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*LIMITED TIME* How To Get Unova Cap Pikachu & Kalos Cap Pikachu – Pokemon Sword and Shield


What’S going on everyone austin john place here and today, i’m gon na be going over how you could get two more of the cat, pikachu that being the unova cap and the kalos cap and pokemon sword and shield. This is now the s fifth and sixth special cat pikachu’s that we are able to get during this very limited time. Heads up big reminder: this event ends november 30th. 2020. You have to redeem these codes before november 30th. 2020.

So far we have four of the hats: we’re gon na be getting two more of them uh. We have another one set to come out on the 23rd, the day after the dlc and one on october 30th, devil’s night, goosey night halloween eve and that’s going to be the last one. So there’s basically one month for you to redeem these codes, i mean i’m probably gon na make this video unlisted and um. Just just do one recap, video of all of all eight codes, great all right, so let’s go to mystery gift.

Let’S go to put in a code and this first one is going to be for unova cat pikachu and the code is going to be pika best wish, except the i’s are ones so that is p. One k a b e s t and then wish w one s h, pika best wish that one that one didn’t sound weird and here we go. This – is the unovacat pikachu friendly reminder that the stats are garbage in those thunderbolt quick attack iron tail electro web. It can relearn vault tackle through the move relearner, it has its ability, static and no held items and going to be time now to get ourselves. The kalos cap and the code is kalos pika except the ones are replacing the eyes and the o is a zero. So kalos k a l, zero s and then pika p, one k a calo spica there we go, there’s the kalos cap. That means that the only two caps are going to be left are the alola cap and the world cap, which is brand new for this generation.

This p2 has the same moves and stats as the last one and a fun little easter egg. If you go into the summary and you go to the met on date, it says the date was 10 18 2020 and it seems that it came from a pokemon tv program. I think that’s that’s pretty awesome and it has the classic ribbon. Well great! That’S how you’re gon na get yourselves these two pikachu. We have two more left and the dlc comes out this week. Pretty excited for it. Not gon na lie alright guys. Well. Do me a favor hit the like button down below if you’re new to the channel stay subscribed for pokemon crown tundra, dlc content, i’m your friend austin john! Until next time, i’m out.

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