New Birds, Foods, Mysteries, and Breeding? Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Analysis


What’S going on boys and girls, what’s up world Austin John plays here and today we’re going to be taking a look at the three brand new Pokemon trailers? That’S right! There was three of them. You probably didn’t see all three, so we’re gon na cover all three. I’M gon na do a deep analysis, a deep, thorough, DEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP analysis to all of these videos. First of all, this is the official Pokemon YouTube channel trailer this dropped during the direct. So a lot of people didn’t see this soon.

As we start up, we open up to all of our starters, all three of them and Pikachu they’re running around korbinite appearing as well, and you can see right here, a green i’ll creamy. In my direct reaction, I thought this was a shiny out creamy. However, as we’re gon na learn later, this is a different form: /, a multiple flavor of out creamy. Moving from there, we go to a scene of encountering a wild pokemon. This is the reveal of cram rant, cram rant. This is a water flying type similar to Wingull and pelipper. It has a unique ability called to gulp missile won’t go missile, does is if the pokemon uses surf or a dive after using that move, it’s going to have a fish in its mouth. So here it is using surf on a sudowoodo sudowoodo confirmed, and we can see right here that it has a fishy in its mouth. This fish, that’s in its mouth. It doesn’t look like any pokemon. That’S previously announced or anything, however, funny enough, i’m actually going to be referencing. This leak again back from May of 2019 more stuff has been confirmed.

Nothing on here has actually been proven inaccurate and, as we can see down here, the Chinese Riddler told us about the giant, Pelican and you’ll see inside of its mouth. We have a fish and a Pikachu and in the text over here from the first leak, it says the best Pokemon so far is the blue seagull, who, when it dives either gets a barracuda in its mouth or a Pikachu which it launches at the enemy you Cannotice that I did not highlight the word Pikachu there, as we can see here, it does have what looks like a barracuda in its mouth, but no Pikachu. This may be a mechanic that we figure out later and they’re, not telling us now that there is say, for example, a 10 % chance that Pikachu it’s in its mouth, I’m just gon na call it a barracuda when it has the Barracuda in its mouth, when It gets attacked is going to use that as a counter, but it’s part of an ability, so it doesn’t take up your turn, which is nice in theory. During the same turn, you do surf on a Pokemon and then it hits you you’re gon na hit. It twice during that turn, which is pretty awesome.

It’S shooting like a missile and that’s pretty cool. Here we get a much more detailed shot on what the fish looks like and if I had to guess this is not a Pokemon. It’S just a generic fish, which is weird because generic fishes don’t exist in the Pokemon universe. I, except for the you know during the anime, where they messed. That fact up. Maybe they wanted to be like hey. This is a a Pokemon being eaten by this Pelican. Instead, it’s just going to be this fish in addition to mechanic that we do not know is if it doesn’t get attacked, maybe in a certain amount of time does it consume the fish and regain health that’d be neat, oh, that was enough to bring the sudowoodo Down, Oh cuz, it’s sturdy, and here we see our trainer throw out a second brand-new Pokemon. Now this guy is called called Polti Geist, as in poltergeist plus T so Polti Geist.

It is actually black tea that has become possessed and a ghost and it’s in a teapot, because England and T that’s why its ability is called the weak armor, which is ability that we’ve already had in the game. If a Pokemon gets hit with a physical move, its defenses drop by one stage and it’s speed – increases by one stage as weird as Polti Geist looks, I’m actually really not mad at the design. I think it’s really adorable how it decides to go out there. Then mouth a quick note here, while talking about poltergeist poltergeist, is very likely the Pokemon that we saw at the gigantic maxing trailer that came out on July, 8th when the chairman threw out a poke ball and for 1 to 2 frames. This right here could very well be poltergeist. Coming the pokeball. A lot of people thought this would be an elephant teapot sort of thing. However, I think at this point it could just be Pulte guys.

The next feature we’re going to talk about is going camping with your Pokemon. Now this is something that we saw teased, but it was never actually given a title and confirmed or actually brought back to the original scene of looking over the camp here here we see a close-up of GRU key as well as the other starters, and they they Seemed quite happy: I’m not gon na lie. Also, something really neat is, if you notice this is a very panning sort of cinematic camera angle of just kind of looking around. I don’t know if this is going to be when you’re in the camp and the player isn’t moving around it. Just kind of you know gives you an idle animation of the camera looking around or if you can be in first-person and look around in some of these areas, which would be really neat or if this has just done for the trailer after we get through.

