*LIMITED TIME* How To Get Hoenn Cap Pikachu & Sinnoh Cap Pikachu – Pokemon Sword and Shield


What’S going on everyone austin john place here and today i’m going to be going over how you could get two of the special cat, pikachus, the cinnamon cap and the hoenn cap and pokemon sword and shield now first things: first, this is a limited time event, and These two pikachu were different from the two that we previously made a video about. Instead of making weekly videos, i forgot to make a bi-weekly. So previously we had ourselves the partner cap and the original cap.

Now we’re going to get the hoenn cap and the cinnacap. This event ends november 30th. You have to redeem these codes in pokemon sword and shield before november 30th. I think it was like three years ago these pikachu were last available, so now’s your opportunity to grab them all right in pokemon, sword and shield you’re going to go into mystery gift and you’re going to go to get a mystery gift and we’re going to do That with a code, don’t let your battery run out, the first code is gon na be pika advance except the. I is a one, so p, one k a and then the second word is a d v. A n c e pick a advance.

This is the hoe and cat pikachu, the third of the eight that are going to be available. It’S going to know thunderbolt quick attack, iron tail and electroweb, and it can relearn volt tackle at the move. Relearner. It doesn’t have any perfect ivs and it is level 25

For the cinnocat pikachu, this one became available today the code is volt, tackle pica except the i is a one and the o is a zero. So v, zero l t that’s volt, tackle t a c k, l e and then pica p, one k a volt tac lepico. This ceno cat pikachu knows the same four moves: thunderbolt quick attack, irontail electroweb level; 25, no perfect ivs. So, as of this video, we have four of the pikachus this one, this cap, our newly acquired sinnoh cap and the helen cap. I said those two backwards.

That’S fine again very important, make sure to redeem this before november 30th. 2020.. All right guys, i’m wrapping up this video. If you found it helpful. Do me a favor hit the thumbs up button down below if you’re new to the channel consider subscribing and turning on notifications. Until next time, austin john out, you

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