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How to use TOXTRICITY! Toxtricity Moveset Guide! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys You got Pokeaim here with another Pokemon Sword and Shield moveset video guide on how to use Toxtricity Now I actually really, really love this Pokemon And if you guys are, you know enjoying these moveset video guides, feel free to subscribe, leave a like I also have a guide on how to get these Pokemon to level 100 and basically how to make your Pokemon battle-ready.

That’s in the description below but before we get into this moveset guide I just have to mention that in order to get the different forms of Toxtricity. It’s basically determined by It’s determined by Nature. So as you can see on the Left We have all the Amped forms and as you can on the right, we have all the Lowkey forms So that doesn’t really matter in terms of what Nature we’re using on these Pokemon just because we can use the mints To change the properties of our Nature which are in the game However, you are going to need these forms as the base of the Pokemon.

So you are gonna need if you want to run a Shift Gear Toxtricity you’re gonna need a Jolly one because you need to get the Amped form Alright, but yeah that basically explains it and this is on your screen just to help you out I’m gonna take it away for now. Let’s talk a little bit about Toxtricity being Electric and Poison I absolutely love That typing being able to absorb Toxic Spikes and also threaten some pretty common Pokemon in the tier like Corviknight Punk Rock is also a really cool ability because it boosts your sound-based moves and it also makes you more Resistant to sound-based moves as well I believe it’s a 50% boost to your sound-based moves and also a 50% resistant to those sound-based moves if I’m not mistaken Which is super cool because this Pokemon does learn Boomburst and Boomburst is Stronger than a stab Overdrive which is also a sound-based move as well.

It’s also an electric-type attack So that’s really cool because most of the time you can just send this Pokemon out and just click Boomburst Unless Overdrive is super effective on the Pokemon then Boomburst is for the most part, stronger But yeah, we have Boomburst, Sludge Wave, Overdrive, and Volt Switch on a Choice Specs set This can also double as a Choice Scarf set as well but Choice Specs makes your moves just incredibly, incredibly hard to switch into. We’re Timid nature just to maximize our speed, but you can potentially be Modest nature as well for a little bit more of a damage output Sludge Wave, Overdrive, and Volt Switch are stab moves volts Volt Switch is nice being able to get on out of there to keep the momentum Sludge Wave lets you threaten Fairy types, but for the most part you probably just gonna be clicking Boomburst for this pokemon, honestly Comes out and it’s gonna click Boomburst and the cool thing is you can come in on a Pokemon like Sub Corviknight for instance and Because Overdrive is a sound based move it actually goes through the Sub So even if Corviknight is at +6 behind the Substitute, you can knock it out with an Overdrive just because you are Choice Specs The next set we do have is a Life Orb set now This is a mixed set and one of the main Pokemon that can actually come in on Toxtricity is Ferrothorn.

Ferrothorn does resist Boomburst. It resists Overdrive and Sludge Wave It is immune to so a mixed set with Fire Punch actually allows you to hit Ferrothorn for some super effective damage running a Life Orb On this set. We’re Naive natured on this set. That way we don’t have to turn down our attack by going timid which we were in the previous one and Basically, it’s just a nice little way of chipping away at Ferrothorn for the most part it’s the exact same thing you’re gonna be clicking Boomburst, Overdrive. We just got rid of Volt Switch as a way to muscle through Ferrothorn Especially those Ferrothorn Rotom-Wash teams that are running around this allows you to deal with that one thing I also want to mention before we go on and I completely forgot but I’m doing this Stream with my buddy aDrive and my buddy Tyler, and it’s a 252-hour marathon that we’ve been doing since last Friday So it’s actually a week and we’re doing eight-hour shifts.

My shift is 3 a.m. To 11 a.m And we actually have limited edition Drop a Draco merch available during this, you know, it looks like Duraludon It’s actually a call back to my original Drop a Draco merch So if you guys do want to check it out that link is down below It’s only gonna be available until the stream ends, which is gonna be on Monday If you also want to see me, I’m gonna be on twitch.tv/aDrive every night from 3 a.m. To 11 a.m. Eastern I have the European shift basically, but after that Tuesday, I’ll be back on my own stream But I just wanted to let y’all know so if you want to check it out alright, so Yeah, the idea of the life orb set is to basically allow Toxtricity a way of dealing with some of the Pokemon it can’t, mainly Ferrothorn, but also slow threatened Pokemon like Rotom as well with your Life Orb Boomburst or Overdrive and One thing I do want to note is some teammates that actually work really well with Toxtricity We do have two more sets But before we go there to note some teammates, some teammates that work really well with Toxtricity are obviously Ground immunities and Psychic resistances Now two very good teammates with Toxtricity are actually Corviknight and Hydreigon because they cover both of those.

Hydreigon does have the Levitate so it doesn’t get hurt by Ground-type attacks unless it’s like a Mold Breaker Excadrill and Corviknight Also is a flying type. So obviously it is immune to the Electric-type attacks. Excuse me not the Electric-type attacks No, no no no no no to the ground type attacks coming out at Toxtricity and likewise Hydreigon being part Dark type and Corviknight being part Steel type means that Corviknight does resist the Psychic type attacks that come out at Toxtricity and Hydreigon is immune to them and they work really well and they particularly like the fact that Toxtricity deals with Pokemon like Haze Toxapex for instance and also They can set up on Pokemon that a Specs Toxtricity Does not like so a Pokémon like Ferrothorn a Sub Bulk Up Corviknight does not care Sub Nasty Plot Hydreigon can do a lot of work, but the reason Sub Bulk Up Corviknight doesn’t care is It’s immune to the Leech Seed when it’s behind a Substitute.