With looking at the galore Ian’s starters being all happy and stuff, we jump to a vileplume and there’s a big old ball and vileplume seems enamored by this ball. We could also see now we have a regular out creamy in the background and vileplume put the ball on its head and is returning to us. It is adorable here we have a yam, / and yam / seems to be quite enamored by this cat toy. I mean that’s what I’m gon na call it. It has a feather and a bell on it. Then cats like to play with those. I see that my pet smart, which is weird because using cat toy on a Yorkie. This is really neat where it says visit. Another player’s camp now we could clearly see that the player is in a wild area and there’s a camp set up here, despite the striking similarity to fallout 76 and how well that game did recently. This raises more questions than it answers, and this is a series of questions that I’ve always had for the wild area, because we saw that other trainers can run up and enter a max rated battle with you now. How does that work?

Are you going to be adventuring around in your wild area and your friends list is also going to be adventuring around and if you’re in the same wild area, do you appear next to each other or does it search all of your friends list and only when You’Re in a similar vicinity to the player, a max rate battle or a camp, do they actually appear? Is it open to strangers as well? Is it gon na take random people and put it into that same idea, or are there going to be instances like? Is it going to be server based and you’re going to have to join your friends wild area like you have to go out of your way to join it, or is it going to be built in and just part of that natural experience?

I’M excited to see how that actually works out someone’s gon na point this out later. The tree does not look that much better looks slightly better, not that much better, let’s head into the cape or over here. Hopefully you can customize your camp color and there’s a whole bunch of evolutions, 9 Pokemon. Here all the evolutions and Eevee itself. I don’t know what the limit is gon na be as to how many Pokemon you’re allowed to have in your camp. Also, how are these Pokemon chosen there’s more than six, so it’s not gon na be your team. Is it you go through your boxes and you just choose specific Pokemon to appear in your camp or is it kind of like having a battle box where you choose?

What Pokemon are going to be in that camp this early morning, video review session is sponsored by G fuel and by sponsored I mean I bought it with my money. They don’t sponsor me green L creamy. So there are over 20 variants of our creamy and what varies is its actual body color, as well as the toppings on its head. The one that we’ve always seen is the pink one with the strawberries. However, it has an alternative pink one. It has like a pink and yellow it has a yellow. It has a green. It has a blue a whole bunch of different toppings that it could have on its head this one I’m going to catch myself and I’m gon na call it the shamrock shake because it’s green and it has shamrocks on it those little four-leaf clovers, I’m not too Sure what type of fruit that’s supposed to be, but okay, also, let’s get it infographic on my face, the gigantic max I’ll creamy seems to have small elements of all different I’ll cream ease appearing on it and I’m interested in seeing what specific I’ll creamy can Giganta Max into that form, because, as we know, not all Pokemon of the same species can Giganta max only this one specific pokemon can max thanks to the Almighty and powerful space chicken.

Also, when viewing these videos be sure to hit the like button to fight the the no national Dexter’s moving on to the next scene. Here we see two different out creepies and they have little hearts above their head now. This could infer one of three different things. One, they could just be happy to see me and we played with them recently and they have little hearts of affection above their head because they, like me too they’re, happy to see another pokemon in the camp and because that they have a little happy hearts or Three, which I think would be the most interesting, are you able to breed Pokemon at your camp instead of a ranch being there? Are you going to be able to just have your Pokemon in your camp and they can have an egg? Is this? You know they’re they’re, mating, / breeding, prerequisite food-for-thought also later in the trailer.

We do see a Ditto in the camp so that even pushes me slightly closer to the idea of they’re gon na be able to breed. They seem to be shaking their heads in contemplation or no anyways cookery with up to four players. This seems like a very interesting concept where you get to take a whole bunch of various ingredients from the overworld like sausage, which, just for reference sausage, is made out of meat products and there’s no animals. The only pokemons. So here we’re back at the evolution camp and we choose sausages, just fried food, that’s pretty generic and there’s also 10 berries selected. We then see all 10 berries being added to a pot with actually a fairly high detailed campfire underneath it, and then we see the sausages still in their packaging being put inside of the pot. I do recommend removing sausages from the plastic casing before adding them to a pot.

