NEW Mythical Pok?mon Revealed: Zarude! (Pok?mon Sword & Shield)


[, Music, ], hey everyone, John here, with a quick news, update on Pokemon, sword and shield as a brand new mythical Pokemon was just revealed now. This has been teased for a little while with the silhouettes, but we finally have a chance to see this Pokemon and its name, I believe, is pronounced as a road. It’S a brand new rope monkey Pokemon with the typing of dark and grass and the ability of leaf guard.

We also know things for a Japanese trailer that is 1.8 metres tall and 70 kilograms, so not really a chunky monkey but kind of a heavy monkey forest size. Now details are a bit scarce at the moment and we have no idea how you get this. Fellow I’d, imagine he’s not part of the DLC, but we really don’t know just yet either way, though. Here it is, we get a seer in battle and in Pokemon camp, and it just seems like a very intimidating monkey Pokemon, not really a q1 more the one. That’S gon na solve like tear your eyes out, but yeah.

I mean there’s quite a few monkey Pokemon at this point, but this one does stand out from the rest of them at least some kind of curious. What you guys think about this? I can’t really land my own opinion until I see more of this and maybe see the pokedex entries and what makes it truly unique, but yeah right now it just kinda looks like an angry monkey, Pokemon, which I mean, I guess we’ll see. If that’s cool or not but yeah, let us know you guys think about this down below and you will see more in this Pokemon we’ll keep you in the know where more details are revealed like how to catch it or how together anyway. Thank you so much for watching and, of course, be short, subscribe to GameXplain for a lot more on Pokemon, sword and shield and say rude and other things. Gaming too. Until next time, bye, [, Music, ]