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How to use STONJOURNER! Stonjourner Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo whats up guys You got Pokeaim here with another Pokemon Sword and Shield Moveset VIdeo Guide on How to Use Stonjourner Now this Pokemon is really really cool and if you guys missed any of my previous moveset video guides feel free to check out the playlist down below as well as stay tuned for later today ill be featuring this Pokemon in a Pokemon Showdown Live and soon i’ll be featuring it in a Wifi Battle as well. Now this Pokemon has a pretty nice HP attack AND defense stat. 100, 125 and 135 and unfortunately it has very very very bad special defense BUT its fine because it has a pretty decent speed tier at base 70 despite being a stone wall and its actually a really cool support mon when it comes to Max Raids and of course, Doubles. Because of its Power Spot ability that basically boosts the base power of this Pokemon’s allies by x1.3. So if you’re playing Max Raids I’ve actually found a bit of success with Stonjourner.

Of course, that has a lot to do more with in-game that it does have to do with competitive. But, yeah a really cool thing about this Pokemon is that people don’t know it learns Heat Crash and Heat Crash is based on weight and this Pokemon weighs almost 1200 pounds. For example, a Heat Crash vs Ferrothorn Physically Defense Max Defense/Max HP does 100 percent MINIMUM with an adamant life orb because it is 100 base power coming off of 125 attack. So that’s the cool thing about this Pokemon. Its ability to beat Pokemon that either set up rocks or deal with the hazards. The other cool thing is that obviously being pure Rock type it doesn’t have that 4x weakness if it was a rock/Steel for example, to Excadrill’s Earthquake, so it can actually tank an Earthquake and knock it back out with Earthquake. And again also threatening defoggers like Mandibuzz with a Life Orb adamant STAB Stone Edge. So the first set we have, of course, what I just described, the offensive stealth rocking set. Heat Crash, as I mentioned, is great, for Ferrothorn, and Earthquake obviously threatens Pokemon like Toxapex for a 2-hit KO, and Stone Edge threatens those flyers.

Heat Crash also does just some solid damage in general. I like this set a lot because it basically as I mentioned before, can get up Stealth Rock and doesn’t really have to worry about most defensive cores. Like, Rotom doesn’t appreciate coming in on a Life Orb Stone Edge and its faster than defensive Rotom and offensive Rotom dies after Stealth Rock GUARANTEED to a Life Orb Stone Edge. So, Stonjourner can be a really cool surprise Pokemon if you’re looking for a unique Stealth Rocker. The next set we do have is the Rock Polish set. And this attempts to use Stonjourner as a Rock Polish sweeper. We’re still running adamant because adamant, we’re faster than Choice Scarf Rotom which is a great speed tier to hit, though, honestly, you could go Jolly as well. I believe Jolly will let you outspeed Choice Scarf Darmanitan, if I’m not mistaken. But the idea behind this is boosting that pretty decent speed at base 70 and just abusing its strong attack.

As I already mentioned before, you have Heat Crash for the Ferrothorn and Rock Polish and Stone Edge, doubling its speed. But yeah, adamant can be used and that will allow to outspeed, again, Choice Scarf Rotom which is a very very very popular Choice Scarf Pokemon running around and like i said jolly does outspeed Choice Scarf Darmanitan. And again, using Stonjourner as a sweeper more than as an offensive rocker. I’m a big fan, again, of this Pokemon because of that HUGE Hp and Special Defense. Uh, excuse me, NOT special defense. No. No special defense at all. But that huge HP and Defensive stat just allowing it to take most neutral moves. But, really really you do have to watch out for special attacks coming out at Stonjourner. And the last set is basically a choice band set. Abusing that incredible attack stat as I already mentioned multiple times. And just going for all-out powerful moves. Stone Edge, Earthquake, Heat Crash, and Heavy Slam.