That’s really nice and Ferrothorn has a lot of trouble breaking its Substitutes So those are two really good teammates, and I also really really like Spikes But with this Pokemon, I think you also just want a solid answer to Rotom as well. Like this is something that can take the Volt Switches from Rotom, but I’m interested in Darmanitan as well so funnily enough Another Poison type that pairs really well with Toxtricity and you know answers to Darmanitan doesn’t really make a lot of sense because There’s not very many answers to Galarian Darmanitan but Toxapex is actually a pretty cool Pokemon to use with it. While, it does share the Ground type and the Psychic weakness It’s also a great Galarian Darmanitan answer and if they go for Earthquake, you can just switch out and get your Regenerator But yeah, that’s just a few teammates that can work the next set Is kind of taking advantage of the fact that this is the the Punk Rock version, by the way So again, I showed you guys the Natures earlier But I know where to get this one needs to have Jolly, Impish, Lax all that stuff on the team but again If you use Nature mints which are in the game if you have no idea what I’m talking about with Nature mints check out that guide to getting you know level 100 Pokemon and competitive Pokemon down below description, but Basically in order to have Shift Gear That’s the main difference between these two they have in terms of competitive that matters.

This thing gets Shift Gear. Where as Lowkey does not So Shift Gear’s really cool because it does raise your speed times two and it raises your attack plus one However, similarly to the last generation where Magearna would use Shift Gear and then use three special attacks This pokemon can use Shift Gear and use three special attacks as well Basically, there’s a new item called the Throat Spray which boosts your special attack after you use a sound-based move and Boomburst and Overdrive are both sound-based moves so you can use this thing to potentially sweep You can use this thing to potentially sweep and I think that’s so cool using Basically a sound-basedd move and then taking advantage of the new item as well I think you want to be Timid on this thing.

You could go Modest but Timid is really nice for out-speeding like Choice Scarf Excadrill for instance or anything like that Modest can do the same thing if I’m not mistaken But I think there’s also some speed tiers with like Adamant Dragapult if I’m not mistaken as well I might be a little bit off on that one. I did the calc really late last night and I’ll run it right now. Actually 272 times three is 546 and it’s like three Yeah, so I think you’re just a little bit faster than an Adamant Dragapult or if I’m not mistaken if I’m remembering it unless I’m actually just gonna check right now.

Again, this is really unprofessional. I should have done this before. I’m so sorry Yep, you are just faster than Adamant Dragapult. So some Dragapults are running Adamant on even their Dragon Dance sets So that’s pretty cool as well. Obviously, you don’t do a lot of damage to them because they do Resist most of your moves, but when you have a Throat Spray boost and you have Punk Rock as well boosting your special attack I think that’s still pretty important and also, you know being faster than Choice Scarf Cinderace which is running around at times and Pokemon below that speed tier So that’s why I think Timid can work But again, you could use Modest and you get that extra oomph in the Special Attack stat by using Throat Spray but again it the idea behind this set is using Shift Gear to raise its speed and then to abuse that special attack and using the new item in Throat Spray and The last set I believe we do have is a Shift Gear physical set now, I don’t think this set is very Like great I really don’t I would personally use Specs, Scarf or even the Throat Spray Throat spray set.

Excuse me, but It does have a decent physical movepool, right? Obviously I tell you guys that Fire Punch is really nice allowing it to deal with Steel types that otherwise wall The combination of Wild Charge and Gunk Shot. So Ferrothorn is the biggest one that comes to mind Gunk Shot is your physical stab stab, it’s incredibly strong at +1 because Shift Gear again does raise your speed +2 and does raise your attack +1 And it allows If you hit the Gunk Shot, obviously you can do a lot of damage with it though I would advise if you don’t want to risk missing Gunk Shot, Poison Jab is a decent alternative as well And then we do have Wild Charge now We are running a Life Orb which Wild Charge was like why are we taking so much recoil but this thing honestly does need the attack stat base 98 attack is not The best options a few other options could be potentially Drain Punch on This pokemon over Fire Punch, but I think Fire Punch makes a lot more sense Drain Punch is good for Tyranitar, but Fire Punch just makes a ton of sense for Ferrothorn.

Power-Up-Punch is also an option Maybe you can run like an Expert Belt instead of a Life Orb though in that case. That way You’re not taking so much damage And it doesn’t really have much that can deal with on the special side with a Pokemon like Dragapult for instance But it does hit incredibly hard. It does get Hex though So if you want to run it on a special set not necessarily this one But in one of the original special sets that could work. But yeah, that’s the idea behind Toxtricity it’s gonna be a Really strong hard-hitter and I think I don’t think this thing will be OU by any means for those that know about tiers I do think it’ll be a lower-tier Pokemon, but like a UU mon Just cause Boomburst just hits so incredibly hard and you know, I could just be absolutely wrong But thank you everybody for watching, hope you guys all enjoyed. Feel free to leave a like and subscribe Like I said, if you want to pick up the Drop a Draco merch it’s very limited It is gonna be gone basically Monday night as far as I know.

The link is down below I’ll link that and ships for a while. There’s also a whole bunch of other shirts that we have there that’s available. But like the first row of them But yeah, i’ll see you guys next time and I’ll see you guys later today With the Toxtricity showcase. Goodbye my friends..

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