You get two fan of the flames, and this is done with four players and, as we can see at the bottom right, you can either do this by swinging your single right, joique. On up and down or by hitting the a button, and in addition to that, these fans seem kind of interesting. This kind of looks like sort of an Aztec style, drawing of a Magikarp wearing a crown. So is this possibly a hint at a goal, Orion Magikarp, which would give us a gallery and Gary dose, which would be really neat because we don’t have mega Gyarados anymore, or is this my imagination going wild after the fan the flames part? We see an area where you get to give it a good stir, indeed unbiased, Icke the camera stick or by taking your droidcon and moving it like this, and then you get to put your heart into it. What you throw it just like a pokeball in and let’s go Pikachu a navy or by pressing the a button I’m going to be exclusively pressing. The a button from here that’s going to make curry pretty fiery curry.

If you ask me and ones at curry, they know what that looks like that’s when you go to the bathroom afterward and boom spicy sausage, curry. I know that this looks different in regular speed, but in quarter speed. This is like the most dramatic thing ever, and this is either Jolteon also consuming the food with I’m going to omit a very lazy eating animation because not even putting its head down to like consume food or what I like to think is Jolteon is so hungry And just deeply staring at the trainer like: are you gon na eat that are you gon na eat that are you gon na eat that mm-hmm? Oh boy? I would like to eat that hey. I want some food, please. Ah, that’s how I like to imagine that playing out of my head, as you see in the top left, this sweet fried food. Curry is number 94, so I’m thinking that there are 100 or more curry dishes in this game. Why are there a hundred different curry dishes?

I don’t know what are they for there’s no official word yet, however, going back to the leek camping is how you play with your Pokemon. Now you’ll get two toys, a feather toy and a toy pokeball which can raise friendship. We’Ve already seen the feather toy. The toy pokeball is, as shown in a different rail er, or it’s that giant beach ball. Plane can raise friendship, which is neat you can make curry, which will raise, starts and friendliness, I’m assuming that was supposed to be stats, stats and friendliness. People wanted this game to be like breath of the wild, so they were like. Okay, we’ll make a like breath of the wild. You could cook food now and because you know England’s national dish is, I believe, tikka masala customize.

Your look we’ve known about this feature for a very long time ever since the Uniqlo event that the person who made the I believe was a Gyarados shirt got disqualified. However, there is a deep level of customizing here that we did not see in Sun, Moon, ultrasone Alterman and the items that we’re going to be able to customize include hats, gloves, glasses, hair makeup shirt, a full dress, outfit backpacks coats. I wrote backpacks again pants or a skirt socks and shoes. We also get a haircut option. It’S so sad that this is something that I’m highlighting here, but when choosing to cut your hair, you get a preview of what it looks like which we didn’t in Sun and Moon.

So you actually had to look up what the various haircuts look like, because they were like $ 4,000 to cut your hair, which was ridiculous. You also get to trim your eyebrows, which I think it’s pretty neat and apply contact lenses to change your eye color. So there’s a real deep level of customizing here and if you choose a female character, there’s also a variety of makeup that you can apply like there’s gon na be a lot of people who are just really excited to go to this area very similar to the Interface that we had for Sun Moon, ultrasone, altra moon, you get to choose your outfit except now, there’s more options, and we could assume that there’s going to be some very expensive outfit options which, as you know, in doing the the verse battles, you’re gon na, see The people who are really grinding or cheating collect league cards. This is a brand new mechanic that, I think is super awesome, had some instances in the story when you beat or meet another trainer, you’re going to get their league card.

So in this instance, this is right. After a rival battle after you defeated hop and he’s going to give you his league card, the league card, you can see in your actual in around the pause screen, we see Hopley on Gloria and then some character named sword. Someone named shield the Leon’s number – one, of course, he’s probably the one who founded it now. Where do you see Gloria sword and shield? That’S actually really important because those are characters and you’re going to be able to make your own Leaguer card and whenever you go into a verse battle, that’s going to show up we’re gon na see that moment here in a second there’s, a variety of backrounds effects And frames that you could put for your league card in addition and your character is gon na, be able to be posed in a specific way different expressions on their face like this is.

