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How to use THIEVUL! Thievul Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys you got Pokeaim here, with another Pokemon Sword and Shield moveset video guide, on how to use Thievul. Now, if this is your first video, hello. My name is Joey I play competitive Pokemon over here on YouTube and I plan on uploading a lot of moveset guides, WiFi battles, Showdown lives, and Pokemon Sword and Shield guides in general, on the channel. So of course if that’s something that’s interesting to you, feel free to subscribe. You can also follow me on Twitch and Twitter, those links are down below. But let’s talk a little bit about Thievul Unfortunately Thievul doesn’t have the best stats. Having basically it’s best stat being 92 special defense and then its second best stat being 90 speed So it’s a really average/below average Pokemon And if you’re thinking about this Pokemon being, you know, something of a high tier or something you’re gonna see all the time, you’re more than likely wrong, However, In a lower tier setting, I feel like Thievul can definitely thrive Maybe like, PU, if you want to use Smogon tiers as an example But let’s talk a little bit about the first set we have here, Which is the choice specs set.

This boosts its special attack by 1.5 So Thievul has the cool ability called Stakeout and if you didn’t know what Stakeout does Basically, it doubles the base power of a move if your opponent switches into the move. So let’s say I have Thievul out versus a Pokemon that’s weak to dark type moves. So let’s just say a psychic type like Xatu for instance Xatu decides to switch out into resist, like Tyranitar. I decided to go for Grass Knot, predicting Tyranitar to come in.

The Grass Knot would be doubled in power because Tyranitar switched in on the attack. Whereas if Tyranitar was already in, I would do less damage. I hope that kind of makes sense. Anyway, Stakeout doubles the the base power of the move and that’s pretty cool on a choice specs set with Thievul because it has A decent speed tier, and again, for lower tiers, this can probably work. I don’t know if It’s gonna do that much work in the the standard metagame, Whatever that may be, but we’re just gonna go max speed timid, we want to try and get off as many attacks as possible, especially with a frail Pokemon like this, with 58 base defense and 70 base HP.

Our main move/STAB is going to be Dark Pulse. Dark Pulse is the move we are going to be clicking most of the time. We do have Grass Knot, Grass Knot can be cool if you try to use it in a higher tier setting, where a pokémon like Tyranitar might be around, so you can actually hit that, and obviously also hitting water types, Ground types, and rock types. We also have Psychic. Psychic is all right because Thievul is weak to fighting types, being a dark type. So it gives you a super effective hit versus those Fighting types. Now, parting shot is our final move, and I think you can change this one if you want. You could trade this for like, U-turn if you really want to, but I felt like putting parting shot over U-turn Simply because it actually lets Thievull do something with its “high” base speed. High is in quotations, but because of its speed stat maxing out at 306 at a level 100 with a timid nature, we can get off a parting shot, which better supports teammates on the team. if you guys didn’t know, parting shot lowers that attack and special attack of the Pokemon that you use it on, and it switches you out into whatever Pokemon you want to go out into.

Whereas U-turn would be the Guaranteed move to get a little bit of damage off and bring out something else. Parting shot can be cool When setting up another Pokemon for example. I don’t think this Pokemon is going to be very solid but it’s gonna be fun to use, and I can’t wait to use it in a Wi-Fi battle as well as a showdown live. I do have a second set. The second set kind of uses what the first set had, but instead of a choice specs you do have a life orb on this set, to still boost the power of your attacks, and we are abusing the fact that Thievul does have access to nastyplot, so you can boost your special attack +2 with nastyplot and then switch up moves, whereas choice specs affects limits you to one move as you click it.

So obviously we have the same exact coverage, dark, grass, and psychic. It’s basically all that Thievul really has when it comes to coverage, and we’re not gonna be using any physical attacks because Thievul has a base 58 attack, so that’s not something you really want to use, unless you’re using something like foul play, which I’ll talk about in a second. But the idea is to use Thievul as a sort of sweeper, with nastyplot to boost your special attack, Which is below average/ish, and get it to over 500. So that’s the idea behind this set, however in terms of actually getting off attacks with Thievul, Because of its very low HP and very low defense, although it has decent special defense, chances are you’re not gonna be able to nastyplot up very often, so it might be better to just use the choice specs set over the Nasty Plot set, and that’s why I showed you guys that set first, when it came to this pokemon. But there are a few more options this pokemon has.

Let me talk about why they are not the best. It’s a dark-type pokémon. So it has access to Foul Play. Foul Play is a physical move, but it takes into account your opponent’s attack stat, and uses that when dealing damage. The move power does get STAB, because it is a dark type, but still not necessarily very good It has that, plus Parting Shot, and Taunt, which is something that Alolan Persian has ran in the past, but the reason Alolan Persian was able to get away with it is because a Alolan Persian has higher speed and Has fur coat, so it has as a few things going for it when it comes to being a pivot. Whereas Thievul does not have anywhere near the bulk or the speed of Persian, so for the most part, you’re probably gonna see something like this. If I had to compare this to a Pokemon, I would compare it to Gumshoos, whereas gumshoes uses choice band stakeout, to make use of the fact that it’s not very good at switching moves, but having that choice band boost, and being able to hit hard because of that stakeout ability is really good, but that’s the same idea behind Thievul.

There’s not much else I can really talk about when it comes to this Pokemon, If you do use it with a parting shot support set, obviously a lot of set-up sweepers can help alongside that. Getting a parting shot off can be really cool for something like Swords Dance Dreadnaw, Shell Smash Poltergeist, Dragon Dance Gyarados is a probably a better one too. For the most part though, sets like that won’t really work. But for specs, you want to get this pokemon in, you want to click a button, Maybe try and get it in versus something that it has a good type matchup on, so that way they switch out and you hit the incoming pokemon really hard, or whatever is coming in. But yeah, that’s all I have for you guys today, thank you for watching Hope you guys all enjoyed and learned something. If you have other Thievul sets that you think can work, let me know down below. I’m always willing to read and listen, and I can’t wait to this thing in a showdown live, and a Wi-Fi battle. So stay tuned, if you guys wanna check out any of my other moveset guides, there is a playlist down below and that’s it! Goodbye, my friends :]

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