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My Thoughts on *ALL* New Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield


– Greetings, Pokefans! Michael here and since I’ve started shiny hunting in Pokemon Sword and Shield over on my Twitch, I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to what my thoughts are on the new Generation eight Pokemon shiny versions. So, I figured it best to make one all-encompassing video to answer those questions where I give my thoughts on every single new shiny Pokemon from Generation eight. Now, I know some of you wanted more of a ranking format, like a top 10 or a tier list, so to appease those of you who did want that, at the end of the video after I’ve given my opinion on all of the new shinies, I will provide you with my top five and my bottom five of the new set.

All right enough intro stuff. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because I want to hit a million subs soon, and let’s dive into my thoughts on every new shiny Pokemon. I’m not a big fan of Grookey’s shiny. I feel like it could have been more different, but as of now it just looks like the Grookey is wilting. Shiny Thwackey looks pretty solid. Again, I wish it had changed more, but at least it doesn’t look like it’s dying.

Rillaboom is fine, I guess. I think I’m just not really into that particular shade of green. I don’t like Scorbunny’s shiny very much. I feel like the yellowish-orange color doesn’t stand out enough from the white. Shiny Raboot is pretty solid, but I’m not in love with it. That shade of gray/brown, wow I really cannot tell what color that is, isn’t really doing the trick for me. But I like the color change on the rest of its body.

Cinderace’s shiny is okay, but that same weird coloration that I just can’t put my finger on is far more prominent on Cinderace than it was on Raboot, so I’m not super into the shiny as a whole. Sobble’s shiny is great. Like the other starters, most of its body doesn’t undergo a huge color palette change, but the vibrant blue and pink really make it stand out. The same is true for Drizzile. I’m fine with the minimal body color change because the accent colors really pop. And while Inteleon is my least favorite of the final evolved starters, it’s shiny is fantastic.

The dark blue contrasts excellently with the light blue, white, and pink. It’s overall a fantastic shiny. Skwovet turns a lovely pinkish-red color. It looks like it ate too many strawberries, which I think is adorable. Greedent, on the other hand, just looks like it was tossed into Photoshop and had its brightness value turned up. I might like it more if his whole body had that strawberry-looking coloration that Skwovet had, but right now this just looks bland. Rookidee’s shiny is pretty good. I wish the yellow had stayed the more saturated yellow that it is on the regular coloring, and I’m not sure I agree with the decision to make its face mask a lot lighter, because those two coloration changes make the whole Pokemon look more washed out, but it’s still a very noticeable change that overall looks decent. I think Corvisquire’s shiny could have been better. I don’t like that its not yellow like Rookidee is, and again I’m not super in to having the dark face mask just turn into a middle-of-the-road gray. I think they should have either kept it dark or totally changed it. Corviknight’s shiny is excellent.

Changing the color scheme to look more metallic works really well for this steel-type Pokemon, and the dark eyes, legs, and underside of the beak contrast fantastically with that lighter coloration. This thing looks menacing as hell and I love it. Shiny Gigantamax Corviknight also gets extra points for having its eyes and the lines on its wings glow yellow instead of red. That looks awesome. Blipbug’s shiny is fine. It is noticeable, but I wish the yellow had changed to a color more different from its primarily blue body. Dottler’s shiny is solid.

I like that they kept the color change consistent from Blipbug to Dottler. Orbeetle is another very solid shiny. It’s very noticeable and looks pretty good. I like Nickit’s and Thievul’s shinies. I think changing them from regular foxes to silver foxes is a cheeky change, and I like the more subtle change from brown to blue on the darker parts of their designs. Gossifleur has a fantastic shiny. Makes it look like a whole new breed of flower from a totally different climate. That is great. I don’t like Eldegoss’s shiny very much. It’s got a bit of a purple tint, but overall it looks somewhat dead.

I would like it a lot more if it was more obviously purple. Wooloo is great. Changing a white sheep to a black sheep is extremely logical and looks fantastic. Dubwool experiences the same color swap, which I think looks good except for its face. I don’t know exactly why, but the swapped colors there don’t look as good and throw me off a bit. Chewtle is great. Changing a blue turtle to the classic green turtle is pretty fun.

Drednaw’s is fantastic. It looks kinda like Bowser without clearly being Bowser, which I think was the right call. I also love the dark forest green. I think it’s a noticeable improvement over Chewtle’s shiny. Yamper’s looks almost exactly the same and therefore sucks. Boltund’s shiny looks more different than Yamper’s, but I still wish it would have been even more different. As of now it just looks a tad too bland.

Rolycoly’s would have been more solid in my opinion if all of it had changed to blue rather than just the center piece. I feel the same about Carkol. I understand it’s supposed to be hauling coal, but at the very least the wheels could have turned blue. Coalossal’s shiny is the best of this evolutionary line because it’s almost totally that really nice blue. The entire Applin evolutionary line is great. Changing the red apple to a green apple is super smart and looks really good.