This is pretty awesome. I’M not gon na lie. You get to move the character around zoom in on them, see that high-resolution detail when you go into a verse battle instead of just a generic thing, you see the card and everyone has a unique number and I think that’s really awesome, and that concludes the us Trailer, there is nothing else in the us trailer. Moving on to the Japanese trailer, the Japanese trailer as opposed to the US one. They cover a lot of the same content, there’s a few hidden things, but they always express it in a different way. I wanted to pause on this outfit right here, because this shirt looks like the shirt of the ghost type gym leader. Here is Alistar and, as you can see right there, it’s a black shirt purple collar. It has this kind of ghost icon right in the middle. That’S the same exact shirt. So do you unlock that, after defeating her or is that something that you get as sort of like a thing that you will mock later in the game? That’S pretty neat wow! That is my gap and a half be nice.

If you could customize your height and weight, I would really like that, because that’s like the level of customizing. That is not here, because I mean I get it: you’re 11, everyone’s, the same exact size. That’S not true! When I was 11, I was not the tall kid and I was quite quite round. I’M the Japanese trailer. We get some views of some different trainer cards which something I want to point out right here is we have hop and then we have Leon and then it has that sort of glistening effect as well as this one here. So my question is: are there foil cards, can you have a holographic card, cuz that’d be pretty awesome and it looks like you’re gon na be able to customize your card from your computer inside of any Pokemon Center. I know what my trainer card is gon na, be it’s going to be me pointing at space chicken right behind me. Our Pelican is fighting inkay, as opposed to doing surf before it did dive, which was a pretty cool animation, now we’re getting into something that is completely absent from the u.s

Trailer – and this seems to be your interaction with other people – there seems to be camping right below that we could see cooking and below that we see trading according to Joe Merrick, the guy, who runs Sarah Beaton net. When asked in the Japanese trailer, they are showing something about trading. Was it wonder trading? He replied? Yes, but it’s the new surprise trading feature. What’S the difference from wonder trading or is it just a new name Joe says it’s more passive? You could set Pokemon trade and then go about your business and you’ll get a notification when the trade is done. That’S pretty neat. It sounds similar to combining Wonder trade and GTS that you just put a Pokemon in there and whenever that Pokemon is traded, you’ve got a new one. So here we could assume. I don’t read Japanese. So if anyone does – and you could translate that to – let me know if I was wrong, it was you deciding to let that Pokemon go.

You see the animation and the bottom left for a trading icon and apparently the character is trading with Gloria and it just kind of pops up and notifies you, which is pretty neat. And then I assume they just did that to show us that it’s being traded, but that’s not actually going to pop up on screen here we can see a ditto in the background. In the background, we have a whole bunch of spooky Pokemon in front of a purple tent. You can hear that we did see a different animation and the sort of I guess star color, that appears in the trainer’s eyes.

We could see that different dishes resonate better with different Pokemon, either determined by their type or more likely, their actual nature, and the third and final trailer brings us to the Nintendo Direct that we all saw alive yesterday. Thank you. Everybody came through the livestream and checked it out with me. Doesn’T have a lot to talk about, however, here on this screen, we’re gon na do a digital zoom in of the top right corner, and we can see these very strange to few figures here. We see a trainer at the bottom left, so we know that this area is starting to be populated, but at the top right. What are those they’re really weird-looking? Spiky things playing here at 25 % speed. It doesn’t look like that they move at any point, so it is possible that they’re statues.

However, that’s a really bad place to have statues, so I’m starting to think that’s a new Pokemon that we haven’t seen actually other than that there’s not too much else in the Nintendo director. That is not covered in the other two videos that we took a look at so I’m kind of kind of skip it, because it’s just the same information regurgitate it. So there we go guys. That is everything that you have missed in the three trailers for pokemon sword and shield coming out for the Nintendo switch from the direct and the Japanese trailer and the English trailer. Is there something I missed? Leave a comment down below if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe, turn on notifications, we’re still doing a giveaway for a Nintendo switch and a copy of Pokemon sword and shield. Every 50,000 subscribers to the channel so be sure to check the link down below until next time. Austin Jarnell