the cool thing about this pokemon is it has scrappy and Scrappy if you guys didn’t know allows you to hit ghost types with normal and fighting type attacks And what do you know Farfetch’d [Sirfetch’d] has one of the strongest fighting type attacks in the game in close combat? So it is spammable.

It does not matter if your opponent has something like A Dragapult in the back – Dragapult actually dies to close combat from Sirfetch’d it doesn’t matter if they have an Aegislash, Aegislash also dies to close comment from Sirfetch’d because Close comment becomes super effective due to aegislash’s Steel typing. So that’s a really cool thing and we’ll be talking about that set we’re gonna be running max attack on our Sirfetch’d because we want to maximize the damage that Sirfetch’d can do I keep calling it a farfetch’d but its Sirfetch’d. I got to put some respect on his name He’s a sir. We have 32 speed EVs. Now the reason I have 32 speed EVs is because I want to outspeed min-speed corviknight. So a Corviknight that’s not running any speed. I’m gonna punish it by 2 hit-KOing it with close combat from sir fetch You also naturally outspeed Pokemon like Clefable in the tier which is pretty cool was we do have coverage options for that and the rest was just put into HP Unfortunately while far fetch does have decent defense and okay special defense Its speed and its HP are very very low So at the moment, there isn’t much use in running speed on far- Sirfetch’d.

I keep calling back to before, man I’m sorry. On Sirfetch’d and overall maximizing the bulk is alright But that speed is just for Corviknight. Now the move sets we’re gonna be running our close combat again, that’s the move You’re probably gonna clicking 9 times out of 10 with Sirfetch’d. You just want to bring it in and click that Close Combat We have first impression now. First Impression is a base 90 bug type move that has priority. But after that you can only click it on the first turn So it’s not spammable. It’s not the best but it does give Sirfetch’d priority and a strong priority you move at that allowing you to revenge kill something like sub nasty plot hydreigon or doing about 70 percent or so 80% to -or more around 60 percent 60 70 percent to Galarian Darmanitan So it’s really nice just to get damage off on those fast Strong pokemon that out speeds Sirfetch’d and can deal with it.

Knock it out We have knock off. knock off is good for getting rid of items It’s good for hitting ghost types If you don’t want to use close combat, it’s also good for getting rid of Toxapex’s item. Toxapex s is actually one of the best Answers to Sirfetch’d in the game period right it doesn’t learn earthquake and it doesn’t have really any ways of really touching it so knock off gets rid of its item and last we have poison jab poison jab allows us to deal with Pokemon like Clefable.

We do about 70 percent To Clefable physically defensive with choice band poison jab and we do outspeed it and we don’t die as well we don’t die to the To the moonblast that he can go for so it’s really good for It’s really really really good for Sirfetch’d. Honestly, if this man had just a little bit more HP It’d be incredible I really feel like it’d be incredible because its stats are really nice Now the next set we’re gonna be talking about a little bit is basically the same set Woops, woops, hahaha It’s sorry about that, I clicked the wrong button but it’s the same exact set However, I’m gonna give you the other option.

The other option is defog. Defog isn’t the greatest thing, but honestly, it’s it’s a fighting-type that beats all or most of the setters So you can /defog it’s not another set, it’s just slashing but you can slash defog poison jab personally I like poison jab I like being able to hit fairy-type super effectively and it’s just a good spammable move anyway getting poisoned 30% chance if they have like clefable and Hydreigon and they’re like I don’t know like Pokemon like whatever common Rotom Hawlucha, like poison jab is a good neutral move to be locked into verses that versus close combat So I’d rather have poison jab, but defog is an option. Now. Those are the main sets that I think will work currently in this Time point in time, but it does learn a few cool things. It has access to Swords Dance I don’t think you will be sweeping with a swords dance Sirfetch’d anytime soon because there’s no tiers There’s no metagame or anything right now.

Everything’s just allowed So nothing has really developed. Now as tiers Actually do end up happening and surf fetch falls down from OU to UU to RU, whatever? Maybe a Swords Dance set would be a little bit better than there but for the most part I think you just want to get off damage and you want to get it off as quickly as possible With a choice band Sirfetch’d. So the set I advise is the first one without the revised defog over poison jab and yeah, close comment knock off first impression and poison job. In terms of partners for this Pokemon in the current metagame the best way to use This pokemon is to get it in on the field, right you want to get it in on bulky Pokemon that he threatens so Rotom wash is actually a fantastic partner because when Rotom wash goes for volt switch and a pokémon like Ferrothorn comes in, Sirfetch’d comes in on the volt switch and it’s able to just click close comment and currently a lot of people don’t know that Sirfetch’d gets scrappy.

So that’s a pretty big thing I’ve actually had people while testing and recording they went Dragapult on my Sirfetch’d From like ferrrothorn and they went down to close combat So it’s just such a cool Pokemon to use and I’m very excited To show you guys how it does work. Another one, another really good. Teammate is Dugtrio or Gothitelle those to basically have arena trap and shadow tag and Basically that allows you to trap a Pokemon like Toxapex, Right and being able to trap Pokemon like Toxapex and threaten it with a stab earthquake or a taunt Plus Calm Mind or psychic from Gothitelle means that Sirfetch’d is more free to spam close combat.

That’s like the best again That’s like the best answer for it So getting in that mon and using these teammates to get rid of them fantastic another great. Teammate is Galarian Darmanitan Galarian Darmanitan is great because you use- first off you threaten everything with your moves anyway. you can threaten Toxapex for a 2 Hit-KO with your earthquake and you go for u-turn and bring in- basically when people Switch out on Galarian Darmanitan if you’re not going for Icicle crash you can go for U-Turn you bring in Sirfetch’d and you do some massive damage, but another choice band mon right here. I also really like Hazard support Defoggers are really nice support as well because this pokemon is grounded. So it does have to worry about spikes There’s nothing worried about Toxic Spikes though it does resist stealth rock. That’s basically all I have for you guys for Sirfetch’d today Unfortunately at the moment, I think this is its best set and while it’s only one set I think it can be really good at that, again it does have moves like Swords Dance and its arsenal and it does have a few toys that can work with like brave bird and Brave Bird, could be really interesting as well actually if you’re using a Swords dance set I do advise- and I didn’t put this on because I don’t think it’s gonna be the best but if you are using a Swords Dance set maybe use something like brave bird and the idea behind that is That if you Dynamax and you use brave bird you get +1 speed so that’s a cool little way that you can abuse And maybe give this Pokemon a little bit more speed and leaf blade is also another option It can run but at the moment again I do just think choice band is its best and Probably strong set and if you want to flex on somebody you can use meteor assault which is its stab 150 base power Signature move.

However, it does have the drawback of you cannot move next turn whereas close comment is just incredibly spammable But yeah guys. Thank you so much for watching I hope you guys all enjoyed enjoy the Sirfetch’d video that will be going up later today and Yeah, I’ll see you guys next time leave a like subscribe. Goodbye my friends.

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