Silicobra and Sandaconda look like they’ve been zombified and I hate zombies. I don’t like this shiny very much at all. Cramorant looks fantastic. I love shinies that change from one bright and vibrant color to another. Arrokuda and Barraskewda are decent. I don’t think they’re bad, but they don’t stand out to me at all. I think the reddish pink on Toxel looks really good. I feel the same about Toxtricity but I wish the yellow and blue on the respective forms had changed as well. That would have made them a lot more interesting and unique. Gigantamax Toxtricity unfortunately doesn’t look very good because the reddish aura that surrounds a Dynamax Pokemon makes it hard to tell the difference between regular and shiny Gigantamax Toxtricity.

Shiny Sizzlipede kinda sucks. I don’t agree with the decision to only change its back and leave the rest of it completely the same. Plus that blue is the same shade as the Rolycoly line and they should have gone for something different. Centiskorch is better because the alternate coloring is more obvious, but I still wish they hadn’t only changed the back and the legs. Plus I wish it had been changed to a different color. Gigantamax Centiskorch is hot garbage though. You can barely tell that this is different. I genuinely looked at the two pictures of the two forms on Serebii and thought there was a mistake because I could not tell the difference. Clobbopus’s shiny is okay. I think they used this pale blue color a bit too much with shinies in this Generation, but I think it looks all right on Clobbopus. Shiny Grapploct is incredible. They turned an already-awesome color scheme into another awesome color scheme. The red and yellow and white just work so well together, and I love this shiny so frickin much.

Shiny Sinistea and Polteageist are all right. If I were to change them, I would have had their bodies change color as well. Maybe to a green color as a nod to green tea. I’m not a huge fan of the Hatterene line’s shinies. They just turned the blue into a super pale pink, which doesn’t look bad, but it makes the shiny versions look more bland than the regular versions. Gigantamax Hatterene does not look good though. It’s another situation where the red aura makes it difficult to tell the difference between the shiny and the regular. Impidimp and Morgrem look great. I love completely-different looking shinies.

Grimmsnarl also looks pretty good. I wish that really nice blue color from Impidimp and Morgrem had ended up being more prominent than just a little diamond on its chest, but overall I think it’s solid. The Obstagoon line looks wild and totally different and I like it a decent amount. Galarian Meowth and Perrserker look pretty solid. I don’t love that shade of yellow specifically, but I think they do a decent job of pulling it off. Shiny Gigantamax Meowth looks the same as regular one though and therefore is garbage. I don’t really like shiny Galarian Corsola because I don’t think it changes enough. Most of its body changes are pretty subtle. And, while I like the purple eyes, I would have liked to see something more noticeable. Cursola looks great though. That dark shadowy center looks super ominous and fantastic.

Shiny Galarian Farfetch’d sucks and is far too similar to the regular coloring. Shiny Sirfetch’d is much better though. I kind of like how the golden coloring seems to be an homage to rubber ducks. Shiny Galarian Mr. Mime and Mr. Rime do not look good. Looks like a slightly red filter was just applied to them all over and ends up just making them look like their photos were taken during the Civil War. Galarian Yamask and Runerigus look fantastic though. I love the bright green eyes, and by making the rock lighter while changing the drawing to a more vibrant pink, they succeeded in making Runerigus stand out and just really pop a lot more.

It looks excellent. Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash look pretty solid. My only complaint is that when their manes glow, it kinda makes it seem like the yellow part isn’t changing. Galarian Weezing kinda looks like crap. Literally. Galarian Darumaka and Darmanitan look pretty solid. I like that the ice crystals change and the bright green really stands out. However, I would have preferred to see the snow change color to basically any color other than yellow. I really like Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan though. Changing the eyes and hands to be darker almost gives off the impression that the fire is hotter, which I like. I don’t really have any strong feelings about Shiny Galarian Stunfisk, but I do kind of like that its color scheme seems like somewhat of a nod to the original Stunfisk. Milcery looks like a ghost which freaks me out just a little bit. This thing is supposed to be cute not dead.

Shiny Alcremie looks pretty solid, but because of the variety of Alcremie colorations, I think it ends up being overshadowed a bit simply because it looks just like another Alcremie color. Shiny Falinks isn’t my favorite, but it looks pretty solid. It’s almost as if the armor is bronze instead of gold. My only gripe is that they didn’t change the color of its eyes. It would have been nice to see those turn red or some other bright color rather than just remain the same. Shiny Pinchurchin looks great, and honestly I think this is what its coloring should have been from the get-go. The black looks a lot better than that kind of desaturated purple. Snom just turns mildly green which only succeeds in making it look nauseous. I don’t like this one very much. Frosmoth also experiences a slight change to being somewhat green, which I feel just isn’t enough. I think I would have liked to see both of them change a lot more. Stonjourner has the dark and light areas of its body swap, which I think is kind of fun.