Heavy Slam is cool versus those defensive teams that rely on Pokemon like Unaware Clefable and Sylveon maybe to basically sponge hits from Pokemon like Hydreigon for instance, so, its also just good versus, its just a strong move in general just to have. The majority of this Pokemon’s attacks are coming out incredibly powerful because of its heavy weight. So Heavy Slam/Heat Crash are decently powerful as well and their mechanics work exactly the same. If you guys didn’t know Heat Crash and Heavy Slam, basically, they have more power, up until 120 base power, the heavier the user is than the target. So, again, we’re running an Adamant nature on this and it’s so good for defensive Rotom. Corvinights that are not running max speed, and just those bulky builds that are running around with Ferrothorn, Toxapex, Mandibuzz, maybe Sylveon or Clefable running around.

So a few good teammates for Stonjourner because this Pokemon gets rid of Pokemon like Ferrothorn, for instance. I think Rotom-Wash is a fantastic partner. Allowing Rotom-Wash just to Volt Switch around pretty freely and hydro pump without really having to worry about giving up too much momentum. And by that I mean if you Hydro Pump a Ferrothorn its able to come in, its able to either Knock Off an item or Leech Seed around or set-up Stealth Rocks so Stonjourner basically learning those is so cool. And, um, weakening, or even getting rid of a Toxapex can be really nice for Pokemon like Dragapult for instance which might struggle. I think specs Dragapult + Life Orb Stonjourner work really together because Dragapult is a Pokemon that if it doesn’t Dynamax and its running Choice Specs, it has to really worry about what moves its clicking. For the most part it will be clicking Shadow Ball and even though its strong it only has base 100 special attack.

So its not doing SO MUCH to physical walls but, especially Mandibuzz, right? Mandibuzz is a giant threat to Dragapult unless its running like Choice Specs Thunderbolt and even then its only a 2-hit KO. So Stonjourner is actually something that can weaken that and the big thing about this Pokemon as i mentioned before is that its ability to threaten Defoggers and Rapid Spinners is so cool even Pokemon like, for example, Cinderace, which are running Court Change, this is a Pokemon that Cinderace is not going to stay in front of with that base 125 attack and another cool partner is Sub Hydreigon + Stonjourner. While Substitute Hydreigon can deal with most bulky Pokemon on its own, it’s also able to come in or just even Hydreigon in general is able to resist the water moves coming out at Stonjourner and the grass type attacks as well.

As well as having Levitate for the ground type attacks coming out at Stonjourner. And Hydreigon also appreciates the ability of Stonjourner to deal with the Fairy types as well as Mandibuzz. So it just pairs really really well together. And I really feel like another, just good type of core of this, is just using volt turn. Basically what volt turn is is having multiple Pokemon or at least Pokemon with volt switch AND u-turn, and those, just, momentum gaining moves. And a lot of the time Pokemon coming in on a lot of those moves, for example Ferrothorn will always find itself coming in on Volt Switch, Toxapex will find itself coming in on Galarian Darmanitan’s U-Turn. So, having those either slow or fast pivots to be able to get in this wall to just do so much damage is very very much appreciated for this Pokemon. But yeah guys as I mentioned I will be having a showdown live up later today on Stonjourner as well as hopefully Wi-Fi battles coming super soon this week. Another, just a little update, I’m recording this at the time that I actually finished my 252 hour marathon with aDrive and Tyler and it was absolutely fantastic.

We’ve gotten so many new subs and hi again, welcome to the channel! I know you guys love these videos, love these type of videos, and I’m just excited to be able to help you learn competitive or even just give you some sort of tips and tricks on that. I think the only other option that this Pokemon does have, by the way, is potentially, like a Substitute set. I didn’t really put it in an actual account. But like a Substitute/Heat Crash set, or even Substitute plus, like, Body Press. Body press is another move if you don’t want to run Superpower. Because I didn’t mention Superpower, but Superpower is an option. But Body Press is based on the user’s defense. So, it is something that a base 135 Stonjourner can actually take advantage of. But, yeah, that is all I have for you guys today. Thank you all for watching. Like I said I have plenty of other moveset videos on the channel.

Feel free to check them out! Feel free to also check out my guide to getting your Pokemon to lv 100 and getting them competitive ready. Also you can check out my guide to Team Building in Pokemon Sword and Shield that I did with my buddy BKC. Those links are down below. I will see you guys next time, goodbye my frens..

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