They could have gone for something more different, but I certainly don’t think this is bad. Eiscue looks fine to me. It’s a bit heavy on the pink for my taste, but I certainly don’t dislike it. Indeedee looks fine to me. It’s nothing crazy or drastic, but it’s noticeable enough to be all right. I don’t think Morpeko’s shiny looks bad, but I wish it was a bit less subtle. Cufant and Copperajah’s shinies are disappointing to me. They don’t look bad, but they just look like desaturated and more bland versions of their regular coloring. They could have made something a lot cooler. All the shiny fossils look like they’ve been made dead again.

They are grayed out and look decayed, a dramatic fall from their excellent vibrant colors normally. I do not intend to hunt for them because I really dislike how they look. Plus after that Kabuto hunt in Let’s Go that gave me wrist problems that I still have not recovered from, I’m never doing an excessive A-mashing shiny hunt ever again. Duraludon does not look bad, but I don’t feel like it was changed enough. This coloring could have been its regular coloring and it would have looked good. I tend to prefer shinies that are far more different. But Gigantamax Duraludon looks much more noticeably different and I quite like it. The orange coloring makes it look like the windows are reflecting the light at sunset rather than during the day which is pretty cool. The entire Dragapult line have really solid shinies. For most of them, really the only change is the change from red to yellow, and while it’s only really changing the accent colors it’s a dramatic enough change to be quite noticeable and also look really cool.

Zacian looks pretty awesome in my opinion. Leaning fully into the blue, which is my favorite color, looks really good on it, and I almost wish this is what it looked like normally. I don’t like Zamazenta as much because I just simply don’t like the color pink as much as blue, but I think it looks pretty solid and I definitely see the appeal for some people. Eternatus is basically in the same situation as Zamazenta where I think it looks pretty decent, but I’m just not that into the color pink. Although for Eternatus I would have liked the reddish energy change color, but I suppose since that’s the energy that’s causing Dynamax to happen it kinda has to stay red. I guess. All right just a few more shiny colorations to go over those being the Gigantamax forms that I have not already shown. Shiny Gigantamax Charizard looks just as awesome as regular Charizard. They did not mess with it and that was the right call. My favorite thing about Gigantamax Butterfree is the bright green eyes, but other than that, it doesn’t change very much, so I’m not that into it.

Gigantamax Pikachu has the same issues as regular Pikachu where I feel like it’s not different enough. The green on Gigantamax Machamp looks a little weird to me. I think it clashes too much with the bright orange on its hands. Shiny Gigantamax Gengar is incredible. They made it white just like they did with Mega Gengar and that was the right call. Those eyes are terrifying and I love it. Gigantamax Kingler looks pretty cool. I’ve always thought shiny regular Kingler looked cool and Gigantamax Kingler sticks to the same theme. I feel similarly about Gigantamax Lapras which keeps the same shiny color scheme as its normal form which I already thought looked good. Gigantamax Eevee looks really solid.

I think Gigantamax Eevee is normally pretty boring, but seeing it all snow white looks pretty cool. While I think normal shiny Snorlax is a bit too close to the original, I like that shiny Gigantamax Snorlax changes the color of the plants on its belly. That’s a really nice touch. I already liked the vibrant blue of shiny Garbodor and it looks just as good on shiny Gigantamax Garbodor. I also like that they changed the colors of the toys embedded in it. And finally, shiny Gigantamax Melmetal looks just like the original and therefore looks dumb. All right, so that covers my thoughts on every new Generation eight shiny Pokemon. So now, for my bottom five and my top five. First, the worst. Five is Mr. Rime/Mime. Four is the fossils as a whole. Three is Yamper. Two is Galraian Farfetche’d. And one is Gigantamax Centiskorch. Numbers five and four I think just look bad, but numbers three, two, and one are so close to their originals that they may as well just not even exist.

And now for my top five best. Five is Inteleon. Four is Gigantamax Gengar. Three is Drednaw, both of its forms. Two is Corviknight, both of its forms. And one is Grapploct. So now that you’ve watched this video, you know my thoughts on every single Generation eight shiny Pokemon. You are never allowed to ask me ever again. Thanks so much for watching and an extra special thanks to my patrons on Patreon. If you want to help support me in a way independent from the fluctuating YouTube ad revenue, the best way to do that is the link to the Patreon in the description below. Also don’t forget to check out my Pokemon Sword Let’s Play on my second channel and if you want to check out some more fun Pokemon content on this channel, you can click up here.

All right, that’s all I have for now. So til next time, Pokefans, gotta catch them all..

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